Sunday, February 13, 2011

Auditions: Sunday, February 13, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Sunday, February 13, 2011.

The topic of having a good headshot has recently come up in conversation quite a bit, and I would love to devote some time to address this. When we are working to book work as actors, we are selling our product to the client. The product is you! That being said, most of our communications take place electronically nowadays, and we want the client to get a great first impression of what we have to offer to them, their project, and the character they are casting. We want to make sure we have the right look, or are at least versatile to match the look they have in mind for the character.

While auditions can be scheduled, and they can see us in person, it is crucial to have a headshot to send clients via email, along with the resume, so they can see whether they would even consider auditioning for you, or if it would just be a waste of time. It sounds harsh, but as we have all heard many times in the industry, "Time is Money."

If you are unable to afford a good headshot, many up and coming photographers, or student photographers need people to photograph, and are willing to trade photos for time. There are ads posted on craigslist weekly, and many of the college campuses have community boards with similar ads posted. Like other acting gigs, always use your best judgment when inquiring about these opportunities, but this may be a good way to at least have a headshot to use until you can save up for the top quality, reasonably priced photographers being discussed in the community.

I hope this helps everyone understand how necessary it is to have a headshot when submitting yourself for work, especially outside for auditions that are not in your local area. Feel free to expand on these thoughts in the chat box below.

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Radio Play voices, for dialogs

We need all kinds of voices for many Radio Plays we are recording this year.

You don't need as 'special' voice and your own normal voice will do just fine if you can read the lines in the play.
Act out a character in the script is all we ask. Many different plays from Drama to Thriller will be available for you to read on-line.
If you have a computer, all you need is a cheap microphone and you're all set to go.

Each character in the play records their own lines and e-mail it to us. Our sound engineer will edit and assemble the entire play.
No need to travel or be in the same room with other characters/actors. You can do this from your own home.

We are starting this radio-play to post on the internet for anyone who wish to hear a good radio-play.... free of charge.
So, we can't pay anything, because we do this for the arts and not for profit. You will get proper credit for your role at the end of the play and
in writing on the website when we have it up and running.

We are also looking for sound engineers who can edit these plays and familiar how to add sound effects as well.
Anyone with radio-play experience from writing a script to editing welcome to contact us.
Also need a good voice-over to read a play before the dialog.

Hope to hear from you soon. It's gonna be a blast to be a part of a play..... and never leave your home :)

Please got to: www. and send us a message first ....without asking to be a friend.
Eventually another page will be setup just for the radio-play group and not the movie group.

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Casting principle actors for student short : NEREUS

Casting Principle actors for the 10 min short student film: NEREUS
Shooting Dates: Late February 2011 :: Casting Dates: Feb16th-20th
Director: Zachary Kertesz / Casting: Christiaan McPherson

Please submit head shots and resume along with any links to samples of your work no later than Tuesday Feb 15th @ 4PM.


Taller than average, ambitious, physically and mentally strong, can hold her own. A bit of a tomboy from being raised surrounded by men. In serious but under the radar relationship with David.

Above Average hight, strong build. Ex. Navy, Strong willed and a natural leader.

Average height & build. A dark complex loaner with contempt for authority. He is meticulous and extremely focused to his work.

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