Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Auditions: Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.

The topic has been mentioned quite often recently, but what are your experiences with auditions being posted with very short notice. Are these auditions considered to be professional, or are these more commonly student and non-paying projects? Has anyone with an agency experienced casting call notices from their agent with short notice? Let's continue the discussion in the chat box below!

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Open Casting Call for Leverage - Looking for Mountain Climbers

EXTRAS ONLY Casting Company is excited to be casting all the
extras, featured extras, stand-ins and photo doubles for the TV
series “LEVERAGE,” that is currently filming in the Portland Area.

We are looking for MEN & WOMEN 30-55 yrs old who are
MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS w/own clothes & gear. Filming for
these scenes will be 1-2 days March 1 or March 7 & 8. *Must have
own transportation & be willing to travel to Mt. Hood area if
required. Extras will make $68/day. Overtime after 8hrs.
Typical shoot days are 12-14hrs.!

Season four of TNT's thrilling, action packed hit TV series "LEVERAGE" which stars Academy
Award winner Timothy Hutton, is a drama about a team of thieves, hackers and grifters who
act as modern-day Robin Hoods, taking revenge against those who use power and wealth to
victimize others. The series is produced by Dean Devlin ("Independence Day," TNT's "The
Librarian"), John Rogers ("The Cosby Show") and Chris Downey ("The King of Queens").

EXTRAS ONLY is Oregon’s largest and longest established, most credited extras casting company led by long time casting director DANNY STOLTZ, responsible for many of the major casting calls in Oregon for over 14 years. We cast thousands of real people in commercials for fortune 500 companies and big studio feature films!! We take digital photos and no prior experience is required.

CURRENT MEMBERS of Extras Only do not need to re-apply. If you are a member of EO and have not been contacted but fit the description and want to be considered, please email casting@extrasonly.com.

FOR QUESTIONS CALL 503-227-6055 | casting@extrasonly.com

Source: Extras Only


Magenta Theater "Enchanted April" Auditions

Enchanted April Auditions
Written by Matthew Barber From the Novel By Elizabeth Von Arnim

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Directed by Andrea K. Adams

Audition date: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @ 6:30pm (Doors open at 6:00pm)
Where: Magenta Theater - 606 Main St; Vancouver, WA 98660


Lottie Wilton -- 30's -- a Hampstead housewife
Mellersh Wilton -- 30's - 40's -- her husband, a solicitor
Rose Arnott -- 30's -- a Hampstead housewife
Frederick Arnott -- 40's -- her husband, a writer
Caroline Bramble -- 20's -- 30's -- a socialite
Antony Wilding -- 20's -- 30's -- an artist
Mrs. Graves -- 60's -- 70's -- a London matron
Costanza -- 60's -- an Italian housekeeper (speaks only Italian)

Volunteer - No Pay.
No roles pre-cast
Auditions will be cold readings from the script.. Plan on staying for
entire audition.
Headshots required, but non-professional is acceptable.

Enchanted April is a British dramady set in 1922 in London, England and
Mezzago, Italy.

Play Synopsis:

When two London housewives decide to rent a villa in Italy for a holiday
away from their bleak marriages, they recruit two very different English
women to share the cost and experience. All four, along with husbands,
lovers, and an Italian housekeeper, discover renewal and redemption amongst
wisteria blossoms and Mediterranean sunshine.

Performances April 15th-30th

www.magentatheater.com for more information and planned rehearsal schedule.

Reply to: For Questions, please contact the Artistic Director at director@magentatheater.com

Source: PDX Backstage


Male Early to mid 20's needed for Exciting and intense 2 min scene

Do you like guns and yelling! keep reading

Casting call for a male actor clean shaven decent build in his early to mid 20's

i am a film student who has been making little shorts for a while with many groups around portland, this project

is a 2 min scene that has been taken from the movie Mission Impossible 3 my job is to try and capture the same

emotion and intensity!

Scene: "10 Seconds"

Scene description: You! will be playing the young Agent caught and been interrogated by the older agent from a

different agency trying to gather intelligence where a secret weapon has been hidden.

Your situation: You are tied to a chair, powerless, and trying to gain control of the situation by bargaining

with the Interrogating Agent but as the scene goes on you start to come to the realization that you are losing

this battle.

you must be able to show a lot of emotion, i wanna see pain, frustration, anger and tears!

if you have a reel, headshot shoot me an email!

i will get back to you with an audition date!

again this is not paid, but you will be given a DVD and credit for your work! also if you are given the job food

will be supplied on set.

the goal is to make this scene look and feel like a scene from a movie! if you are serious about acting and feel

like you can bring the intensity shoot me an email.

thank you for your time

Reply to: gigs-cuf35-2226882235@craigslist.org

Source: Craigslist


Casting Notice for a (Male) Monologue



So Wrong Productions is casting for the following role

RUPERT PUPKIN (late 20s - 40s, Male) – a self taught comedian with a chance of lifetime, a meeting with his

idol, the King of Comedy.

Character Description:

Rupert is an unknown comedian. He has never performed in front of a crowd before. Instead of working on his act

in front of a crowd he decides to take his act all the way to the top by meeting Jerry his idol, a famous


About the project:

This is a challenging comedic monologue for a MFA Directing Assignment. This is a perfect opportunity to hone in

on your craft as an actor. There is no payment involved with this film. You will receive a DVD of your work. So

Wrong Productions is looking for talent in the future that will include pay.

Reply to: Please go to the following website and fill out the casting form:


Source: Craigslist



Hi this is Hollie and I am the writer and producer of a short called PILLOW FIGHT. Chris Wilson will be directing of We'll Fix It In Post Productions.

Things you should know. This is a short about an epic pillow fight and while we want attractive girls and clothing, keep in mind we are not talking ANY nudity, more like boy shorts and a tank top and if someone is okay with bra and panties,(FULL bottom not a thong) that is cool IF they want. I will be on set as will the wife of the martial arts/stunt co-ordinator and the girlfriend of our grip.

While this short is fun and comedic it will have great production value and be something that you would be able to put on your demo reel, showing action fight sequences is very strong content for getting other film work. This short will earn you an IMDb credit and be submitted to festivals. You will receive a nicely professionally packaged DVD in a very reasonable amount of time and a video file for your own reels. There is no pay, but you will be fed on set.

Chris Wilson is a fantastic talent and his short film James Vs Reality just won an LA film festival and he and I will be flying down to LA for the awards banquet on March 4th, we are wanting to get the casting done before we leave. His other animation work has won two festivals last year and he is artist of the month right now at renderosity.com which is a pro site for 3D work and more.

While I wrote the story line for Pillow Fight and producing it, I will also be the assistant director on set. I own Livid Stick Productions and two of my short films have been accepted to 8 festivals each and counting. In fact this Saturday both Chris and I will be going to Salem for the Mid-Valley Fest where my most recent short, The Grade will be showing at 4pm and James Vs Reality will be showing at 8:30pm.

At the bottom of this post I included links to some of our work so that you can see we do finish a good product.

The auditions will be THIS SUN the 27th at 1pm at our property where we have a large shop/studio where we will build the set. The stunt fighter will be here and the auditions will be in a call back style where you all will pair up and read together. We will also run you through some choreography. There will be water and snacks provided. Reply for address and directions when you submit a headshot and resume. Looking for girls with martial arts background if possible.
Please if you plan to attend I need you to confirm through this post back to me then I will send auditions sides for you to learn a few quick lines. And please check out the links below.


Trailer for James Vs Reality

Trailer from his upcoming new animated short NERM

My most recent shorts which have been accepted to numerous festivals:
The Grade
The Salon


Reply to: hollieolson@aol.com

Source: Craigslist