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Auditions: Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2011.

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CASTING CALL - "Unraveled" (Pacific NW)

CASTING CALL - Indy filmmakers seeking 3 male lead roles and 1 female role for two day shoot in Portland. Must be available 2-3 weeks after shoot for post shots and studio dubbing.

We are putting together a Sundance entry for 2011-2012.

The Grifters:
Male: Lance - Age. 25-40
Male: Gilmo - Age. 25-40
Female: Sam - Age. 25-40

The Mark:
Bob Stevens: Age. 35-45

The film is a comedy-drama short film about street cons with double twist ending. We need quick witty characters to play the Grifters, and a genuine business type to play the Mark.
We will accept submissions from Union or Non Union talent until we find the right choice.
If the ad is up then we are still accepting submissions. We pay $25 per day and provide meals.
Best part, you get a Sundance entry to add to your resume. Please email headshot and resume and/or link to video.


The Teamsters.
Four Bush Productions.

Reply to: gigs-rh9nf-2465390663@craigslist.org

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DISCORD - Short Film Casting (Pacific NW)

Casting for short film to be shot in early fall.

Discord is about the tension in a relationship caused by differing opinions on the morality of child-rearing, ie should two people in a struggling relationship have a child? This central conflict between Irvin and Marietta, the film's protagonists, is back-dropped by two menacing mysteries -- the first is the sudden disappearance of Luz, a neighborhood child who Marietta babysits, and the second is a creepy spider that Irvin continues to come across throughout the course of the film. Discord will feature elements of gritty neo-realist films while making intermittent and surprising use of magical realism.

Casting for the following character roles:

Irvin: 18-25. The film's protagonist. He's a fit dude, he's Native American, and he does some martial arts in the film.

Marietta: 18-25. Irvin's girlfriend and co-protagonist of the film. Marietta is an attractive Chicana who wants to have a child with Irvin. She's prone to emotional outbursts.

Rollo: 18-30. A tall, Caucasian drug-dealer. Rollo is a classic wangster with alot of swagger. He's interested in Marietta, and his overt flirtation with Marietta leads to a fight scene between Rollo and Irvin.

Luz: 4-6. A little neighborhood girl who Marietta babysits. Luz is an ethnic child -likely Mexican- she has two scenes in the film and limited (somewhat flexible) lines.

Cop 1: 30-45. A veteran police officer who interrogates Irvin when Luz goes missing.

Cop 2: 30-45. Cop 1's backup.

The Neighbor: 18-35. Irvin's beer drinking, cigarette smoking neighbor.

Mr. Fapimai: 40-65. A stocky Thai man who owns the fish shop that Irvin works at. Limited lines, some in Thai.

Male Bartender: 25-35. A big friendly dude. Works with Marietta. Limited lines.

Delyla: 17-21. Luz's mother and Marietta's best friend. Ethnic- black or Latina.

Neighborhood kids: between 5 and 13. A bunch of children who Marietta babysits.

Reply to: Please send resumes and headshots to discordfilm@gmail.com

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Casting Several Short Films

Director Ian Fowler has several films coming up...and fast! We will start casting for roles. Ian & I will be going over them and getting back to talent as we go along.....SEVERAL projects to cast! Please put "Dir. Ian Fowler" in the subject line, thank you very much!

Reply to: Please send your updated resume & current headshot over to kimbercasting@yahoo.com

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Documentary Casting

Rapid Fire Productions still filming documentary! Please contact asap if you wanting to be interviewed so we can set up a time with the Dir.

*Clergy, gay couples in long-term relationship: discussing what current issues are important, how social media has impacted the causes you feel are crucial.....email - please, put RFP Doc in subject line!

Reply to: kimbercasting@yahoo.com or talentscout@rapidfireproductions.com

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Casting Call for "Hell's Angel"

The Art Institute is seeking actors.One of the many up coming Senior films is by by Rachel Ungar, who is in the pre-production phase of her Senior film "Hell's Angel" and soon her casting call will becoming. I thought some of you would be interested or someone who is.

Synopsis: "Hell's Angel" is about Lucy, who has been banished from heaven due to misunderstood circumstances. Desperate to return the only thing standing in her way is the Archangle Michelle.

The piece is a tongue and cheek comedy which takes a fun light hearted spin on Fall of Lucifer story.


Lucy: Lucy used to be God’s favorite Archangel but was cast out of Heaven over a misunderstanding. She looks to be in her mid 20’s. She has red hair and is petite, which plays up her cuteness. She loves playful outfits and enjoys bright fun colors. Her favorite hobby is baking pastries – her favorite pastry being cupcakes. She is also a hopeless romantic. She has a spitfire personality – one second she could be cool and relaxed the next she could be in a rage. She is in love with God, and that is her main motivation to get back into Heaven.

Michelle: She is the Archangel of war. She is tall, blonde, and looks to be in her late 20’s early 30’s. She is elegant yet powerful. She is overcome by jealousy because of the way God feels for Lucy. Michelle shows the utmost respect towards God because she loves him but is otherwise hard and conniving.

God: Usually he can be seen reclining on his couch in his sacred garden….in his boxer shorts – only in his boxers. His favorite hobbies are playing video games and moping around thinking about Lucy. Tall, brown hair, 30’s.

Gabby: the Archangel of messages. She is graceful and simple. Around 5’6”, brunette, small build. Looks to be in her mid to late 20’s. She is Michelle’s best friend.

When: July 9th 1pm- 4pm

Where: The Art Institute of Portland 1122 N.W. Davis Street, Portland, OR 97209-2911

Reply to: There is no contact for this currently, but save the date!

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Paid, Female voice over for commercial

Looking for experienced, energetic, 25-45 year old female voice over talent for a current project and potentially multiple upcoming projects. You will be performing the narration for a 2 minute skin care commercial. (Recording studio is located near NW 23rd & Burnside.) Must be able to speak quickly and clearly without rushing.

Compensation is $200 for 1-2 hour commitment. Please send resume, WORK SAMPLES & your availability for the coming week.

Reply to: gigs-w4fxk-2465131867@craigslist.org

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Art Show looking News Lead (Portland)

GET PAID TO TALK AND LOOK GOOD: Attractive young woman to interview artists during the Alberta districts last Thursday artwalk and Pearl district's First Thursday Artwalk. Pay is $50 per artwalk... this is a new Internet News Show produced by Astoria Review Inc. If you are ready to put yourself on the net interviewing Portland's finest artists, email your resume. The working title of this show is "Outsider Artwalk". This is a chance to get into the ground floor of a new Northwest production company based in Longview, Washington.

About the producer: Mike Strom is the author of "Spice" a short story book published by World Audience Publishing, Inc. NYC. The book can be found by searching "Spice Strom" on Amazon.com . Strom is the publisher of Astoria Review Magazine which is at astoriareview.com and his artwork is shown at stromart.net.

Reply to: gigs-kwgx6-2465391341@craigslist.org

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Casting Call for Short Film: Male (20's), Female (20's-30's) *PAID*

When: Auditions will be held on Saturday, July 9th (11-3pm) and Sunday, July 10th (11-3pm). Please call or email to schedule a 1/2 hour appointment.

Where: NW Film Center, 934 SW Salmon St., Portland, OR.

Abstract: A desire to capture the world in images. A magic trick gone awry. The byproducts of our everyday living/breathing/killing.

Less abstract: A short fictional film (2-3 minutes) about a brief and enigmatic encounter between a young man and woman. I'll send you the script if interested.

You: Intrigued by the above. Actor or non. Available for a two to three hour rehearsal (TBD) as well as two half-days of shooting, Saturday (7/23, 5-10am) and Sunday (7/24, 5-10am).

Me: A Portland filmmaker, lover of tropical fruits and large umbrellas. See examples of my work at gabevl.com

Terms: $100 plus meals. This is a small, self-financed project. I wish I could offer more.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best, Gabe

Gabe Van Lelyveld
(360) 643-0964

Contact: Gabe Van Lelyveld, (360)643-0964, gabevanlelyveld@gmail.com

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