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Auditions: Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2011.

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Casting Call for Staged Readings

PDX Playwrights will present staged readings of 19 different plays in January. To save time, we invite actors to submit headshots and resumes to a single email address:

fertileground2012 [at] pdxplaywrights.org

Your info will forward directly to all of the 12 authors listed below. You may be contacted by one, several, or none of them.

Karen Alexander-Brown -TRIPTYCH AMERICANA
Kate Belden - GREEN
Jeremy Benjamin - SKIN GARDEN
Amy Doherty - KOOKABURRA
Miriam Feder - EPHEMORY
Jenni GreenMiller - A SIMPLE THREAD
Debbie Lamedman - THIS IS TEMPORARY
John Servilio - MANFUL!

Full descriptions of the plays and what actors each needs are available at:


These plays will be shown during the Fertile Ground festival of new works, January 19-29, 2012. Rehearsal schedule and how much actors get paid varies depending on the production.

Just to be clear, Fertile Ground (fertilegroundpdx.org) and PDX Playwrights (pdxplaywrights.org) are two separate organizations. For more info about the city-wide festival, please visit their website.

Reply to: fertileground2012 [at] pdxplaywrights.org

Source: PDX Backstage



Hey All,

We are casting for a feature entitled, "Be Meaner," to be shot starting the beginning of February, 2012. The budget is about to begin raising on Kickstarter (Nov. 15th), which is looking really smart. There will be rehearsals beginning once the cast has been selected. The rehearsals will start Twice a Week, on Monday and Thursday Nights from 7-10 PM, but will move onto 3 days a week (Tuesday), before filming. We are looking to pay everyone $100 for each filming day. Casting is on November 28th, 29th & 30th from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Please look at the Cast Below and E-Mail your Headshot, Resume, Reel (if you have one), and Your Available DAY for Auditions. DO NOT apply if you cannot make rehearsals. DO NOT apply if you cannot make the three hours for auditions. There are over 30 Roles, a few of which have already been cast;

But first the plot:

The PLOT revolves around a group of good girls led by Seashell, a Castilian Inventor and Sailor. They are trying to stop Rusty BcBallion, who leads in the bad guys' attempts at using a machine that will destroy racism, forever. Because, if the machine is used it may make everyone really warm to one another, which may cause global warming.

CAST ("Filled" means Already Cast, but it's here to help you understand the characters better):

Seashell - Castilian Leader of The Super Girl Squad (SGS); Filled

Shelly - Best Friend of Seashell's, new to it all; Filled.

Frank - Idiot, Suicidal Scientist

Brain in Jar - Wise-Ass; Filled.

7 Tiny Soldiers - Speaking Parts, but not lead. They have two fantastic moments in the film.

Rachelle - Girlfriend of Garlandiosio, head not screwed on so tight, a leader of sorts, in Seashell's Squad.

Tree in Corner - a voice of reason, such as the brain-in-jar, but a little immature; Filled.

Michelle - Total bad-ass second in command of The SGS; short bob of dark hair; well-kept.

Dog Monster - Ex-Student of Seashell, gone made, loves milk.

Rusty BcBallion - The Main Bad Guy; a shadow of a man; must have that voice to fit; rarely seen is his face; must be at least 6'4.

Old Man/Bartender - Father of Speece, killed gruesomely, very much a bit part.

Speece - Rusty's Companion, a total bitch, dirty-blonde hair.

Jargonaut - A hired gun here to help; Filled.

Queen Maritime - Ex-Compatriot of The SGS, now a bad girl, amazingly formal, though completely vain; black hair.

Seleptar - An assassin and master of disguise hired by the Queen, way cool.

Zing-Tao - Oriental suitor and friend of Varsteekurfintin and Valruse, lives in the desert, the quickest of the three.

Varsteekurfintin - Indian suitor and friend of Zing-Tao and Valruse; can read time through fire like a crystal ball, such as the other two.

Valruse - African suitor and friend of Varsteekurfintin and Zing-Tao, the strongest of the three.

Tall Plant - a voice in charge of the plants, deep, booming.

The Vine of Truth - a voice of what may be and capable of turning plants into people, more of a sweet voice.

Plant A, D, G & B - All dumb as can be, love to love, very bit part.

Two Dungeon Guards - Bit parts, but BIG, STOCKY, more than a few scenes.

Plantini - Ex-Plant, Blonde; Filled.

Leavesali - Ex-Plant, Hispanic, see Oak (below) for More Information.

Oak - Ex-Plant, African-American, like the other two above, she is easily confused but all three are new members of The SGS.

Mayor - Big, Fat, Broad-Smiled, High-In- Pitched-Voice-Resonance, the Mayor of Cloud City.

Brooklyn - Lives on the docks, hates life, piercings in face.

Caitlyn - Also lives on the docks, also has piercings.

Marilyn - Same as the other two Lyn's above, all are gothy and have each a different speech pattern, difficult to describe, but all three a blast to play, all newly dragged into being a part of The SGS.

Man on Boat to Die - The smallest part in the film, simply gets his neck broken.

E-Mail your stuff (questions if needed), and we'll get you your Sides, promptly. You may ask for as many roles as you like. Auditions will run simultaneously with all. Thank you!

Reply to: gigs-y89mv-2702624081@craigslist.org

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Local Short Film Needs Vietnamese Actors (Inner Southeast)

Hello Portland!

I'm a local filmmaker currently in the fundraising process for a short film project that we are intending to shoot this summer. At the moment we are casting for two roles for a scene from the film that will be used as proof of concept and promotional material for fundraising.


The story revolves around a series of seemingly random, strangely anxious, and, at times, comical encounters between estranged Vietnamese-American brothers whose curious relationship is slowly revealed backwards in time. The inverted chronological structure will be interwoven with a style of lyrical, stream-of-consciousness "documentary" filmmaking that is largely inspired by Chris Marker's Sans Soleil.

This bricolage of images is the interstitial space between their encounters and, together with the narrative, the film will be a unique amalgamation of dramatization and documentation that obscures the lines between fact and fiction.


25-35 year old Vietnamese male of average build. Having been raised in the US since early childhood, English is his primary language. However, he can speak Vietnamese at a grade school level. Michael is a business professional with a contrived comportment of control and intentionality. He at one time pursued creative writing educationally and professionally. His current life is an unhinging repression of his instinctive artistic desires, a troubled past, and self-ambivalence.

30-40 year old Vietnamese male with a stocky build. Khanh is a Vietnamese immigrant who comes to the US in his 30's with a small family comprised of his mother, father, and a younger brother. As he tries to reconcile his vision of the American Dream with a less than hospitable reality, his chronic addictions, born of Third World strife, is hyper-exacerbated into alienating and uncontrollable mental illnesses. Towards the end of the chronology of events, he exhibits aggressive signs of Tourette syndrome and drug addiction coupled with possible schizophrenia. MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK VIETNAMESE MODERATELY WELL AND BE ABLE TO DO A VIETNAMESE ACCENT IF THERE IS NOT ALREADY ONE NATURALLY.


Please visit us at www.nomenstatua.com



Wednesday, 11/30

Thursday, 12/1

WHERE: Inner Southeast Portland

COMPENSATION: There is no monetary compensation but you will be fed well, receive a copy for your reel, and be strongly considered for the role when the film is to be shot for real at which time there will be pay for your work.

Please email headshot and resume to Vu Pham for more information and/or consideration. Thank you for reading and hope to see you at the audition!

Reply to: gigs-74snk-2702052923@craigslist.org

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NBC TV Show "Grimm" Needs Extras! (Portland Oregon)

Top NBC tv show "Grimm" is looking for new faces for daily work as extras on the show!

We shoot the show HERE in Portland Oregon and the surrounding areas until December 15. We love new faces
and would love to have you on the show! You can watch aired episodes every night at 9 pm on NBC, hulu, or nbc.com.

Perks of being an Extra on Grimm:

*PAID hourly, plus meals

* ALL TYPES of people needed! ALL ages! ALL body types! ALL ethnicities! All STYLES!

*We often need people to bring their DOGS on set! You get a bonus when we need to hire you and your dog!

*We often need cars on set that are NOT white or red! Every other color, year, model is needed often. You get a bonus when we hire you and your car!

*We LOVE to represent the local Portland community and would love to hire YOU! Even if you have no experience, it's ok! We still need
good dependable people. (MUST be prompt, stay entire shoot day, and bring government issued ID to be eligible to work. )

*You get to see a major TV show up close and see behind the scenes!


We hope to hear from you TODAY!


Leandra Collier
Extras Casting Coordinator
NBC "Grimm"

Reply to: Please email Grimmextras@gmail.com with a blank email. You'll get an automatic response and all you have to do is answer the questions and send it to the right email address!

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