Sunday, June 26, 2011

Auditions: Sunday, June 26, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Sunday, June 26, 2011.

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Casting Call for Non-Union short film

Hello all,

I am currently casting for an upcoming short film. I am looking to cast the 4 remaining roles. This short film will be shot in HD and will be submitted to festivals galore! In a way this is a silent film, as there are no words, but you will be speaking during the different scenes, but in the final cut we will not hear any of what is being said, much like a music video if you need an example. Here is the breakdown of the characters.

Old Man: Male. Late 40's- Mid 50's, larger build, however not necessarily fat or buff,normal looking father figure, but with a few days growth, has a dark and secretive side. *Please note: you MUST be comfortable with doing a choreographed rape scene. It will be done with the utmost respect to the actors , but it does demand some pushing, shoving, throwing, etc.*

Girlfriend: Female. Late Teens(16-19), cute, attractive, under 5'11". I'm open to all hair types and ethnicity's.

Mother: Late 30's-40's. Caucasian. Typical mother looking, loving, hates her husband.

Father: Early- Mid 40's.Caucasian. Typical looking father, hates his wife, prefer either a mustache or beard(short)

This film will be a great short film with a lot of opportunity for improv and input. This is a NON-PAID NON-UNION short film. However you will be given food, credit, and copy, of course. Each scene will be done individually so to keep the crew and cast to a minimum. I work fast but I also work until we get what we need, but generally speaking, we can get what we need in half a day, so not much time will be required by the cast. I have a great deal of excitement for this film and as with all of my sets it is a lot of fun as well as very professional. Please email headshots and resumes to and in the subject line please specify which role you are submitting for. Thank you all very much!

Happy Submitting,

Kyle Buckland

Owner of Winding Tree Productions

Source: Oregon Media Network


Casting Call: Host for Educational Videos about the Court System

MetroEast Community Media is casting for a lead/host for a quick paced, stylized
segment based video series intended to educate the public about the court system
in Multnomah County. Auditions will be set Tuesday July 5th, 1pm to 7pm.

We're looking for an energetic, enthusiastic and well spoken female, between the
ages of 30 and 40 with a hip yet professional look to act as the host,
delivering complex and academic information in a fluid and fun manner, from a
variety of locations around Portland. The host acts as a "straight-woman" to a
slightly more comic "sidekick" but ideally has her own understated sense of
humor. Think Tina Fey or Ellen acting as a representative of the court system:
smart, up-beat, a little zany at times, always high energy, and able to walk the
line between serious and a little silly. Versatility is key.

This video series has a similar feel to shows like "Good Eats" and "Bill Nye the
Science Guy." (This model appeals to a broad audience, is stylized and quick
paced, visually interesting, and content heavy. The goal is to educate by
capturing and keeping audience interest.) The primary shooting is for 2 fifteen
minute videos, with several five minute pieces on related topics to follow.

Film or theatrical acting experience a must, and an academic or legal background
a plus, but not essential. Must be available some weekends, and some weekday

Timeframe: Primary shooting for the 2 fifteen minute videos will begin mid to
late July, and continue through the end of August and potentially the beginning
of September. Estimated total time commitment is 2 to 3 full weekends, and 7
half-days during the week or on a weekend. Specific dates TBD.

Compensation: Nominal gratuity TBD for key role.

This casting call is primarily for the host, however we are open to auditioning
duos who already have some chemistry working in their favor to present a
"straightwoman-sidekick" combo.

Please e-mail Emily (emily@...) with a resume and head shot, and if
possible a link to any online video samples or reel.

MetroEast Community Media is a local non-profit media center committed to using
media to invigorate civic engagement, inspire diverse voices and strengthen
community life. We believe passionately in the unrealized potential of
technology to build community by engaging people and organizations, including
the underrepresented. We support active participation in the democratic process
by providing people with access to communications technology and opportunities
to engage in civic dialogue.

Our facility is located at 829 NE 8th Street in Gresham, Oregon.

Reply to: Please e-mail Emily at with a resume and head shot, and if
possible a link to any online video samples or reel.

Source: PDX Backstage


Urgent need for actors, casting call Today (Downtown, Portland)

The feature film DOWNCAST is seeking 3 actors, two male, one female. Two primary roles and a supporting role that need to be filled VERY quickly. This is a low/no-budget film and these are not paid roles.

The audition will be held in downtown Portland at 2:30-4pm on Sunday, June 26th.

Please respond with resumes/headshots/past work/etc. If you are interested but unable to make the audition time, please send your information anyway. We may be able to connect with you later.

Downcast has been been in development since a proof-of-concept trailer was shot last Summer. You can find us at or find us on Facebook ("Downcast (Film)").

Here's the synopsis for the film + the roles we need filled.


A crime drama/action film set in the suburbs, where a group of young friends have led the last 10 years of their lives as a small criminal organization. However, the bitter disconnection from the rest of the world has begun to tear them apart. These former friends are now on a collision course with betrayal, loss, and ultimate destruction.

ALBERT (primary)

Age: 26-29

Occupation: Arms Dealer/Second in Command


Workaholic. Constantly focused on moving forward. Albert is the second in command to his boss Harry, who finds himself frustrated by the failings of his fellow criminals.

EMILY (primary)

Age: 21-25

Occupation: Early Childhood Development


Emily loves people. She works hard to give children a good foundation to live their lives. However, in her own life she sees that her boyfriend is in some kind of trouble, coming home with blood on his clothes. There's something wrong and she wants to know why.

MAXIS (supporting)

Age: 30-32

Occupation: Gang Leader


A father, a defender, a protector. Once, Maxis lived in a world of hatred and death. Yet he worked his way out of it and he began to settle down. Soon he had a family and people to protect. Then they were all taken away.

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Call for extras!! VALENCIA by Michelle Tea short film shooting in PDX July 1-3

Aubree Bernier-Clarke is directing a short film based on chapter 3 of the novel "Valencia" by Michelle Tea. This film will be part of a feature film based on the book, with different directors creating short films for each chapter. The novel dramatizes the hopes and hurts, apathies and ambitions of young lesbians looking for love in San Francisco's Mission District in the early 1990s, focusing on Michelle, a poet navigating the druggy, boozy dyke scene while consorting with a series of lady loves. (yes, I stole this description from and I don't care!)

Friday July 1, 2-9pm:

-upscale call girls who work at a brothel called "International Variety" (need girls in their 20s with long hair and no visible tattoos)

-"Johns" to be customers of International Variety - men in their 30s and older who are well manicured and can wear a business suit

Saturday July 2


-queers of all stripes to appear in a dyke bar scene (wear your best early '90s queer/punk styles)


-queers of all stripes to appear in a coffee house open mic scene (wear your best early '90s queer/punk styles)

Sunday July 3, 6pm-11pm

-queer/punk girls in their early-to-mid 20s to appear in a house party scene ('90s baby dyke / crusty punk / riot grrrl styles)

If interested, please send a photo, your availability (you can be an extra in multiple scenes!), and your contact info to:

This is not a paying gig, but food, fun and possible fame are guaranteed!

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Actress to play early/mid-20's Blonde. (Portland)

This is for a fun scene in a local indie web series. Looking for an actresses to play a BLONDE who is one of a trio of "bad" girls recruited by a villain for a "job." This isn't a big action scene with big stunts. It is a character scene with "tough" talk and a bit of action and it will be fun. Some auditions will be held this Wednesday and Thursday at 4:30. No budget for pay at this time.

The scene will be shot later this Summer, but I'm looking for a group of potential candidates to call on when the time comes to provide the right mix of chemistry in portraying the 3 women. If interested, please send resume/photos and I'll send script. Thanks.

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Sports Models/Athletes Needed!! Build your portfolio (Portland)

We are a sports & fitness company providing equipment to various target markets. Were accepting male/female for a video/photo shoot. The pay is $20/hr and we'll allow access for you to use work to promote yourself elsewhere. You must have history in one of the particular sports mentioned. Look & move the part currently. Have knowledge of drills/exercises in your given sport.

Athletes needed:

Track & field
Marathon/long distance

Please submit recent photos & sport specifics

Compensation: $20/hr

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