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Auditions: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

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Talent: Looking for 3 male Hispanic looking actors. Actors are to portray
migrant farm workers. 1 of the 3 will be the foreman/boss.

Project: Hispanic training video on proper handling of pesticides in farming

Date/Time: Saturday 4/21 at 8:am.

Rate: $100 day

Reply to: Send headshot to

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CASTING Actor and Actress for 5 Minute Short Film “Edwin and Maudey”.

Portland independent film maker in search of:

1) 65+ Non-union Actor, Female, Caucasian

2) 65+ Non-union, Actor, Male, Caucasian

Edwin and Maudey have been married 60 years and each is the love of

the other’s life. Few words are necessary as simple glances speak

volumes in their quiet days. But Maudey’s health is fast failing and now

these true companions must decide how best to say goodbye.

AUDITION DATE: 11AM - 3PM, Sat. April 28, 2012

Please give a time range when you are available. Actors will be seen in 15 min. time slots.

SHOOTING DATE: Early June (One day shoot)



$120, meals and a DVD of the finished film will be supplied.

(This is a NON-UNION shoot. Research has concluded that budgetary constraints prevent this from

qualifying for a micro-budget SAG-AFTRA contract. So, PLEASE, no coercing).

Reply to: Please send headshots, resume, reel (if available), phone number and
email address to: Nancy at

Source: PDX Backstage


Actors needed for AI Directing class

To all Portland actors,

I teach at The Art Institute of Portland - Digital Film and Video division. One of my classes is "Directing Actors." The main purpose of this class is to give future film directors experience and skills in communicating and working with actors. The class is held on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 9:45pm for 10 weeks. (It started during the first week of April) Around the 3rd or 4th week I start bringing in actors for on-camera scene work. I'll have a variety of exercises for the directors Some will have you critique their communication and directorial skills. We'll talk about that as we get closer. Let me know what Wednesday nights might work for you. By the way, it's not necessary for you to be there the entire time. I'll also have the directors burn a DVD of your work for you. I hope this will work for you. Let me know.


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casting call for fun special effects videos (Portland Area)

Heya Portland actors,

I am a local filmmaker in the Portland area. I have equipment and some ideas for some short length action videos that I want to produce and I'm looking for some people that would be interested in getting together like once or twice a week and help put together some of the scenes that I have planned out. I'm looking for actors and anyone else that would like to help behind the scenes as well. My hope is to shoot videos similar to Freddie W. at and FinalCutKing at

I hope/plan on making an online series with short videos released every week that focus on action, comedy, suspense, that incorporates some sort of amazing special effect in every new video. I'm looking for both men and women in all demographics. The videos should be a lot of fun to shoot. It's mainly just for fun now, so no pay. Just want to see if anyone wants to get together and make some fun action videos. Mostly running and shooting involved in the videos along with some wide-eyed dramatic looks and whatnot. Currently I am free to shoot anytime and I'm eager to get this project started.

If you are interested then shoot me (action pun) an email and we'll go from there.

Thanks for looking!

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"Over the River and Through the Woods"

Pentacle Theatre of Salem auditions April 28 for parts for three women and three men.

Reply to: Visit or 503-485-4300, ext. 22.

Source Oregonian Callboard

Salem Playback Theater general call

Seeking performers in theater, music, dance and improvisation for upcoming shows.

Reply to: or 503-991-3920.

Source Oregonian Callboard


See How They Run

Auditions by appointment on Saturday April 28 and Sunday April 29, 2012.

Location: Lakewood Theatre Company 368 S. State Street, Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Call 503-635-3901 beginning April 4, 2012 to schedule an appointment.

See How They Run is directed by Scott Parker. The director is seeking 6 men and 3 women.

Please bring a current headshot & resume.
Monologues are NOT required. Auditioners will be reading scenes from the script.
Bring your calendar and be prepared to list all conflicts. Conflicts not listed at time of audition may not be honored.


See How They Run opens July 13, 2012 and continues through August 19, 2012. Performances are Thurs-Sat at 7:30 PM, some Sundays at 7:00 PM and some Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM.
Rehearsal schedule:
Rehearsals will begin in June and continue on Mon.-Fri. evenings (6:00 PM - 10:00 PM) Saturday daytimes (10:00 AM - 5:00 PM) and Sundays only if needed, through to the July 13th opening. Not everyone will necessarily be needed for every rehearsal, except the full week leading up to final tech, dress and preview performances. Everyone should, however, be available for the entire rehearsal period, in case of changes and adjustments.



See How They Run is by Philip King and the production is directed by Scott Parker.

The Story: In a small English village, Penelope Toop, a former actress and now Vicar’s wife, receives a surprise visit from an old actor friend, Clive Winton. Clive finds himself the victim of multiple cases of mistaken identity when he innocently disguises himself as a vicar to avoid gossip. They valiantly try to evade a cockney maid, a neighboring busybody and assorted clergymen but things get hilariously complicated when the police show up looking for an escaped spy. A classic British farce that has left audiences exhausted with laughter since it debuted in London in 1944!

Role Breakdowns

All roles (except as noted) are open and all receive remuneration:

Ida (a maid): (18 – ?) Does not suffer fools lightly but is loyal and playful enough to join in on the schemes. Must have a Cockney accent, although an Irish one could work. Must be strong enough to catch/drag/move Miss Skillon.
Miss Skillon (30s – Early 40s) About the same age as Rev. Lionel Toop or older. Miss Skillon is the town busybody and arbitrator of all that is “correct.” Veddy, veddy British. Must be adept at physical comedy (falling, staggering, getting “slapped” etc.).
The Reverend Lionel Toop: ( Mid to late 30s) Pleasant, rather handsome, but not “drop dead” gorgeous. Must be physically agile – will need to run, jump, etc. British accent a must.
Penelope Toop: (Mid 20s - Mid 30s) The madcap wife of Rev. Lionel, a former actress - an American. Vivacious, charming, attractive. She lights up a room. Moves, speaks, and reacts quickly.
Corporal Clive Winton: (late 20s – 30s) Old friend of Penelope, a former actor, an American. Rather dashing, with a devil-may-care attitude. Must be agile.
The Intruder: (mid 30s or older) Russian (Eastern European) accent. He is a Russian spy and is very mysterious.
The Bishop of Lax: (mid 50s or older) Bishop and uncle of Penelope. A bit of a perfectionist. Very British. Imposing, dignified, accustomed to getting his own way. Must be somewhat agile, though not as much as the others.
The Reverend Arthur Humphrey: (30s-60s) Visiting clergyman who will be running the sermon for the following day. A sweet man, he is slightly (and not so slightly) befuddled most of the time.
Sergeant Towers: (20s-60s) A police constable. A loud, blustery kind of man, he’s a take-charge kind of guy. Must have a Cockney- or Yorkshire-type accent.

Auditions: by appointment on Saturday April 28 and Sunday April 29, 2012.

Reply to: Call Lakewood Theatre Company at 503-635-3901 beginning April 4, 2012 to schedule an appointment.

Source: Lakewood Center for the Performing Arts


South Pacific

Auditions by appointment on Saturday May 5 and Sunday May 6, 2012. Callbacks, if requested by the director, will be May 8, 2012.

Location: Lakewood Theatre Company 368 S. State Street, Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Call 503-635-3901 beginning April 17, 2012 to schedule an appointment.

South Pacific is directed by Ron Daum. The director is seeking 15 men, 15 women, 1 young boy and 1 young girl under age 10 and under 5' tall.

Please bring a current headshot & resume.
Prepare a Rodgers and Hammerstein song or a song of the 1940s era in your key. An accompanist will be provided. Monologues are NOT required.
Bring your calendar and be prepared to list all conflicts. Conflicts not listed at time of audition may not be honored.


South Pacific opens Lakewood’s 60th anniversary season on September 7, 2012 and continues through October 14, 2012. Performances are Thurs-Sat at 7:30 PM, Sundays at 7:00 PM (Sept. 9, 16, 23); Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM (Sept. 16, 23, 30 & Oct. 7, 14) and one Wednesday performance October 10 at 7:30 PM.


Set during World War II, this Pulitzer Prize-winning musical tells the romantic story of two couples and how their happiness is threatened by the realities of war and prejudices. The show is based on the 2008 Broadway revival of South Pacific which won seven Tony Awards.

Nellie Forbush is a nurse working overseas during World War II. She falls in love with a wealthy, older man who owns a plantation there. When she discovers that the mother of his two small children was a Tonkinese woman, the prejudices she grew up with in Arkansas prevent her from accepting his offer of marriage. Her friend, Lt. Cable, has a fiancĂ©e back home, but speaks of her with a sense of duty rather than feelings of love. When he meets a young, innocent Tonkinese girl, he too is forced to face his prejudices. The beloved score’s songs include “Some Enchanted Evening,” “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair,” “This Nearly Was Mine” and “There is Nothin’ Like a Dame.”

Music for South Pacific is by Richard Rodgers, lyrics are by Oscar Hammerstein II, book is by Oscar Hammerstein II and Joshua Logan was the original director. Ron Daum directs Lakewood’s production

Role Breakdowns

All roles are open and all receive remuneration. Please note: there are seperate audition calls for children, women and men.
Children Only - Sat. May 5, All called at 10:00 am

Jerome and Ngana: (ages 8-10) Asian, or ability to play Asian. Will need to speak French for the production. Must be under 5' tall with dark eyes. Will be asked to sing "Dites-Moi" in French at the audition.

Women Only- Sat. May 5, 12-5:00 PM, by appointment

Ensign Nellie Forbush (25-35) scrappy, knucklehead, cockeyed optimist, mezzo, low A to C.
3 Nurses - (Bessie, Dinah, Janet) (20-35) to hold tight Andrew Sisters type harmony.
3 Nurses - (Connie, Rita, Cora) (20-35) Dancer/Singers.
Bloody Mary: (35+) HUGE presence, charismatic hustler. Haunting Mezzo, low G to high F, Asian, comedic. A shrewd native merchant who makes a fortune off the sailors. Mother of Liat.
Liat: Bloody Mary's daughter. daughter an adult performer who looks 17-20 petite (non-singing, Asian, some knowledge of French). A beautiful Polynesian girl who steals the heart of Joe Cable.
2 Pacific Islander Women: ( 20-35) Singer/Dancers.

Men Only - Sun. May 6, 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM, by appointment

All should sing and move, specify any special skills at audition (musical instruments, gymnastics, etc)

Emile De Becque: (40s) Charismatic Frenchman, romantic, operatic voice, low Baritone.
Henry: (30+) his native servant.
Assorted Sailors, Officers, Marines: Stewpot, Professor, Buzz Adams, Quayle, O'Brien, Abner, Wise and West.
3 African American Seabees: (20-35) Hamilton, Washington and Steeves.
Lt Joseph Cable: (20s) right out of the Academy, a bit of a starched shirt, Tenor to a G.
Luther Billis: (30s+) Strong comedic performer. Wisecrackin' opportunist, rough, character voice, Baritone.
Captain Brackett: (50+) U.S. Navy, "Old Iron Belly, " Bass.
Commander Harbison: (35+) U.S. Navy, stiff Brackett's 2nd, Bass.

Auditions by appointment on Saturday May 5 and Sunday May 6, 2012. Callbacks, if requested by the director, will be May 8, 2012.

Reply to: Call 503-635-3901 beginning April 17, 2012 to schedule an appointment.

Source: Lakewood Center for the Performing Arts



Food Stylist Needed -Commercial Shoot (Portland/Vancouver Area)

We are looking for an experienced food stylist to shop for and prepare food needed during the filming of a commercial.
Filming will take place the last weekend of April and the food stylist would need to be on set during the shoot.
Please reply and include links or samples to previous work relevant to this project.

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Interactive Account Executive (Portland OR)

KGW, a Belo Corp. subsidiary, has an immediate opening for an individual to work as an Internet Sales Account Executive. Individual is responsible for sales and execution of business development projects with an emphasis on digital media strategy. These multi-platform marketing projects include, but are not limited to, on-air, on-line and on-site applications. Individual will work closely with the TV Account Executives. Must be able to prospect, cold call, appointment set, develop and present new business opportunities for KGW Media Group. Responsibilities include daily interactions with key clients requiring a high level of execution in the form of sales presentations and overall fulfillment of sales promotions, whether custom created for clients or station branded with client participation. Position requires development and presentation of customized client solutions requiring research and understanding of new products and technology. Individual must be able to create professional sales presentations, marketing material and comprehensive campaign recaps. Individual must also be able to facilitate the production, trafficking and tracking of all digital components involved in assigned campaigns.

Requires excellent communications skills including ability to compose and deliver strong, creative sales presentations. Must have excellent oral, presentation and written communication skills. Strong organizational, multi tasking and deadline oriented skills are essential. Individual must be proficient in design of presentations including layout and the use of graphics. Must have at least 2-3 years sales/marketing experience and thorough understanding of the Internet and Microsoft Office Suite systems preferred. College degree preferred. Previous media experience a plus.

You are encouraged to refer qualified applicants to us for this opening.

Interested individuals should send their resume to:

Human Resources/Interactive Account Executive
1501 SW Jefferson Street
Portland, OR 97201

Applicant finalists will be required to undergo pre-employment drug test and furnish evidence of employment authorization and identification. EOE

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short film shoot seeks house! (portland area)

Short film shooting weekend of april 28/29th. Well known Pdx director, cast and crew.

Seeking English Tudor home in Portland area for a shoot April 28-29. Storybook feel; some grandeur, but not modern. A little old, but elegant without being too ritzy/perfect. Think Gretel coming to the Witch's house. Beautiful, but treacherous. Classic, but eccentric. A little set back from road - driveway/staircase/up on edge of road, cliff. See photo for prototype.

Interior is spacious, cold, not too cozy, classic, similar to exterior feel. Not too modern, a little pretentious (new wealth aiming to look old/classy, but not quite). Needs a staircase; preferably in the open, so we can see someone walking up it. And a bedroom to dress like a boy's room from the 80s.

Exterior garden has same feel: trees/ivy/flowers; pretty, taken care of, but not overly manicured. Trellises, paths, ivy-covered wall, gardens of mixed (not too perfect) flowers...

Please email if interested. There is a small budget to pay you for your location:)


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