Thursday, June 9, 2011

Auditions: Thursday, June 9, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Thursday, June 9, 2011.

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2 male and 2 female actors needed for shoot this friday (N portland)

Hey im doing a 3 minute short about a son trying to convince his dad that his mom has a drinking and gambling problem. The scene takes place on the families backporch during a bbq. This is a comedy.
-I need 2 male actors one 35-40 and one 20-25. also two female actors one 18-20 and one 35-40. This is a quirky comedy and the actors need to be able to pull off timing.
-I will be shooting this friday afternoon from 3pm-8pm. Food and fun provided (beer)
-Also if you'd like to help I need a sound guy and 2 pa's.
Thanks for checking this out and your help is much appreciated.

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Casting Call: "Valencia" short film (Portland)

I am directing a short film based on chapter 3 of the novel "Valencia" by Michelle Tea. This film will be part of a feature film based on the book, with different directors creating short films for each chapter. The novel dramatizes the hopes and hurts, apathies and ambitions of young lesbians looking for love in San Francisco's Mission District in the early 1990s, focusing on Michelle, a poet navigating the druggy, boozy dyke scene while consorting with a series of lady loves.

I'm casting for the following roles:

MICHELLE (early 20s), the main character, is a person for whom blue hair is as big a style change as blue pants. She lurches between women, more in love with the idea of love than with Iris or Willa or Gwynne or Petra. Her work experiences are equally brief, although she can't bring herself to actually quit jobs. She just stops showing up. In this chapter, she dabbles with prostitution.

WILLA (early 20s), Michelle's current girlfriend--a depressive who won't take off her clothes even in the heat of passion. She is a butch with a rainbow fauxhawk and 90s dyke style.

We will be filming July 1-3 and both actors will need to be completely available on those dates. Acting experience is not necessarily required. If interested, please send a head shot and a brief description of yourself and why you are interested in the role to the above email address. Include any acting or performing experience if applicable.

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EXTRAS - Feature Film (PDX)

Male extras, all ages needed for an indie feature.

We recently wrapped a film version of Shakespeare's MEASURE FOR MEASURE, and we need to get a few shots for 2 crowd scenes and need extras.

We are shooting Sat June 25th from noon til about 5-6.

The shoot will take place on a full size period village about 30min outside of Portland. (Rides available for non driving actors).

Extras in this movie are not paid, but it will be a few hours and should be a lof of fun and make an impressive screen credit. (1st nonTV movie version of the play).

We need fit guys, but also guys of all ages/body types. Women are welcome (providing they dress as men). CHILD actors are needed for a few shots.

Anyone interested send contact information, pic if available etc.

SAT JUNE 25th noon til 5-6. **We cannot accept more than 300 people. We will likely have 150-200, but are limited to 300***

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Indie feature, horror/western shooting in late July.

Looking for masculine, fit guys to star in a movie which is a kidnapping drama which turns into a sci-fi/horror film.
Acting experience is not as important as being able to take direction, not cause drama on set and show up when scheduled.
I welcome people with lots of experience, but also little or no experience.

The 3 leads are 20-30s, but there are roles available for older actors also (the guys' fathers and executives with the local railroad).

Some scenes will need extras, and the extras (nonspeaking roles) are NOT paid, the rest of the roles ARE paid. SPeaking roles pay $50-200/day.

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