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Auditions: Wednesday, April 04, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, April 04, 2012.

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Child Extras Needed April 8th!

Student thesis film needs some child extras for a scene we're shooting on April 8th from 9am-11am.

Kids of all kinds, ages 4-9 welcome!

Not a paying gig, but they'll have credit in the film, which is being shot on super 16MM and filmed at OMSI!

Send us an email with headshots/photos to be considered, thanks!

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Lead female actor for short action piece (shooting April 14/15)


We're organizing a short action film that we'll be shooting in two weeks (April 14/15) that we hope to not only highlight some of our own talents but showcase the talents of Portland area artists. The film is a short 'fantasy' action piece (because why not, that sounds fun) that is centered on a fight between two characters.

We are currently looking to cast lead female actor. The main draw of the film is a physical confrontation between the female lead and a male character that features both armed and unarmed combat, so we are looking for an actor who has a natural amount of athleticism and is comfortable in a physically demanding role.

This project has come about as an exercise in action photography, an experiment in visual effects, a showcase of our talented choreographer, and a chance to try to quickly produce a very serious effort. If the role or the project sounds like something you are interested in and you are an athletic female actor then great! Please send resumes, headshots, and contact info to Thanks very much!

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CASTING CALL: The Toadies Music Video Shooting 4/11 (Close In to Downtown)

The Toadies, the classic, raw, post-grunge Texan band responsible for such hits as "Possum Kingdom" and "Away," are coming to Portland with Social Distortion on April 10. While here, they'll be shooting a music video for "Summer of the Strange" from their new album, "Feeler."

If you'd like to a part of a fun and bad-ass music video shoot on April 11, below are the details:

THE BAND: The Toadies
THE SONG: "Summer of the Strange"

AUDITION DATE AND TIME: Friday, April 6, 10am-6pm
AUDITION LOCATION: TBD; you'll be informed if we're interested
*SHOOT DATE: April 11, Day--Night*

COMPENSATION: $50-$100 for ½ Day Depending Upon Role


1. 7-10 ELEGANT WOMEN: 18-30 years old
The following description is the range of type in physical characteristics and performance abilities for the role. The more characteristics and abilities you have within this range, the better the chances are of you being cast.
• Attractive, Sensual, Sophisticated, Exotic, a la "Eyes Wide Shut," "Blue Velvet," or "Lost Highway"
• Comfortable being SCANTILY CLAD and/or TOPLESS
• Can perform some form of dance whether it be pole dancing or modern movement
• Here's some quick references:

2. GORGEOUS WOMAN: 25-35 years old
Think Lena Olin from "Romeo is Bleeding" or Patricia Arquette from "Lost Highway." You will have to be seductive and deranged on the turn of the dime. The role requires strong performing abilities as you will have to "go there" with ease. Here's a reference:

3. LEATHERFACE: 20-40 years old, White, Male
Yes, this is "Leatherface" from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." We need someone who can don the shirt, tie, apron, wield a chainsaw, and cut something with it with convincing bravado and ferocity. If you own a chainsaw, that would be a bonus!

4. JAPANESE BODY BUILDER: 20-30 years old, Japanese, Male
You don't have to look like Mr. Universe but you do need to have a body builder's physique. The larger the better. You'll be wearing a flower girl dress and acting somewhat femininely and eccentrically.

5. "ZZ TOP" OLD MAN: 40+, White, Male
We're looking for a Dusty Hill or Billy Gibbons look-alike. 'Nuf said.

6. YOUNG BOY: 8-12 years old, Male
You'll be a minotaur (human with a bull's head) at a Thanksgiving dinner. The role requires very little acting as you'll be sitting still with a faux long horn bull's head on your head.

7. 2 GAUDY WOMEN: 30-50 years old, Female, Heavy Set
A pair of gals that can really pull off the aesthetical gaudiness of "Fellini Satyricon" in physical appearance and performance style. Here's a reference:

For consideration, please send your headshot, body shot, and resume ASAP. If you're auditioning for an "Elegant Woman" role, please send something that features your figure, e.g., swimsuit picture, and be sure to include your measurements.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!

Vu Pham
Production Coordinator
The Toadies Music Video

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Need Talent for short film

Looking for a couple to act in a short film being submitted to a festival, later this month. The ideal candidates would be in their late twenties to early thirties - old enough to pass as a steady caring mother/father. In addition to the couple we are also looking for another guy. In the script he is described as 'short' with a 'big smile'. His face will be in a frozen smile state. The shorter in height the better.

We are a couple of students who love to learn and love to hone our craft, while trying to make a name for ourselves. With that being said, this isn't a paid gig. Since I knew it was on your mind q:-) You will instead be compensated with food, a good experience, copy of your work, and a potential award winning film under your belt.

Please reply with your name and a photo or link to a previous piece of work if one available.

Looking forward to your responses,

Tyler and Sean

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Independent film casting call (Northwest Portland)

Hello-- I am a female attending a local high school. I have written a script that is about an hour long... A few characters have been cast, thanks to auditions at my school but I am still looking to fill a few spots... and am always willing to change things around...

Allie Palmer: Lead, 15 years old, female
Sara Smith: 16 years old, female
Leah Sims: 13 years old, female
Andy Jones: 16 years old, female
Lani: Teens, female
Cute boy: Non-speaking, teens, male

Laura Palmer: Mid to late 30's, female
David Palmer: Mid to late 30's, male
Mary Sims: Early to mid 30's, female
Tom Sims: Early to mid 30's, male
Nurse Tee: 40's to 80's, slightly plump preferably but if a good actor will take any, female
Doctor Burns: 30's to 80's, cold hearted, male or female

Rehearsals will be end of April and beginning of May. We will be shooting on Saturdays and Sundays in May. Saturdays anytime after 12 and sundays anytime after 2 or before 12. If you are cast you will get a calendar with the complete schedule. Please reply with a headshot and your resume. There will not be auditions so if you send a video of you pro forming or giving a monologue, those people will have priority. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone has a great day!

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CASTING CALL: 2 Actresses for Portland film

Two actresses sought for a shoot in mid-May. This is a low budget, non-union film with a slightly avant-garde approach. The location is a cabin about an hour outside of Portland. We are planning a very intimate 2 day shoot for one interior scene between the two characters, and one exterior scene featuring the lead character.

The first scene requires very subtle performances. The dialog is coded and mysterious and it's unclear what's really being communicated between them. Much of it is happening internally. The intensity stays just below the surface and builds quietly. We'll be working very closely together on it, rehearsing and choreographing it with lots of room for silent moments behind the eyes. The second scene requires some physical stamina--you might be in the cold for a while.

Actresses with a background in experimental theatre and an appreciation for silent film are strongly encouraged. We're interested in unusual artists who are easy to work with. Also, we'd love to cast two actresses who have performed together and have a strong working relationship.

Ava (35--45) The guest in the room. She has a quiet beauty, vulnerability and a haunting presence about her. There are things she can't remember and things she can't forget.

Li (40--50) The hostess. Guarded, sharp and cold. Protective and strange.

Beyond this shoot there will be additional voice-over recording dates set up for a few more scenes featuring Ava.

The pay is 50 dollars for the shoot, and 40 for each recording session.
Copy, credit, and Pay.

Please submit resumes and headshots at

Thank you,

Gib S.

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Short, fictional narrative film to be produced in early June. A story about coming back home and letting go, including a fantastic circus scene! Cast members will be fed, lodged and drivers compensated for fuel at filmmaker's expense.

YOUNG MAN #1 (SILAS)- Mid to late 20's, animated, bonus if you have an old-fashioned mustache that a magician might have! SUPER BONUS if you know any magic tricks. ;-)
YOUNG WOMAN (LILY; Silas' girlfriend and his assistant for magic tricks) - Mid to late 20's, intelligent, adventurous & care free.
YOUNG MAN #2 (GEORGE; Silas' grandson) - Mid to late 20's, solemn, contemplative "old soul."
OLDER MAN (elderly SILAS) - At least senior citizen age, animated, young at heart, bonus if you have an old-fashioned mustache that a magician might have!

Bill Scheuner (Director of "LILY")

Reply to: If interested, please e-mail me @ with your resume & headshot. Thanks in advance!

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Metro is now accepting applications for the following position(s):

Department Head Stagehand - Carpentry

To view the full job posting for any opening at Metro, click here:

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If at any time you wish to cancel notifications for this interest card, please visit the following web address:
Thank you and good luck in your job search!

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The Disability Art and Culture Project is looking for a stage manager for our upcoming performance. Dates are April 25, Tech Rehearsal; April 26, Dress Rehearsal; April 27 & 28 performances. Rehearsals and performances are in the evening. The show will be at Zoomtopia 810 se Belmont. It is a stipend position of $300.

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