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Auditions: Monday, October 08, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Monday, October 08, 2012.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already provided feedback about using Craigslist as a resource in the Portland area.  If anyone else would like to chime in, go for it!  I will be resuming my Seattle blog soon, but it will take some time to get this back up and running.

Craigslist:  Ever since the "adult" section disappeared, it has become harder to determine the legitimate ads from those that are either "adult" related, or scams.  I don't want anything to ever happen to someone attending an audition found on this blog from Craigslist.  As a working actor, I have booked a number of paid gigs using Craigslist, but am always using my best judgement on what I reply to.
  • What are your thoughts on using Craigslist as a resource in Portland, Oregon to find work.  Have you had any success with this?

  • Do you feel I should remove Craigslist as one of my sources on this blog to make it more professional for everyone visiting?

  • For those in crew/behind the scenes roles, do you use Craigslist when seeking actors/crew for your projects?  Have you had any success?
I am considering removing Craigslist as a source on my blog altogether, but wanted to reach out to the community before I do this to get some feedback.  Chat in the box below. 

Also, for those of you who travel up to the Seattle area for work, which I know this number to be growing, would you want me to start back up the Seattle Auditions Blog again?  There is plenty of paid work there, but I didn't know if this was in demand. 
  • Do you currently travel to the Seattle area for work, and would you benefit from a Seattle Auditions Blog?   Chat in the box below.
 Thanks for visiting the blog.

**Disclaimer:  Please use your best judgement when responding to audition posts.  PDX Auditions compiles auditions from various resources, including Craigslist, and cannot be held responsible for any liability caused in part by the content of these pages.  We do our best to post only legitimate auditions, but user discretion is advised.**


**Paid Projects**


Auditions tonight for Christmas Belles at Serendipity Players in Vancouver
All roles are still available. Especially looking for men and women in their 20's.

Serendipity Players is holding open auditions for all roles in "Christmas
Belles." Auditions will be held in the evening on October 7th and 8th, from 7:00
to 9:00 at Serendipty Playhouse, 500 Washington St, Vancouver, WA 98660.
Headshots and resumes are suggested but not required. Auditions will consist of
cold readings from the script. All parts are available to actors of any
ethnicity unless otherwise noted. The ages stated are a guideline only.

The roles:

Frankie- late 30's, very pregnant, worried about her family
Twink- late 30's/early 40's, recently jailed for accidentally starting a fire
Honey Rae- 40's, in charge of the Christmas pageant, feuding with Geneva
Geneva- 50's/60's, former pageant organizer, feuding with Honey Rae
Rhonda Lynn- 40's, a friend of Frankie's with a secret
Gina Jo- 20's, Frankie's daughter, romantically involved with Justin
Patsy- 40's the town snob

Dub- late 30's, Frankie's husband, working as a department store Santa
John- 30's/40's- the local sheriff, with eyes for at least one of the sisters
Justin- 20's, interim preacher, dating Gina Jo
Raynerd- 30's/40's/50's, works with Rhonda Lynn, childlike

Rehearsals are scheduled to begin October 15th and the schedule will be based
upon the availability of the cast. Performances are November 30, December 1, 6,
7, 8, 14, 15 at 8:00, December 2, 9, 16 at 2:00.
This is a volunteer, non-equity production. There should be a small stipend to
cover some expenses.

Reply to:  If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to, or call Tony at 971-563-3661

Source:  PDX Backstage


 'foreign' actors with accents needed
Hi -

I have 4 short video testimonials I need to shoot.   They are only about a minute long, but each actor needs to have a specific 'look' and accent appropriate to the location.

I need actors (who would APPEAR TO BE) from these 4 locations (all male preferably):

1)  Hawaii (the ideal person would have a picture of himself actually IN Hawaii with their wife or significant other...)

2)  Thailand

3)  Dubai

4)  On this last one, the look is not important, but the person needs to be able to speak Brazilian Portuguese (NOT European Portuguese).

If you fit the bill for one of these please contact me.   It will take us about 5 minutes to shoot, I can actually come to you with the camera and a portable teleprompter.   The pay is $100 for each.


Bill Berry
Bill Berry
Berry MediaWorks LLC

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Source:  PDX Backstage


Male Voice Over Artist Needed
Looking for someone to do some voice over/narration for my thesis film. Adult male (30-40) in the style of Alex Baldwin (think "Royal Tenenbaums") Hoping to record tomorrow 10/8.

Very small, negotiable budget for compensation for the right talent. Thank you!

Reply to:  Email with samples of your work.

Source:  Facebook PDX Film Collective Group


 Voiceover Artists Needed
We are a digital media company, looking for freelance voiceover artists on an ongoing basis. You will work remotely and submit assignments electronically. Recordings will consist of short scripts for online editing as well as commercial content. Both experienced and beginner candidates may apply. When applying, please include desired compensation, resume, and a demo link.

Compensation: DOE

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Source:  Craigslist


**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


Auditions for Fertile Ground Staged Readings 2013
Monday, October 8 from 7-9 p.m.
for Fertile Ground Staged Readings 2013

Auditions will be held at:
Shaking The Tree Studio
1407 SE Stark ST Portland, OR 97214

The Plays
3 Short Plays and 1 Mid-Length Play
by 3 Local Playwrights:
Susan Faust, Heather Thiel, Donna Barrow-Green

16 Women of all ages
4 Men teens, 20s-30s, 40s-50s

More Details:
Performance January 27 6-8 p.m. @ Hip Bone Studios
2-3 required rehearsals (including tech)

** Bring resume and head shot if you have them but not strictly required

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Source:  PDX Backstage


Pentacle Theatre in Salem holds auditions Oct. 27 for men and women, ages 20-70, for roles in the dark comedy.

Reply to:  Visit or call 503-485-4300

Source:  Oregon Live in Oregonion


"Suede" by Leela Ginelle
Actors needed for a play reading on Sat. Nov. 17th. Auditions Oct. 13.

Where: The Q Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave.
When: Sat. Oct. 13th, 1-3 pm

Reply to:  Reply to: or Call 503-317-6932

Source:  Oregon Live in Oregonion and Craigslist





Brand New Film Production Facility seeks Exec Level Admin Assistant B (Portland)
We are in the planning stages of a major film production facility in Portland and need to complete portions of our written planning in three weeks, so you must be able to start immediately. This is a great opportunity for growth, especially if your goals are related to the motion picture and television industries.

We are seeking an administrative assistant (with executive level skills) to work as a right hand person, working side by side with the Project Planning Strategist. He is a fast paced east coaster (NYC), and quite picky, so you must be able have thick skin and work without much guidance. If you require extensive training or instruction on each task, this is not the right position for you.

Your job will consist of researching information, compiling data, running errands, scheduling appointments and updating the schedule and general administrative duties. You will also be working with members of the Planning Team that are based on the east coast.

It is important that you're be able to honestly say you lack certain skills when a task is presented to you. No one knows how to do everything, so if you're presented with a task that's beyond your abilities, we'd rather find an alternative solution, rather than have to start something over that wasn't done properly.

The pay is $15 per hour and we're looking for at least 40 hours per week. While we know this is low for this temporary position, if you are what we're looking for during this planning stage, then you'll be able to stay on and continue to work with us as we build and open our new facilities. We have very big plans and this is a great project to join.

Please include a phone number along with whatever you think is appropriate to send us in an email in order to get this job.

Available to start immediately
Self starter and complete tasks with basic introductory instructions
Excellent business writing skills with good grammar, and spelling
Researching skills - (this doesn't mean that you just know how to Google things)
Mac user - PC only users wont work with our current Mac-based workflow

Preferred, but not mandatory:
Owning your own MacBook Pro (we have one if you don't)
Film Production experience, knowledge, and industry vocabulary
Knowledge of major construction projects
Line Producer or UPM skill-set

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