Saturday, June 4, 2011

Auditions: Saturday, June 4, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Saturday, June 4, 2011.

This week's topic of discussion is quick and simple. What
sets Portland apart from other cities? How do you think the Portland film and acting community is different from LA, Seattle, New York, and Chicago?

Give some feedback in the chat box on what you think makes Portland unique.

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Actor Needed for Student Film - Female, 40-60 (PDX)

I'm shooting a short film for a school project this weekend (6/4 and 6/5) and have one part I still need to cast.

It's a 5 minute surrealist romantic dark dramedy. There's lots of crying. It's funny.

I need a female actress to play the mom, someone age 40-60 (that's flexible). It's a small part, only about 7-8 lines. The character is kind of eccentric, so the more you can look like Leslie Hall, the better.

If you're interested, please sent a headshot or link to a youtube video

I'm a student and therefore don't have any funds, BUT I will happily bake you a batch of delicious vegan cupcakes!

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Actors needed for Spanish Commercials (Portland)

We are looking for talent for two commercials that will air locally on KUNP Univision Portland. If you fit any of these, please send in your information. You must be available to shoot these Monday, 6/6 or Tuesday, 6/7. All day shoot 8am-5pm

Female, 45-65 y/o *Conversational Spanish
Male, 45-65 y/o *FLUENT in SPANISH

Female, 16 y/o that can also pass for a 23 y/o *FLUENT in SPANISH
Male, 14-16 y/o that can pass for a 18-20 y/o *NO lines, no spanish speaking abilities needed.

Principals only. No Exceptions.

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Casting Call Sat June 4th - Looking for Two Males (Downtown Portland)

Casting a short film shooting next Thur evening.

Casting will take place this Sat June 4th
Between 3 and 6pm at the Art Institute of Portland.
3rd floor room #363, signs will be posted.

Casting two male roles.

Police officer: 30 to 40 yrs old, 5'10 or taller.

Yong Man: 20 to 25 yrs old, 5'10ish, not strict on this.

Please reply to this post for more information and we can schedule you in for a particular time OR just come on by between 3 and 5pm and we'll fit you in.
After 5pm you must have an appointment.

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Dance Company Auditions (Oregon)

Melisma Moves Dance COmpany

Auditions will be scheduled and are on-going.

There is an audition fee of $15. This pays for the studio rental at the time of audition and contributes to company fees.

We are seeking male and female dancers, all ages, all styles. If you are under 18 must have parent permission.

Melisma Moves is an extension under Melismatic Movements, Inc. -Dance Education & Professional Services- (

The Process:

You will fill out an application
You will learn 1 to 2 routines
You will perform self-created routine

Reply to: If you have any questions email with "Melisma Moves Dance COmpany" in the subject line.

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Casting Call - Short Film (SE Portland)

Filming will be the weekends July 16/17, 23/24, and 30/31. Not all parts will be needed each weekend. Some parts are only needed for 1 of the first 2 weekends and then tentative for the 3rd weekend depending on if any reshoots are needed. If you want to apply but have some sort of schedule conflicts where one weekend is not available, please note it and depending on part, it may be able to be worked around. Prefer if all weekends are available until a final schedule is made once talent is figured out.

Alright, the film itself is about a young man who is a pretty average basketball player who blossoms quickly into a star with college offers. It's one thing to deal with the obvious people out for themselves out of the woodwork that want a piece of his possible future stardom but the problem is what about those already in the inner circle that see opportunities to use it for their advantage. 2 in particular go head to head and one has tough choices to make.

Male - basketball star - 18+, needs to just look the part of high school student rather than set age. Doesn't have to be an outstanding basketball player as not going to be doing full games or anything but some scenes will be on the court in a casual setting so needs to have some game and have a fluid looking jump shot. Obviously needs to be fit, please include body shot with head shot.

Male - childhood friend - 18+, needs to just look the part of high school student rather than set age. Good friend through the years but when he sees opportunities possible open for him, he looks to take in some of them. Doesn't ever intend to harm his friend, just wants the direction that benefits him as well. Please check next character for a scene to make sure you are comfortable doing it.

Female - tutor turned friend - 18+, needs to just look the part of high school student rather than set age. Star is good student overall, just has one problem subject. For the last couple years she has helped him stay ahead and they became friends. Has a genuine desire to see things work out for the best for him and not get hurt. Must be comfortable with following scene with childhood friend above. It becomes clear to the childhood friend that when the tutor is with the star, her advice does not match with his. He confronts her and an argument begins. He demands she play ball in steering the star in the direction he wants or else he will ruin her in his eyes and put his 10+ years of friendship to pull apart the still relative new friendship. She still wants what is best for the star and after the threat turns her back to the friend to think about how best to proceed. The friend takes it a step further. He walks up behind her and puts his hands on her hips. He leans in and speaks into her ear 'You're either with me or against me, leave her against me and you will be lucky he'll ever want to speak with you again.' While speaking he makes it clear that she can't just say she is with him and he'll take her word, she'll have to give something more. His hands (to be clear, over shirt, not under) run up her sides until his hands are breast height where he reaches around to cusp and squeeze. Scene ends as she is clearly conflicted as to whether giving a part of herself is needed or worth it. This is a powerful crosswords scene for the tutor but obviously both parties need to be comfortable with the physical interaction. Please send a body shot with head shot.

Roles that will shoot 1 of the first 2 weekends and tentative for reshoots or scenes still needed to be done on the 3rd weekend.

Male - Guidance Counselor - 30+. Pretty straight up professional except even he has temptations thrown his way. Does he stay on the up and up when the star comes to him for some advice?

Female - ex-girlfriend - 18+, needs to just look the part of high school student rather than set age. She was the one to break it off, now she tries to sweet talk her way back in.

Male - Former local star - 25-30. Needs to have some basketball skill like the star. Was a high school star that got a free ride to college. Regrets some choices and wants to mentor kids that are going through the recruiting process so they can make decisions they are happy with. But will he listen to someone outside the inner circle? Obviously not if the friend can help it. While not playing college ball anymore, should be pretty fit, can have added a little weight from playing days but fit overall. Please include body shot with head shot.

Male - booster of one of colleges recruiting star - 45+. Only punishments for recruiting rules broken if you get caught is his motto and he never plans on getting caught. Obviously willing to use the friend to get what he wants.

Female - booster's friend - 18+, needs to just look the part of college student rather than set age. The booster has many assets but beauty to a high school boy is not one of them. Willing to dress sexy (show cleavage, maybe a bikini on a nice enough day). Needs to be comfortable and confident with dialogue about sexual favors. Nothing shown, all implied but need convincing so audience buys that she did. Please send body shot with head shot.

Female - friend of tutor - 18-35, can be high school age or a friend from her part time job. Just needs to be a female ear for the tutor with the tough decisions.

Thank you for your time, have a great weekend, look forward to be working with some of you soon. Feel free to ask any and all questions you have.

Reply to: If interested, please e-mail with resume if have one, head shot, body shot if needed (description of part will say if we are looking for body shot), what part(s) interested in playing, and what interests you about the part(s) you are looking to be cast for and why you would be right for it.

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Season Auditions at Northwest Children's Theater & School

Season Auditions are happening at Northwest Children's Theater and School for the 2011-12 Season:
Junie B. Jones in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!
Willy Wonka
Rapunzel-Uncut! (An NWCT World Premiere)
El Zorrito: The Legend of the Boy Zorro (An NWCT World Premiere)

Auditions for performers ages 8+ will be held by appointment June 8, 9, 10 and 11. Adults who have worked in an NWCT main stage production during the last 5 seasons do not have to audition, but they do have to submit the Audition Packet so our directors will know which productions are of interest to you. Most roles are paid a stipend for the run; sorry but AE contracts are not anticipated for the coming season.

Reply to: The Audition Packet includes all of the pertinent information available at this time and is available on our website at

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