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Auditions: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2011.

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Auditions-"Marvin's Room" & "A Barrel Full of Pennies"

1 PM to 4 PM
Sandy Actors Theatre
14733 Meinig Ave. (behind Ace Hardware)
Sandy, OR 97055

MARVIN'S ROOM by Scott McPherson
Performance dates: February 10 through March 4, 2012
Directed by Dalene Young

Drama Desk award winner for Best Play. A hilarious and wondrous story of one woman's commitment to loving her family first and her belief that giving such love has made her life unbelievably rich, even as she faces her own pain and loss

Roles available:
1. Dr. Charlotte -- female, 35-50 yrs., assertive, but compassionate psychiatrist, head of mental institution for youth (small part).
2. Retirement Home Director -- female, 35-50 yrs., proper, pleasant, and P.C. (small part)
3. Bob -- male, 40-50 yrs., brother of Dr. Wally, tries to please, but socially inept (small part)
4. Marvin -- male, 60-70 yrs., Bessie and Lee's aging father, unable to speak except in groans and giggles (small part). (Bob & Marvin will likely be doubled by the same actor.)
5. Other roles (Bessie, Lee, Ruth, Hank, Charlie, Dr. Wally) have been pre-cast.

Performance dates: April 6 through April 29, 2012
Directed by Tim Park

A lighthearted, joyful story of a lovable and zany family with a penchant for taking in all the strays of the world -- animals, ducks, and people -- whose paths cross theirs. A smart, quick-paced comedy that has been called "a small-cast 'You Can't Take It With You'".

All roles available:
1. Adonis Samaritan -- male, 50-65 yrs., quirky, compassionate cab driver, willing to 'give you the shirt off his back' (main role)
2. Mina Samaritan -- female, 50-65 yrs., bustling, rotund, sharp-tongued 'Jewish-Armenian-Christian' mother (main role)
3. Alicia Samaritan -- female, 18-30 yrs., frustrated, but loving daughter, embarrassed by her parents' lifestyle (main role)
4. Alvin -- male, 18-30 yrs., off-the-wall folksong writer, with a serious inferiority complex, saved from self-destruction by Adonis (main role)
5. Cousin Lu -- female, 40-70 yrs., a family 'guest', wisplike, with an exclamatory 'Oh-h-h' that the author describes as 'the sigh of relief from a flatulent butterfly' (supporting role)
6. Uncle Nemo -- male, 60-75 yrs., an amnesiac family 'guest', who Adonis accidentally hit with his taxi 30 years before, and has stayed with the family ever since (supporting role)

NOTE: Auditions will be cold readings from the scripts. However, headshots, resumes, and/or monologues are welcome, but not required. (If you have a prepared monologue, you will be given the opportunity to share it as an additional basis for consideration.) All are welcome and no experience is necessary.

We also are recruiting crew positions (Stage Mgr., Asst., Stage Mgr., Lights & Sound technicians, Costumers, Props, Set Builders, Set Painters) for these productions. If interested in these areas, please attend the auditions.

Sandy Actors Theatre provides limited stipends to all cast and crew to cover expenses (travel, etc.)

Reply to: For additional information, e-mail or phone Tim Park at (503) 869-6183.

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Auditions for Grand Guignol 4: Psychosis

Third Eye Theatre will be holding open auditions for their production of Grand Guignol 4: Psychosis, an evening of four one acts. The play's run dates are Thursday Jan. 19- Sunday Feb. 12, 2012, with performances on Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 7:00 pm. Note: There will only be one Thursday performance (Jan. 19th). Also, there will not be performances on Jan. 20th or 28th. Grand Guignol 4: Psychosis will participate in Fertile Ground 2012 new play festival.

Parts are for over a dozen male and female parts of varying ages ranging from 18-70 or older. Grand Guignol is a French theatrical genre involving graphic violence and farce. Actors should be comfortable with very personally invasive character work, physical comedy, and intense performances.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the scripts and will be held at the Kenton Masonic Lodge at 8130 N. Denver Avenue (accessible by Max-Yellow Line, #4, & #6 bus lines) on Nov. 26th at 2:00 pm and Nov. 29th at 7:00 pm. Head shot & resume requested but not required. Contact Third Eye Theatre at (503) 970-8874 for more information.

Note: All positions are unpaid & voluntary.

Third Eye Theatre will also be doing two readings as a part of the Fertile Ground new play festival so we are looking for plenty of actors!

See below for a breakdown of this year's Grand Guignol Scripts:
Grand Guignol is a French style of theatre also known as "the theatre of terror." It is a theatrical style that was the basis of modern day horror, and has been being produced by Third Eye Theatre for the past three seasons. Third Eye Theatre's Grand Guignol is always composed of at least four one-act vignettes, and one notable M.C. in what might be best described as live, horror, cabaret. So, come join our M.C. Monsieur Guignol for a roller-coaster ride of comedy and horror in our new play, modern Grand Guignol series.

Grand Guignol 4: Psychosis is composed of four world premiere one-acts. The Faith Healer by Matt Hanf is a comedy about two women and their quest to heal what ails them. Bedford's Sty by Daniel Guyton is a thriller about what happens when Bedford, a disabled man, and his caregiver, when Bedford realizes the past while cleaning his room. Operation Midnight Climax by Ron Burch is a dark comedy about the war inside one man's head when he is drugged against his will. The Mistaken Lover by Martha Patterson, is a classic Grand Guignol horror about what happens when one man suspects his wife of cheating.

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Actresses needed for documentary (McMinnville, OR)

Shooting a documentary on the subject of the world of psychics and ESP. Need two fun pretty energetic ladies (ages between 18 thru 30) comfortable on camera to act as subjects to sit at a table and participate with a mind reader/mentalist. No rehearsed lines required. Just participate in the mind reading experiments with good expressions of laughter and amazement multiple times as we may need to repeat many times. I will need you to be entertained, amazed, and hang on the mind readers every word as if it is the coolest thing you've ever seen - even if we have to have you be amazed at nothing.

Shoot will take approximately 2-4 hours.
Pay is $100 for the day.

To be Shot in studio in McMinnville, Oregon.
Shoot date to be determined but probably during the first couple weeks of December.

No 'professiona'l experience required.
Please send head shots, resume or contact info, and links to any clips of video in which you have participated.

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Casting for short film (downtown PDX and St. Johns)

Short film Shoot - Extras needed - Non-Paid gig

Posted by: NPG Productions

I'm Seeking :
Japanese/ Asian & White Males
One Female Japanese /Asian lead


Start Date:
Nov 27, 2011

Portland, Oregon, United States

NPG Productions is a small production company in Portland Oregon consisting of talented film makers.

We are looking for extras to join us in our upcoming shoot Sun the 27th. We need Asian and Caucasian men (Any age)

Also looking for an Asian woman (lead) from ages 18-30.

If you are interested/available please e-mail me. Send recent head shot, reel, and/or links of recent films.

Thank you

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2 Actresses Wanted - Comedy Sketch

I am a college media and film major, who is embarking on a long-term project of short pieces, or sketches of you will, for a comedic variety-type program. I am prepped for a short piece, about 3 to 5 minutes in length, and am looking for 2 actresses to perform (would need to be approx. 20 years in age as they're portraying college students). The concept is, Malia, a student goes to a study hall and finds herself sitting across from a guy she's attracted to an decides to start playing footsie with him only not realizing he has gone and girl, Alexis, has taken her spot.

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