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Auditions: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

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Casting Call for Web Sitcom - Males/Females 18-65 (SE Portland)

We are holding an open casting call / meet and greet for a locally produced online sitcom to be filmed between July -- October of this year. With a cast of 80+ speaking roles there are parts available for actors/comedians/ models of all ages/genders/ethnicities.

(If you show up to this thing, the odds are you'll be cast as something.)

(The odds are you won't be getting paid for that role [with few exceptions] but there will be many breakfast tacos and sweaty "thank you" hugs in your future.)

(The hugs are optional. . . the tacos are not.)


We are holding "auditions" at THE LUXURY MOTORS WAREHOUSE (526 SE 6th Ave, Portland, OR) on Sunday, June 19th at 7pm. Contact us with any questions you may have about the project, meeting, or vegetarian alternatives beforehand.

Reply to: gigs-su9v4-2439325383@craigslist.org

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Film Audition

Jed Cowley, director of 2008 Sundance short film The Loss of a Wrestling Match (www.thelossofawrestlingmatch.com), will be holding auditions for his next short film, Shale, to be shot in Medford, Oregon in late November 2011. Shale has recently won the 2011 HBO Films Young Producers Development Award at Columbia University's Film Division, where Jed is currently an MFA candidate.

Auditions will be held Friday, June 17, 12pm-6pm, and Saturday, June 18, 10am-12pm in the Portland are. The space TBD. Please email jedcowley@gmail.com if interested in auditioning.

The Sides are attached or can be downloaded here:



[JOHN, 60-70]
John is a shell of a man who has worked like a dog since the day he was born. For 45 years he was the master in his marriage to Sheila, expecting the kids to be tended, the house to be kept, and dinner on the table when he walked in the door. John ruled his household with an iron fist, and the idea that anyone else might have an opinion was irrelevant to him. If Sheila dared talk back, he showed her who was boss. For over four decades, this worked for John; but now, his wife has decided she wants a life of her own. She is leaving him and taking with her his ability to control another human being. She seems bound and determined to strip him of his manhood, and he’ll be damned if she does.

[SHEILA, 55-70]
Sheila married John within days of her high school graduation. Raised to believe that finding a man was the greatest accomplishment she could hope for, she hadn’t given much thought to life after her wedding day. For over 40 years she submissively performed her duties as John’s wife. Opinions, hopes, and dreams of her own were immediately squashed by her husband’s verbal assaults; and she learned to believe she was incapable of intelligent thought. Recently however, Shelia has come to a turning point. No longer willing to be controlled by John and invigorated with a new sense of self-worth, Shelia has demanded a divorce. Seeking vengeance for her wasted life, Shelia is on a mission to hurt John in any way she can.

John, the haggard old owner of a shale pit, has intentionally withheld everything he can from his newly empowered ex-wife, Sheila. On this day, Sheila and her lawyer come to the shale pit to make one final push to draw some money and pride out of him. But John won’t give up without a fight.

Shelia arrives with just as much determination as John. After years of being made to feel worthless and invisible, she is finally in a position of power. Convincing John to comply with the basic demands of divorce court will be her crowning vindication, and she will not leave until she is satisfied.

Descending into the gravel pit, she finds John waiting for her, holed up in his tractor. What follows becomes a life and death confrontation revealing two vulnerable people.

Reply to: Please email jedcowley@gmail.com if interested in auditioning.

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Theatre Auditions (Vancouver)

June 26 at 2pm
June 27 at 7pm

Auditions will be cold readings of scenes from the play. You will only need to complete our audition form for this show; photos or headshots, while appreciated, are not required. The forms will be available on audition nights. We are a non-profit theatre so there is no pay involved, but it does provide an opportunity to gain stage experience and have some fun.

"Cannibal Dawn" and "Heavy Tofu" by Todd Langwell

From the files of "Blood, Sweat & Beers" created by Todd Langwell and Brian Kojac

"Suburbia turned sideways. Wild and twisted stories from the vias and calles of Yorba Linda, California."

Cannibal Dawn:
The new neighbors seem nice. . . maybe a bit too nice. Things go terribly wrong when Guy and Nancy Cannibal want to demolish Greg's living room to unearth the final relic they need to achieve total world domination: the evil Talisman of Gonad.

Heavy Tofu:
Greg produces a radioactive bean curd substitute from 100% pure meat byproduct with explosive results.

the regulars
• Greg (male, late 20s-early 30s) -- A highly excitable college graduate still living at home with his mother and girlfriend. He has turned his mom's garage into his hangout.
• Claire (female, 20s) -- Greg's girlfriend. She has little tolerance for cannibals and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She becomes the legendary superhero, Super Claire, in "Cannibal Dawn."
• Dan (male, late 20s-early 30s) -- Greg's absent-minded best friend. Brunt of many of the gang's jokes. Dan, though very simple, is a Master of Space and Time as well as a certified master of the obvious.
• Len (male, 30s-40s) -- A slightly curmudgeony and easily irritated biker-type. No one can quite figure out how he fits in with the group of guys.
• Yale (male, late 20s-early 30s) -- Greg's computer savvy friend. Yale is teaming with useless knowledge upon which he frequently pontificates.
• Carol (female 50s-60s) -- Greg's mom. According to Greg, she "does more weird stuff by 6 AM than most people do all day." Much of her time is devoted to caring for the needs of Scruffy the Wonder Dog.

the guest cast
• Madam Gorzola (female 40s-50s) -- Gypsy fortuneteller. "Madam Gorzola sees all, tells little, eats surprisingly light." (Cannibal Dawn)
• Guy (male, 30s-40s) -- Guy is very polite, well groomed and personable for a cannibal (Cannibal Dawn)
• Nancy (female, 20s-30s) -- Nancy is a prim and proper housewife and cannibal (Cannibal Dawn)
• Phone Guy/Gal (male/female, 30-50) -- A very grumpy telephone repair person (Cannibal Dawn)
• Reporter (male/female) -- will double from Cannibal Dawn cast (Heavy Tofu)
• Cameraman (male/female) -- will double from Cannibal Dawn cast (Heavy Tofu)

Reply to: For more info contact info@slocumhouse.com

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Casting for 1 male 18-23, 1 female 18 -23, indie short (Beaverton)

Student filmmaker currently attending the University of Southern California but I'm back home in Portland for summer and in wanting to stay creative I came up with the idea to make little summer shorts based around young people. The idea is that I'll be writing 7 to 8 page scenes depicting different things that people between 18 and 23 are going through at this time in their life. Think of the movie "Garden State" for a reference. The first of these that I wrote is entitled "Eric & Melissa" and it's about 8 pages all to be shot in a suburban home.

It doesn't matter if you haven't even had any acting experience or if you've had years of it, and since I'm just starting this little series and it's not paid yet, the point of this really is to just help me grow as a director and help you grow as an actor. Plus you'll get some great footage for your reel if you want it. Even though there is a script, a lot of what I'm trying to do is based off of improvisation and what you personally bring to the table, rote memorization won't be necessary. I'm aiming to film this next weekend and currently need

1 male between 18 - 23, preferably blonde but all others welcome

1 "artsy/fashionable" female 18 -23, preferably brunette but again all others very much welcome

Please reply with your most recent picture and a little description of what kind of work you've done, or just expressing interest if you are in fact interested and I'll forward you the script right away.

A sample of my style: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UASlwOOzxEM

Reply to: gigs-fzbny-2439175666@craigslist.org

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Extras for a Western short film (Portland)

Non paying Must have 1800s western wardrobe or pass for the look
Also looking for riders with horses to film outdoors
And looking for six shooters 4 firing models for blanks can be replicas 4 non firing replicas
You will be given on screen credits

Reply to: gigs-h9bkj-2439159765@craigslist.org

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Seeking an experienced chef for video work (Portland Metro)

Our video production studio is seeking an experienced chef to provide some on camera instruction and demonstration for cooking with green tomatoes, creating salads and salad dressings, cooking and canning figs, and smoking various meats. The specifics of this project are a little bit unique and so rather then offering monetary compensation for your time, we are instead offering a complete and professional marketing video production package for your business/restaurant as a trade. If you are interested and have the skills as a chef to fulfill our on camera needs, please reach out to the email above. Thanks.

Reply to: gigs-zjggu-2438956315@craigslist.org

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