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Auditions: Monday, November 07, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Monday, November 07, 2011.

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Actors needed for Thanksgiving short on Nov. 12 (Beaverton)

Hapstance Films (Sean Parker and Austin Hillbrecht) is filming a silly Thanksgiving themed short. Because they can. We're looking for some volunteer actors to play party guests who personify traditional and non-traditional foods. No experience necessary and all ages, ethnicities, and looks welcome; this is a fun piece and a great chance to meet some actors and filmmakers in the Portland community.

Check out to watch two recent pieces.

The shoot will take place in Beaverton on Saturday Nov. 12. Call time will be 4:30pm and actors will be needed for three hours or less. Carpooling may be arranged for those who need it.

Please respond with a photo, headshot or Facebook link along with your shirt size. And if you want, let us know what holiday potluck dish you represent best. T-shirts for the roles will be provided along with snacks and our gratitude. Tasty, delicious gratitude.

Loren Felix Kelly
Production Manager

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Auditions Thursday, 10th (Pacific Northwest College of Art)

I am creating a film about unions and the catalyst event, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, that gave progressives the fuel they needed to give them power to help workers. I need a female and male actor that are young and can produce a convincing Russian or eastern European accent. I also need an older lady, to represent the first female secretary of labor, Francis Perkins and one other man, middle to late age, to play the fire captain who was responsible for rescuing hundreds of people.

This project does not include a lot of traveling or time consuming set up. This piece will be filmed in a room at PNCA in front of a green screen.

I, unfortunately, can not offer pay but I make jewelery and I am willing to trade hand crafted treasures or make something specific to your liking in order to compensate you. With the holidays coming up, you can keep the pieces for yourself or give them to a loved one. I plan on sending this piece to several festivals so there could be potential for exposure.

I will be also providing snacks and beverages during the shoots.

Email if you are interested.

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