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Auditions: Friday, October 05, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Friday, October 05, 2012.

I am opening up a discussion that hasn't happened in a while, and I encourage everyone to chime in.  

Craigslist:  Ever since the "adult" section disappeared, it has become harder to determine the legitimate ads from those that are either "adult" related, or scams.  I don't want anything to ever happen to someone attending an audition found on this blog from Craigslist.  As a working actor, I have booked a number of paid gigs using Craigslist, but am always using my best judgement on what I reply to.
  • What are your thoughts on using Craigslist as a resource in Portland, Oregon to find work.  Have you had any success with this?

  • Do you feel I should remove Craigslist as one of my sources on this blog to make it more professional for everyone visiting?

  • For those in crew/behind the scenes roles, do you use Craigslist when seeking actors/crew for your projects?  Have you had any success?
I am considering removing Craigslist as a source on my blog altogether, but wanted to reach out to the community before I do this to get some feedback.  Chat in the box below. 

Also, for those of you who travel up to the Seattle area for work, which I know this number to be growing, would you want me to start back up the Seattle Auditions Blog again?  There is plenty of paid work there, but I didn't know if this was in demand. 
  • Do you currently travel to the Seattle area for work, and would you benefit from a Seattle Auditions Blog?   Chat in the box below.
 Thanks for visiting the blog.


**Paid Projects**


The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Auditions
ACTORS NEEDED: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl is the hit webseries that has found a cult-like following on YouTube with over 9.5 million views and climbing.

Oregon Film & TV Workers -

We are looking for high school and college age actors for a few episodes to shoot THIS SATURDAY. The location is about an hour south of Portland and all actors will have evening calltimes (after 5pm). No audition is
needed. We are looking for 2-3 male and 1-2 females. Need to look 16-23, any ethnicity. Wardrobe would be casual.

The videos are very "YouTube" so they are short - usually 2-3 minutes long. Time commitment would be minimal- likely less than 2-3 hours. All our videos are unscripted so we need actors comfortable with improv and good at taking directions. And obviously capable of acting freaked out!

We also have minimal crew since most of our videos are shot hand-held (think Blair Witch) so the actors also have to be able to hold the camera!
Pay is $20 paid at the end of the shoot. We realize this is not much but the exposure is great and we have a blast!


Reply to:  Any actors that are interested please email a headshot and resume (and reels if you have them) to:

Source:  Facebook United Filmmakers Association (Portland) Group


**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


Auditions for roles in revenge-comedy film
Hey there actor-people, Bryan here. Still need to fill a couple key roles for the short revenge-comedy LET'S BURY THE HATCHET! (DEEP IN YOUR FACE).

This movie has about 15 lead roles; it's the story of Vic Craven, a raging beast of a man, who seeks revenge on a local theater director for a perceived slight toward his (Vic's) daughter. Vic enlists a team of half-ass secret agents to enact his crazy plot. Since there are two days of shooting where we have almost all the actors in a single scene, it's been very very hard to align availability... and a couple actors have had to drop out as a result.

This posting is for 2 roles.

(1) MERRIWEATHER CLAM, a 20-40 year old man who suffers from nonstop nervous anxiety and is an expert at keeping people from losing their temper.

(2) ERNST LICHT, a 25-65 year old man, a very hip gay German fashion expert who has a disdain for the mundane and impatience with idiots. Must be able to nail a stereotypical gay German accent... if that stereotype exists...?

NO PAY for these roles (or for any of the cast & crew); it's that sort of uber low-budget production. It is, however, a crazy-unique project with a lot of fun scenes, and you'll have great fodder for your reel if you take this on.

You must have the following availability for MERRIWEATHER CLAM...

(1) One hour of availability on the evening of Friday 10/5 (VERY SOON)

(2) Availability all day on Saturday 10/13, from say 12pm to 11pm

(3) A tiny bit of availability on Friday 10/12

You must have the following availability for ERNST LICHT...

(1) Hopefully one hour of availability on the evening of Friday 10/5, but not mandatory

(2) Availability all day on Saturday 10/13, from say 12pm to 11pm

(3) A tiny bit of availability on Friday 10/12

The full script is available upon request. Below are links to Rich Cashin's reel (he will be playing the main character, Vic Craven) as well as a link to the previous no-budget short we did, a link to a teaser for a short film to be released on Halloween, and a link to the trailer for my sci-fi feature film (which is in post-production now).

Link to trailer for the feature film sLipPage:

Link to Rich Cashin's reel:

Link to our previous short film PRESENT:

Link to the teaser for a short horror film:

Thanks for the interest- Bryan Hiltner, writer/director

Reply to:  Please email headshots/resumes/reel links to

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Featured Extras Needed for Underground Portland Tour Promo Shoot (Portland, OR)
Hi there! We are filming a promo video for a very fun tour company Portland Walking Tours ( We are setting up a fake tour group who will get to experience a lot of what the tour is about, including heading underneath an establishment in Old Town to see what these tunnels are all about. A really rare opportunity!

The filming will be this Saturday 10/6 from approximately 11am-5pm. Lunch, snacks, and undying gratitude will be provided.

Who We Are:
Sound Skript Entertainment

I am looking for just a few select featured extras.

Reply to:  Send me your info and questions to

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 Model Casting
DEAR MODELS: An MUA friend of mine who is a Mary Kay Representative is looking for 30 models in 30 days to do a before/after make-up portfolio photo. In exchange you will get $15 worth of Mary Kay product (with mention of a fun game and a chance to win more Mary Kay products!) Shoots will take place next week, 5:45 Monday in Clackamas and Thursday in Tualatin. Please contact me if interested.

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Videographer Wanted (Downtown Portland)
Downtown software company is seeking videographer to create a 3-5minute video highlighting an employee - how they came to us, what they do, how they enjoy the company, etc. We are looking for someone creative who can compile a really fun and cool vibe for the short. If you are interested, please respond with a sample of your work. We will be selecting the best 3 candidates to create a video each. The pay is $250 and non-negotiable.


Compensation: $250 for 3-5min video (non-negotiable)

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