Thursday, April 26, 2012

Auditions: Thursday, April 26, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012.

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Submission request: actors who sing

Hi All,

I use PATA religiously when it comes to casting - usually a part of invitations to audition for RTR.  At present I'm helping a friend toss around some casting ideas for a musical, and because that's not my area I thought I'd post here, too. 

Style of singing is much more rock'n'roll/jazz than traditional musical.  As I'm simply helping out and because the actual auditions are not immediate, I don't know about pay, but will post that info when the time is right, of course.

Actor, Male 40’s - 50’s.  A road weary musician.
Actor, Female 40’s - 50’s.  Uber hip and powerful. 
Actor, Male  40’s - 50’s.  The musician's pal since middle school.
Actor, Male  20’s - 30’s.  Streetwise oddball and plastic bucket drummer. 
Actor, Male 40’s - 50’s.  Archetypal SE Portland stoner.
3 actors, Female  20’s - 30’s.  Bright, savvy creative agency assistants.

Note: This request is simply to start the thinking process; auditions are some way off.  No need to follow up once you've submitted your information; it will be kept on file for reference when the producers begin casting the show, and if they're interested, they'll be in touch.

I look forward to hearing from interested and qualified performers.



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actors needed for short reading May 12

Contribute a couple hours of your time to a great cause...

4 to 5 actors are needed to do a short reading of a poem for Right 2 Survive fundraiser, the evening of May 12. 

Meet once to read through before the event.  There is no pay but dinner is provided. 

There will be live music, art exhibit, food and auction at the event.

Right 2 Survive and Right 2 Dream Too provide a safe, clean place for uninterrupted sleep for the houseless community.  For more info. please go to the link:

Headshot and resume would be appreciated but not required.

Thank you.

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"Legendary" series - Open casting call (Portland)

"Legendary: A Tale Of Blood And Steel" is holding an open casting call this upcoming weekend (4/28-29) at the La Quinta Inn at the airport from 11AM to 5PM both days. Characters being cast are for the first installment to be filmed in May. Look below for small character descriptions. For more information, visit Visit and find the respected pages you need to prepare for what will be asked of you to read. Main roles will get a deferred contract.

Characters -

Princess Abigail Rivlin - 20's - Daughter of King and Queen Rivlin of Ariminia.

Acacia Of Stonefall - 20's - Cloth maker in Stonefall. Attactive, busty. Exotic. Boisterous.

Belnor Rookblow - 40-mid 50's - Friend and brother-in-arms of Kaelen Ward. Known for his brute strength, large figure, and drinking problem!

Clover of Stonefall - 20's - Tavern maid and cloth maker within Stonefall. Quiet. Pretty.

Draxxus Dracul Singh - 40's to mid 50's - Tyrant and Lord of the Northlands. Rules using oppression and fear. Violent and imposing.

Gunvaar Axebow - 40's to mid 50's - Lord of Draconia. Massive man. Barbaric.

Kaelen Ward of Edinsnow - 40's to 60 - Coming from a long and noble lineage within the mountains. Kaelen has been a longstanding friend of King and Queen Rivlin for years and led King Rivlin's "Light Brigade" through the dark war. Noble and just. Proud.

King Marconis Rivlin - 50's to 60's - King of Ariminia. Protecting of the south. Understanding and wise.

Mattie Rookblow - 20's - Daughter of Belnor. Beautiful. Very attractive. Defiant.

Moriana Veratos - 30's to 40 - Known as the "Black Witch". Sorceress and sear for Draxxus. His fear overpowers her. Seductress. Beautiful.

Queen Isla Rivlin - mid 30's to mid 40's - Beautiful and elegant.

Sethos Samil - mid 30's to mid 40's - Lord Draxxus' war commander. Sethos spills evil and shows no mercy nor reason. Carries out Draxxus' orders with precision making him the favored warrior.

Thainnon Fogwood - 60's - Sorcerer and advisor of light. Mysterious, wise, and very old. Last known living sorcerer to have helped defeat the "Order Of The Dark Doctrine".

Vera of Stonefall - 20's - Boisterous and rather sexual. Exotic. Care free.

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Performers Needed (Cami Curtis Performing Arts Center)

***Performers Needed***

We are in need of roles to be filled for our version of Coppelia June 9 at 2 pm & 6:30 & June 10 at 2 pm with Friday, June 8, 4-9 pm Final Dress.

Rehearsal times vary depending on your role and are generally held on Mondays 3:45-7:45 pm, Wednesdays 3:45-5:45 pm & Fridays 5:45-8:30 pm . However we can try work with your schedule.

Franz- Male, 16 & up. Must know how to partner and have some dance background $250 costume rental and rehearsal fee.

Priest- Male or Female 25 & up. Who comes to bless the new town bell and betrothed couples. Must pantomime. No dancing necessary. $150 costume rental and rehearsal fee.

Villagers- Male & Females Ages 5 & Up. Citizens of town of Galicia. Must pantomime. No dancing necessary. $75 costume rental and rehearsal fee.

Gold Keeper- Male & Female, 25 & up. Distributes dowries to all the betrothed couples. No dancing necessary. $75 costume rental and rehearsal fee.

No audition necessary just come and be committed to joining our cast!

Cami Curtis Performing Arts Center
1932 W Burnside St
Portland, OR 97209

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Actors for Staged Reading - paid and volunteer roles (Portland)

** Please use the contact form link listed below instead of replying to this message email address. **

We are seeking actors for a staged reading of a new and original screenplay, "Ring of Storms" and the event listing is here:

This is part of Portland Community College's 25th annual Art Beat celebration. This community event is free and open to the public.

Rehearsal is on Thursday, May 3rd from 5pm to 9pm
Performance is on Thursday, May 10th from 7pm to 9pm (actors to arrive at 6:30pm)

PCC Cascade Campus, Moriarty Arts & Humanities Auditorium, on the corner of North Albina and Killingsworth.

Read more about the paid and volunteer roles here:

Visit this link to read an excerpt of the Ring of Storms script:

Visit this link for more information and a character sketch of each of the characters listed above:

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Use the form at this link only to apply and fill in all the relevant fields completely:

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Casting a black female lead for a comedy web series (paid)

Second attempt at casting for a web series -- joining in the ranks of your mom and your friend's baby, who also have web series -- that follows three friends in their mid-twenties(ish) who are maybe over it, the "it" here casting a wide net on everyday life, and includes their jobs at a nightlife PR firm as well as the people they encounter outside of work. In general I'm looking for someone that can pull off a realistic, discerning human who can also be funny, so actually having zero acting experience may be an asset here. Or maybe that just means you'll be terrible, and in which case will be like "fuuuuuu why did I come out for this." Either way, you should feel comforted in the fact that this will be a short, low-key shoot with legitimate equipment and, amazingly, you will be paid! This will be determined once we can all settle on a shooting schedule that works, but it won't just be $50 and then goodbye.

Send an email with a little about who you are to Do it! It'll be fun. Couple of girls hangin out, makin some vids.

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Audio Visual Technician-PART TIME (Stevenson, WA)


Swank Audio Visuals is a fast-growing company that provides professional audio visual equipment rental, set-up and customer support services for memorable, high-quality event productions. And we're actively expanding our Operations division with experienced Audio Visual Technicians who have what it takes to amplify our efforts and their careers.

You're hands-on and tech-savvy, but you're just as focused when it comes to customer service. Take your live audio, lighting or video experience to the next level in the world of Corporate Entertainment. You have earned the opportunity to support high-end events in world-class resorts and hotels. Here at Swank Audio Visuals there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Responsibilities include the set up and operation of a/v equipment in a hospitality environment. Ensures that complete customer satisfaction is achieved and is accountable for all inventory before, during and after each event.

Ideal candidates should have a working knowledge of basic a/v equipment and experience with live show Audio Visual in one of the following areas:

    Hotel Audio Visual
    College AV or Media Department
    Technical Theater Department
    Live Show Entertainment Productions

Must be able to work weekends, afternoons, evenings and holidays.

You can make big things happen at Swank. Where our work is challenging, our reputation is strong, and our people are some of the best in the business! Attractive benefits and earning potential provided.


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