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Auditions: Saturday, April 07, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Saturday, April 07, 2012.

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Get FUNK'd Productions is casting for the short film WAITING FOR LAST CALL - to be shot in JUNE 2012. AUDITIONS will be held this THURSDAY APRIL 12TH at KELLY'S OLYMPIAN in downtown Portland @ 426 Southwest Washington Street Portland, OR 97204. DO NOT CALL KELLY'S OLYMPIAN for any reason concerning this CASTING CALL! TIME OF AUDITIONS: from 10am to 5 pm.

Writer/Director Susan Funk is casting for an incredible short film project.

A family drama that deals with death, life and the ever evolving arcs of human emotion.

The character breakdowns presented are intended as a guide for interested actors as strong improvisation skills are required.
The dramatic action is scripted and structured. The dialogue has structured elements but requires improvisation.

Female. Age range: 50-65. Ethnicity: Caucasian

Practical, matter of fact personality until she has a few drinks and the fa├žade drops. She
has a silly sense of humor which sometimes falls flat. She also has a deep emotional side
that she tries to keep in check.

Female. Age range: 35-45. Ethnicity: Caucasian/Mixed

A lot like GM except she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is overwhelmed by her loss
and keeps quiet to avoid breaking down. We experience everything through her. She is
the mother of GGD #2, GGS #1 and GGS #2.

Female. Age range: 18-25. Ethnicity: Caucasian

GD's daughter. Louder personality. Not able to hide her feelings.

Male. Age range: 45-55. Ethnicity: Caucasian

Brother of GM. More emotional than his sister but very stoic. Casual businessman.

Female. Age range: 60-90. Ethnicity: Caucasian/European

This is a very demanding role. She dies before we see her. Most of the movie takes
place around her body in bed. Requires actress to have her clothes changed by GM and
GD and be zipped in a body bag.

Male. Age Range: 55-70. Ethnicity: Mixed/Caucasian

Deals with his emotions through humor but remains strong for GM. Able to cry and
show his feelings. Very jovial.

Male. Age range: 40-50. Ethnicity: Caucasian/Mixed

GM & GF's oldest child, GD's brother. He is strong but emotional. Quietly emotional.
Bigger personality.

Female. Age range: 20-27. Ethnicity: Caucasian

GD's daughter. Like her mother she wears her heart on her sleeve. Able to laugh
through the tears.

Male. Age range: 20-27. Ethnicity: Caucasian/mixed

Strong, silent type. Caretaker personality.

Male. Age range: 18-25. Ethnicity: Caucasian/mixed

Strong, silent type. Caretaker personality.

Male. Age range: 25-40. Ethnicity: Caucasian

Male. Age range: 35- 55. Ethnicity: Asian

Male. Age range: 18-25. Ethnicity: Any.

Male. Age range: 45-55. Ethnicity: Any.

Thanks! Hope to see everyone there!

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Looking for actors for commercial spots (Gresham, OR)

Needing actors for several commercial spots. Must be available Wednesday, April 11th. Here is a breakdown of characters needed.
Please email headshots/resumes-SUBJECT: Gresham Commercial Casting

Man OR woman- middle aged

Woman- good looking mid 20's

Professional looking MALE host in suit-middle aged
Professional, good looking "bachelor"-Mid 20's to 30's

middle aged woman as "amber"
Will use male host from SPOT 3


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Serious Student Film Project Seeks Actors (Portland, OR)

About the project: We are shooting a 15-20 minute short film which follows the dealings of a man who in his attempts to solve the worlds problems unwittingly causes a massive economic collapse.

Available Roles:

Lead Male: 25-40, Handsome, must be able to go from a clean-cut business look to a more dishevelled, unshaven homeless look.

Supporting Male: 25-40, Similar looking to lead male. Any brothers would fit our characters well.

Female: 22-30, Pleasant appearance. Formal dinner dress will be needed for scene.

Extras: Businessmen, Street People.

Previous acting experience preferred.

Compensation: Professional reel clips, food, friends.

If interested, please send a head shot along with your response.

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Casting Call for Models for Haircut and Color (Portland)

Casting call for Female Models for Haircut and Color Design

Casting models in Portland, April 14th and 15th for demonstrating new haircuts and colors.
All models will receive a hair consultation to determine which style best suits them.
All models must be available both days, and must arrive 15 minutes prior to the event start.
All models will receive $100 in hair products!

Sign up at this link please:

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Open Casting Call - Short Film (White Salmon Valley)

Open Casting for Narrative Short Film:

Looking for male. Age 35-45. Caucasian. Should be in good health - The role includes running, canoeing, swimming and other outdoor activities.

This would be an unpaid acting position but the incentive is that this film will be seen by major motion picture producers working in the film industry. One of these producers being Grant Curtis, the producer of Spider-Man 3, Drag Me to Hell, and Oz The Great and Powerful. And as an actor, there's nothing more valuable than getting your abilities in front of the people that make decisions.

Auditions will take place Tuesday, April 10th from 2pm-7pm. They will be located in BZ Corners, Washington.
Please note: This film will be shot in the White Salmon Valley, WA and you will need to be able to transport yourself to and from our BZ Corners production office.
We will be filming for roughly 7 days total within the next 3 weeks.

Please email me for the script sides and casting location if interested.

Zach Zoller

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We are shooting a horror-based music video for the artist BlackHandPath and are seeking the following actor/actress for the video:

1) Adult Male - Description: Looks between 28-35, clean shaven, short cut/crewcut hair (not shaved or bald), between 5'9 & 6'0, fit or athletic build, no tattoos visible below the elbow or facial piercings (scene built around a 50's nuclear household motif)
Male will be portraying an insanely abusive husband. Must be ok with subject matter presented upon direction.

1) Adult Female - Description: Looks between 24-29, shoulder-length or longer hair (preferably darker color, but not necessary), between 5'2 & 5'6, fit/athletic build, no visible tattoos or facial piercings (scene built around a 50's nuclear household motif)
Female will be portraying heavily abused wife. Must be ok with subject matter presented upon direction.

Bobby Sick
Portland, OR.
(503) 308-8666

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Hotel/Corporate AV Technicians and Engineers (Portland)

The Crew Source ( is the nation's fastest growing AV labor company and we have a large event coming to Portland April 16th - 22nd.

A strong background working in live corporate events in either hotel properties or convention center venues is REQUIRED! We have respect for TV/Film people, but we are not looking for that type of background at this time.

We are seeking positive, professional, customer service savvy individuals who can set /strike and operate Breakout Rooms and General Sessions.

If you possess these qualities and have experience with the following positions and their responsibilities, then we would like to meet you.

**AV Technicians Set/Strike**
Must know how to wrap cable, and lots of it. Setting screens, projectors, mixing boards, small sound systems, wireless mics, pipe and drape for various events ranging from meeting rooms, general sessions, and exhibits

**AV Technicians Room Ops/Floaters**
Experience with floating/monitoring meeting rooms, operating basic video switchers, sound boards, lcd projectors and power point. Good customer services skills and A/V troubleshooting skills

**Audio Engineers (A1)**
Experience with Live Sound Reinforcement for General Sessions, VIP Events, and breakouts (Meyer Sound Systems, JBL Vertec Line Arrays, Yamaha Digital Consoles, Mackie Consoles, wireless microphone frequencies, etc.)

**Audio Assistants (A2) **
Experience with General Sessions (Show A2) Wireless Mic Frequency assignments and proper mic placement
Meeting Rooms - Smaller Sound System operations and various recording equipment

**Video Engineers (V1)**
Experience with projectors (Barco and Christie) and switchers (Folsom Screen Pro, Screen Pro Plus, Screen Pro II HD, Encore)
Knowledge of various video gear (Matrix Routers, Waveform/Vector Scope, various playback and recording etc.), signal flow and cabling.

**Video Assistant (V2)**
Experience in assisting in the set-up of projection, video bays, Folsom/Barco Switchers, and various playback and recording decks. Also have tape operator and power point operation experience.

**Lighting Engineers / Designers (L1/LD)**
Programming various lighting boards (Hog I, II, II & PC / Grand MA / Leprechaun) both moving and conventional (VL Series, DL Series, )

**Lighting Assistants (L2)**
Experience building truss, hanging lights, setting lighting trees and a basic understanding of power

**Camera Operators**
Record, IMAG, Studio Config

**PowerPoint Operators/Designers**
Developing presentations from scratch and the ability to insert video, audio and edit on the fly are essential for this position

Load in/load out, pushing cases and setting pipe and drape

Show us you have attention to detail and pass the first test by replying with "PORTLAND" in the subject line.

We prefer resumes in either "Word" or "PDF" formats. We will not open links to online resumes or video reels.


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