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Auditions: Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011.

It was mentioned this week that someone experienced a very inappropriate audition experience, and this is not common in Portland, but can happen in any city. There are red flags to look for when submitting your information for an audition. Never include your home address on a resume, as this puts personal information out to the public that could put you at risk. Always make sure that the audition is held at a public place, whether it be a coffee shop, business/office, library, or hotel conference room.
Also, always let someone, a roommate, sibling, spouse, or parent know the address of your audition, and audition details for safety reasons.

I have been to auditions at people's homes, which is more common in smaller cities than in larger cities, but this can still be an unsafe environment. It is always okay to ask to bring a friend to an audition at someone's home. In the past, I have scheduled auditions, and when I plugged the address into google, I found that the audition is taking place at someone's home. I immediately contacted the casting director to let them know that I felt uncomfortable about auditioning at their home, and they have allowed me to bring a friend, or have arranged to meet me at a public place. A professional casting director would want you to feel comfortable auditioning for them.

Have you ever had a bad audition experience based on the location? Let's continue the discussion in the chat box below!

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Beaverton Civic Theatre Auditions for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Friday, February 25th
6:30 pm - 8:30pm
Saturday, February 26th
11:00 am - 1:00pm

First Baptist Church
5755 SW Erickson Avenue, Beaverton

Bring a prepared musical number, accompanist provided. Monologues helpful, but not necessary - there will be cold readings from the script.

Rehearsals begin March 7th

Show Runs: April 29th - May 14th, 2011 at the Beaverton City Library Auditorium

The Beaverton Civic Theatre is a volunteer based community theatre. There is no pay.

Reply to: For further information: 503-754-9866 or

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AUDITIONS FOR "With Love, From Ireland"

On March 11-12, Readers Theatre Repertory is staging a production themed "With Love, From Ireland," directed by Mary McDonald-Lewis.

Two shows by Brian Friel will be performed in repertory: Lovers: Winners will be staged on Friday; Lovers: Losers on Saturday.

Sought are experienced actors with solid Southern Irish (Dublin) dialect skills.

Headshot & resume; no monologues; audition will consist of reading from sides.

Sunday, 27 February 5-9P

Wednesday, 1 March 6-8P

Location for audition and callbacks will be provided to interested actors.

Lovers: Winners
M - 50-60
W - 50-60
M - 17-25 (looks 17)
W - 17-25 (looks 17)

Lovers: Losers
M - 50-60
W - 40-50
W - 50-60
W - 60-70

Total: 2 men, 4 women.

M 50-60 and W 50-60 will perform in both Lovers: Winners & Lovers: Losers

High School/College drama instructors and parents of young actors: if you have young performers you believe might be right for M 17-25 and W 17-25, please share this information with them!

$30 Equity/$25 Non-Equity

Blackfish Gallery
420 NW 9th Ave. 97209

Lovers: Winners
Lovers: Losers
Sunday 6 March 6-10

Lovers: Winners
Tuesday 8 March 7-9P

Lovers: Losers
Blackfish Gallery
Thursday 10 March 7-9P

Friday 11 March: Lovers: Winners 8-9P (call 6.30P)
Saturday 12 March: Lovers: Losers 8-9P (call 6.30P)

Please be in touch if you're interested!



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Casting for a sitcom! Work with a great team!

Rapid Fire Productions is getting ready to film a sitcom/webisode in early May! Filming will take place in Portland, casting will begin in about 3 weeks so send your headshot and resume!

The project is called "TWINKS" its a comedy, super fun material, nothing offensive, done in good taste!
We have 3 main roles to cast: IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF EMAIL PUT "MAIN CAST" if you are wanting to audition for the main roles. VERY IMPORTANT!
1. a very tall male, any ethnicity
2. a female, any ethnicity
3. a shorter heavier male, any ethnicity

We have a few other roles to cast for so even if you don't fit the descriptions above still send your resume and headshot and put "additional cast" in the heading of your email. VERY IMPORTANT!

The premise of the sitcom is about 4 roomies who question if the other roomies are gay or not....its a comedy, in good taste of course! We will be filming in great locations and will have a ton of fun! The production company is great to work for and it will be a fun project to be a part of! Some roles are paying of course!

we will also be accepting short scripts for episode ideas! So writers get goin! If we use your ideas you will get screen credit and other fun perks!


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Female Talent Needed - Mockumercial

Local director seeking 1 female to play the role of the wife in a self-produced mockumercial. Ages don't matter to me as much as chemistry and our ability to work together. Expect the shoot to take about a few hours. I'm planning to shoot anytime this weekend, depending on schedules. This is a non-paying gig but should be a good project to add to your reel.

Please reply to this posting with a photo and brief bio.


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Looking for actor and actress for short film

I am putting together a short student film and looking for an actor and actress to play the lead roles. The film deals with a young couple (characters are roughly 20 years in age) wherein the boyfriend has been unfaithful, and chronicles the two while the boyfriend is writing a letter asking for forgiveness and the girl is writing a letter expressing her desire to break up simultaneously. No experience is necessary, good role for someone who wants to play thoughtful characters.

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Low Budget Feature Length Film Seeks Actors & Actresses

Have you seen Christopher Nolan's Following? or Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise? If you love those kind of movies, dark, inspiring and full of emotion please continue to read on...
I am looking for actors & actresses for my new film I'm shooting, the film is a story about a young adults journey into darkness, investigating his friends death leads him into a world he never knew existed and at some point he becomes one of them.

Male, 19-26, Main Character, He's a quiet storm, talks with his facial emotions and affects with his words, he builds as the film progresses.

Male, 19-26, Supporting, He is the MC close lad, He's crazy, scary, have little respect for himself, but by the end he'll figure himself out (STRONG EMOTION NEEDED)

Woman, 19-26, Supporting, She is not a love interest, but a deceiver.

To sum everything up this film is something different, The look, the music, the story, it's a view of someone's journey through a way that I guarantee you've never seen before, it's a telling of a generation of people that live for the darkness in life. The film will be shot in Black and White for artistic purposes, this is a Super Low Budget film, however, If the stars work on my side and I see success, A Royalty will definitely be setup for all involved. I am pushing for Film Festivals, Theater Showings, Newspaper Reviews, and recently got an exec at HBO interested in the film. So you have seen Following? Please understand my budget is small but I have managed to acquire the equipment and crew to make a diamond. Currently I am seeking more investors to pay my actors and actresses, but until they cough up the funding :) it's No Pay. Keep in mind that will most likely change.

Thank You For Reading, Please Send Headshot and Resume - Thank You Again.

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