Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Auditions: Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2012.

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**Paid Projects**


URGENT: Casting Call for Product Testers
We have a client urgently looking for people 35+ for a product testing search this Wednesday, October 17th.

This will be hosted at a central Portland location and will take about 15 minutes.

No acting experience is required.

If chosen to attend, you’ll just be asked to walk in front of a camera and will then be able to walk away with $50. This is for a commercial client doing product testing and really is as easy as it seems.

We’re especially looking for ethnically diverse people, ages 35 and older for this opportunity.

If you are chosen, we will send you the time and location. Then all you have to do is show up tomorrow, follow instructions, and the $50 is yours!

Please spread the word, but note that the deadline to submit is 2:00 pm today.

Reply to:  If you meet the above requirements, please email a close-up photo of your face to talent@castironstudios.com by 2:00 pm today.

Source:  Cast Iron Studios



Audition Announcement for Cressida and Helen
Directed and adapted by Asae Dean

Audition Date: Saturday October 27th Noon – 4 pm

Sunday October 28th  5 – 6 pm

*Auditions are by appointment only*

Callbacks: Sunday October 28th  6 – 9 pm

Audition Location: GRW Building, 2800 NE Liberty St, Portland, OR 97211. Room 310

Casting Needs: 1Woman and 3 Men (ages 20 – 40), Roles are open to actors of any ethnicity. Body art is welcome. Production employs doubling, so versatility is a must.

Please bring a headshot and resume and prepare one classical monologue, 20 lines max.

If you play an instrument, please bring it. If you sing, we would love to hear you sing, 16 bars.

Primary rehearsal period is November 12th – December 20th with pick-up rehearsals in January. We will take a break (Nov. 20th – 24th) for Thanksgiving.

Performance Dates: 3 Week Run (January 24th – 26th at 9pm, Jan 27th at 4pm, January 31st – February 2nd at 9 pm, February 3rd at 4 pm, February 7th – 9th at 8 pm and 10th at 4pm)

Performance Location: The Headwaters

Compensation: Paid Position


Cressida is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, that draws on material from Chaucer, Beaumont and Fletcher, Ovid, and Homer to flesh out the journey of one of the smartest and most maligned women in the Shakespearean cannon. Full Production.

Helen is a companion piece for Cressida that focuses on the love triangle that led to the Trojan war. Helen is a new verse play and a participant in the Fertile Ground Festival. Staged Reading.

DIRECTOR BIO: Asae Dean holds an MFA in Shakespeare and Performance. She produces passionate, poetic, powerful plays that explore both the personal and political dimensions of love and sexuality. She believes that the best theatre occurs when actors look each other and the audience right in the eye. Favorite directing credits include: How I Learned to Drive, Cressida, The Maid's Tragedy, Electricidad, and Much Ado about Nothing. She assistant directed on the world premier of Ghost Light at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and dramaturged Tamburlaine at the American Shakespeare Center.

To set up an appointment or for questions please contact:  Patrick J COx at petruchiojcox@gmail.com

Source:  PDX Backstage


New Faces for Screentests
WHAT:  Screentests
WHO:   Any actor that we have NOT shot before
WHEN:  This Friday, Oct. 19, from noon to 4:00 pm
WHERE:   The Fremont Room (on the mezzanine) at the Heathman Hotel downtown.

We would like to shoot some short screentests so we've got some new faces on the list that we send out to clients every week.

The script we will use for the screentest is about 4 minutes long so these take us about 10 minutes to shoot.

Please reply to me with a headshot if you are interested and we'll get you on the schedule and send you the script to review. 

You will just be sitting at a table, reading off of a teleprompter so you do NOT need to memorize.   Dress does not matter.   If you want to come casual, fine.   If you want to wear a jacket, fine.   The main thing is the delivery.

I make marketing videos for guys who sell software on the internet.   Most of the software is for traffic generation, SEO, automated website building, etc.

Pretty dry stuff, usually the actor just sits in some setting (usually a fancy house) and reads off of a teleprompter.   The 'normal' sessions usually take about 3 hours but occasionally we get a bigger one that we spread over the course of 2 or three days.   The pay starts at $100/hr.

If you are curious, here is a short list of just some of the actors we've used over the past year or so.   If you know one of them, ask them about their experience.

Brian Allard - Josh Stenseth - Joe Healy - Andy Hillstrom - Jonah Weston - Doren Elias - Christy Bigelow - Andrew Bray - Jason Glick - Angie Collins - Gilberto Martin Del Campo - Mario Calcagno - Rich Nowacki - Spencer Conway - Kevin Martin - Corey Brunnish - Jared Miller - Nathan Crosby - Lindsae Klein - Josh Mead - Schuyler Schmid - Sam Hawkins - Dave Maier - Joshua May - John Hall and many many others.

Thank you - hope to hear from you soon!

Bill Berry
Bill Berry
Berry MediaWorks LLC
Skype:  billberrymusic

Reply to:  bill@berrymediaworks.com

Source:  PDX Backstage


**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


New Web-Series holding auditions
Ladies and Gents- Here are the breakdowns for Producer/Writer the fantastic Mr. Nate Carlson Enigma - The Series and audition details.

Auditions are to be held this Saturday October 20th at Kelly's Olympian from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 21 and over please. Any actors under that age wanting to submit please email resume and headshot to thescreenkid@gmail.com

If chosen for an audition you will be
notified in advance with sides. This is not a cold read.


DANIELLE "DANNY" HAYS-30’s-CHAS's live-in roommate. District Attorney for the city. Is openly gay. She barely has enough money to scrape by (as is the case with everyone in the city). She quickly resorts to using her temper, especially professionally.

HUGH "FRITZ" FRITZHUGH-30-CHAS's best friend. He's a bartender. Combination of Jack Black's persona crossed with Tony Stark (Avengers) wit. Dry humored but really intelligent. The annoying best friend who you love to have but don't want around for too long.

TERRANCE GRISHAM-POLICE CHIEF-50’s-By the book most of the time but when pushed he is willing to stray from the norm.

GREG RIPLEY-CHAS’ BEST FRIEND on the Police Force-30’s-Tough as nails, the meaner version on Han Solo

ALICIA REED-30’s-ALICIA plays CHAS's girlfriend. She is a pivotal point of his life. She is a quick thinker, fast on her feet and is his complete counterpart. Can analyze any situation and find a good solution for any argument she gets in. She is able to survey her surroundings and escape safely. Easy to talk to, warm, but also can be very firm with people when needed.

This pilot will be directed by Kenneth Luba!

Thanks P-Town

Reply to:  Any questions please email Luis Garcia-Producer at thescreenkid@gmail.com

Source:  Facebook PDX New Media Group

"Peppermint Bear Show"

Lakewood Theatre Company holds auditions Oct. 27 for actors ages 14-20 for roles in the all-new holiday show. www.lakewood-center.org or 503-635-3901.

Source:  Oregonian Callboard



 "Grand Guignol 5"

Third Eye Theatre holds auditions Oct. 20 for more than 12 parts for men and women. www.thirdeyetheatre.org or 503-970-8874.

Source:  Oregonian Callboard



Imago auditions

Imago Theatre launches a new company focusing on movement and dance. Auditions Oct. 23. 

Reply to:  For more info, visit www.imagotheatre.com.

Source:  Oregonian Callboard



"The Cemetery Club"

Magenta Theater Company auditioning for four women who can play age mid-50s and one man age 50s for performances in February and March. 

Reply to:  For more info, visit www.magentatheater.com.

Source:  Oregonian Callboard




Pentacle Theatre in Salem holds auditions Oct. 27 for men and women, ages 20-70, for roles in the dark comedy. 

Reply to:  www.pentacletheatre.org or 503-485-4300. 

Source:  Oregonian Callboard




We have many roles to fill, all ages and types -
Once submitted those selected  will be sent sides and offered a time to read within our casting days.

Audition slots for "Throng" are filling up fast.

It's an exciting non-union short film that will be produced over the next few months and be out around Christmas.

Throng Synopsis

A group of friends embark on a time-bending and genre-spanning journey in search of the meaning of life. They are pursued by an enemy taking different shapes and forms that adapts to hunt them in each new environment. Ultimately a story about friendship and the meaning of life and death, "Throng" is nonetheless infused with a light heart and powerful comedic sensibilities, ensuring it doesn't broach the realm of melodrama and become a total piece of shit... it's funny!

Casting will take place at our studio located in Vancouver, WA  and will begin as soon as Oct 11th.
Production will begin very soon, while there is no pay and this is a NON union project, this will have a fast turn around  and you will receive copy and IMDb credit in a VERY timely manner. Our effects teams has already finished work on certain elements that will drive this story forward.


Reply to:  Please send head-shot and resume to throngcasting@gmail.com

Source:  Facebook





ISO of Female Stagemanager

Hi everyone! I am directing Little Women for Circle Theatre Project and am in desperate need of a female stagemanager (the company is about promoting women in the arts, and the artistic director would prefer the main positions are women).

There is a stipend.

Rehearsals begin Oct 21st and the show opens November 29th and runs Thurs, Fri Sat, and Sun evenings until December 9th.

For more information please contact me ASAP!
Thanks everyone!
Meghan Daaboul

Reply to:  meghan_daaboul@yahoo.com

Source:  PDX Backstage



Director Wanted for Fertile Ground Staged Reading 2013
Looking for a director for a  staged reading of a short play (30 min) in the 2013 Fertile Ground Festival -January 27th. There will be a small token payment in appreciation of your time/work. If interested please send a short response introducing yourself and tell me a bit about your stage directing / theater experience. Thank you!

Reply to: donnbarr@yahoo.com

Source:  PDX Backstage 



Full Time Video Editor (Bend, OR)
Description: Wahoo Films is looking for a talented video editor who wants to grow and expand their talents with a fast paced, cutting edge video production company located in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Wahoo Films provides fun to watch videos to companies, non-profits, and speakers to better connect them with their customers. If you are looking to be a part of a growing video production company and you match the description below, please give us a call.

Job Skills: A two-year college degree. One or more years of video work experience.
Must have proof of a drivers license and car insurance.

Post-Production Skills Preferred: Applicant must understand composition, color correction and have a creative way of looking at production images. Applicant must be proficient with common editing techniques as seen in popular commercial, documentary and training videos. Applicant must be able to safely lift weight 40 lbs or less.

Software Skills Preferred: (Mac based) Firm knowledge base with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier CS 6.5, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator CS 6.5, and Photoshop CS 6.5.. Applicant must have an understanding of After Effects, Power Point, Excel Audition, Camtasia, and Adobe In-Design. Applicant must have a willingness to learn new video software to enhance the video projects and keep us on the cutting edge.


Organize, implement and manage all media and client materials during post-production.
Work with director to formulate audio and visual concepts for the project.
Post-production elements: attention to storyboards including capturing, logging, editing, titles, sound design, exporting videos, authorizing and printing DVD's.
Organizing media files according to supervisor's system.
Research music, still images, talent, stock footage, locations, and other project assets when needed.
Additional responsibilities may be included that are not listed above.

Reply to:  To apply, please send a resume to Chuck Haynes, Wahoo Films, P.O. Box 6623, Bend, OR 97708 or email it to chuck@wahoofilms.com.

Source:  Craigslist




Video Specialist (NW Portland)

Pro Photo Supply, Oregon's Photography, Video and Imaging Source, currently has an opening for a new member of our in-store sales team.

This position requires providing exceptional customer service to a wide range of clientele, from the general public to professional photographers and videographers.

Experience & Skills:
Video/photography education and/or work experience are required. Must have strong retail sales experience and/or advanced knowledge of current consumer & professional video, photographic and audio for video equipment. .
If you are not qualified please do not apply.

Sell video, photographic and audio for video products and provide customer support before and after the sale. Assist in selling all other store products.

This is a fast paced work environment where both self sufficiency and teamwork are a must.

Benefit package, including merchandise discount.
Total of 32-40 hours per week. Must be able to work Saturdays.

This is a great opportunity for the right person to immerse themselves in Portland's photographic and film communities.

Reply to:  Apply to employment@prophotosupply.com or in person at 1112 N.W. 19th Ave. Portland, Oregon.

Source:  Craigslist