Thursday, February 24, 2011

Auditions: Thursday, February 24, 2011

This page contains auditions posted on Thursday, February 24, 2011.

For some, it's a snow day. For others, it's not. This week, there have been some very interesting topics of discussion in the chat box, including auditions being posted with very short notice, inappropriate audition experiences, and involvement with the 48 Hour Film Projects.

I would love to keep this discussion going! Please continue to share thoughts and theories on why people hold auditions with such short notice to actors. Also discuss whether you have had any strange audition experiences because of the location or unprofessional behavior at the audition. If you were involved with the 48 Hour Film projects, we'd love to hear all about that!

Let's continue these very interesting discussions in the chat box below!

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PAID-Background Actors Needed for Network Television

We are a network television pilot filming in and around portland and we are currently hiring local background actors. This is a paid position and we are seeking all ages. Filming begins March 14th-18, 21st-25th, and 28th-April 2nd. We have established a secure link for our company, when you click the link below please fill out the form and attach a recent photo, then simply press submit. We look forward to working with you, thank you for all of those who apply!

Reply to: Fill out this form to be contacted for work.

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20s-30s Actor needed for 5 min Dark Comedy

Trevor: Age 25-35
Look: Medium Height, Medium Build
Ability to be a goofy Jim Carrey type,

Good improv skills are a plus!

We will most likely be shooting for two evenings in March.

Auditions TBD

Reply to:
Please e-mail resumes, reels, head shots, etc if you're interested to

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Senior Female needed for 5 min Dark Comedy

Mary: Age 80-90
Look: White hair, short
Can play "sweet grandma" character

Will only be needed for one evening of filming in March.

Auditions TBD

Please email resumes, reels, head shots, etc if you're interested.

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actor wanted for feature

Actor who identifies as female wanted. Role: part of a chorus of histrionically over the top super judgmental young female hipsters Foxy, sassy, and confident. 20-30 years old. All shapes and sizes considered. No-budget underground movie. No pay, but good resume credit. Food and drink provided. Shoot will last two to three hours. Send head shot or contact for more info.

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Male actor needed for a monologue



So Wrong Productions is casting for the following role:

RUPERT PUPKIN (late 20s - 40s, Male) – a self taught comedian with a chance of lifetime, a meeting with his idol, the King of Comedy.

Character Description:

Rupert is an unknown comedian. He has never performed in front of a crowd before. Instead of working on his act in front of a crowd he decides to take his act all the way to the top by meeting Jerry his idol, a famous comedian.

About the project:

This is a challenging comedic monologue for a MFA Directing Assignment. This is a perfect opportunity to hone in on your craft as an actor. There is no payment involved with this film but the experience will be run and rewarding. You will receive a DVD of your work. So Wrong Productions is looking for talent in the future that will include pay.

Go to the following website:
And fill out the casting form.

Auditions take place February 26th between 11:50 - 4:15PM at:

Portland Actors Conservatory
Second Floor Studio
1436 SW Montgomery Street
Portland, OR 97201

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Magenta Theater "Life With Father Auditions" - March 9th

Life With Father Auditions
March 9th, 6:30 p.m. No appointment necessary.
Actors auditioning should come for the entire time.

Magenta Theater, 606 Main Street, Vancouver, WA

Watching the DVD of Life with Father (old black and white classic) will be
helpful for understanding the story if you wish. Note: we are setting our
production in 1949.

No monologues required! Headshots ARE REQUIRED. Non-professional is fine!
No pay. Volunteer

Roles for Males:

Father/Clare - able to portray a man in his late 30s to mid 50s. Should be
willing to dye hair red if not a natural redhead. (A blustering, loud
patriarch. The man of the house, although so smitten by his wife, he is
oftentimes unwittingly manipulated by her.)

Clarence - late teens. Should be willing to dye hair red if not a natural

John - mid teens. Should be willing to dye hair red if not a natural

Whitney - approx age 10. Should be willing to dye hair red if not a natural

Rev. Dr. Lloyd - middle aged male
Dr. Humphreys - middle aged male
Dr. Somers - middle aged male

Roles for Females:

Mother/Vinnie - able to portray a woman in her early 40s to early 50s.
Should be willing to dye hair red if not a natural redhead. Wig possible.
(Vinnie can oftentimes appear to be a little bit of an air-head, but she is
in fact quite clever in the way she handles the men in her life, and her

Cora - Vinnie's cousin. A middle aged woman who loves to shop and dine out.

Mary Skinner - mid to late teens. Very feminine and pretty; smitten by
Clarence Jr.

Margaret - the cook. Middle aged, strong of arm and temperament.

Annie - maid, any age
Delia - maid, any age
Nora - maid, any age
Maggie - maid, any age

*Note: the script calls for all the maids to be of the approximate same size
so that they can all wear the same uniform. We are not necessarily going to
adhere to that as each actor will have their own basic costume. And if some
of the costumes are too large or too tight, well that will just add to the

Rehearsals: All rehearsals are from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. unless otherwise

April 23 10-1, read through
April 25
April 26
May 2
May 4
May 5
May 7 10-4
May 9
May 10
May 12
May 14 10-4
May 16
May 18
May 19
May 21 10-4 Set move-in day, all cast & crew required
May 23
May 25
May 26
May 28 10-4
May 31
June 1
June 2 7:30-9:30 tech run thru with actors (wet tech)
June 4 10-4 Full run through with all tech elements, hair, makeup, costume
June 6 6-10 Tech week
June 7 6-10 Tech week
June 8 6-10 Tech week
June 9 6-10 Final Dress
June 10 Opening night.
June 15 Refresher Rehearsal 6:30-9:00pm

Performances are:
June 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25
Two performances on the 18th (matinee and evening).
Final performance on the 25th matinee at 2pm, followed by strike and party.
Evening performances are at 7:30 p.m.

Reply to: No appointment necessary. Actors auditioning should come for the entire time.

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