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Auditions: Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, November 02, 2011.

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Seeking 4 actors, female, male for paid table reading (PCC Cascade, North Portland)

Seeking 4 actors for a paid table reading on Thursday, November 19th, 6pm to 8:00pm

1. Carinne, female 30s, lead character (more information below)

2. David, male 40s, lead character (more information below)

3. Wendy, female 40s, support character (more information below)

4. Narrator (reading action lines and sluglines), any gender, any age -- this is a critical role since the dialogue doesn't explain the entire story. The actor reading this role should have good timing and have a sense for the context and mood of these lines.

Pay for each role is $50 and dinner is provided.

This is the first table reading of "Carinne's Story", an original feature-length screenplay written by Portland writer/filmmaker/instructor Greg Kerr.

Tagline: Inspired by the poems of Edgar Allan Poe, Carinne's Story is a dark romantic story within a story.

Synopsis: As writing professor David Parker becomes captivated by Carinne, his most gifted student, they take on the role as each other's muses, and enter into a relationship that unfolds like their dark writing. But true to their stories, it's a relationship that cannot last.

The complete screenplay will be provided in advance to actors chosen to participate.

Reading scheduled for Thursday, November 19, 2011 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Portland Community College Cascade Campus, Albina and Killingsworth - MAHB Room 215

Contact Greg Kerr at this link to express interest and for more information:

Please include in your message a link(s) to your headshot, resume, website and information about your acting experience.

Other information:

"Carinne's Story" is Dark Romanticism, Drama, Narrative Fiction.

The reading will be
- filmed (with primary attention to the lead actors) and excerpts will be put on the website.
- viewed by Multimedia writing students from Portland Community College (about 25 students will be in attendance to critique the script, not the actors)

Description of Roles:

She is a woman in her 30s and a writing student who has become attracted to her writing instructor, David. She is a gifted writer who tends toward dark material drawn from her past -- she's an orphan who was in and out of foster homes as a child until she finally ran away.

She has a varied and complicated past. She suffers from bi-polar disorder and has medication. She knows that the medication dulls her senses and adversely affects her ability to write, so she stops taking it.

He is a man in his 40s who is a popular writing instructor at a local community college. Outside of his professional world, he is very much living a solitary life. He suffers with depression and attention deficit disorder which leave him isolated from others and without the ability to complete his own stories. He has difficulty being in crowds: ironic for a person who's profession is teaching.

He's also very lonely and when Carinne comes into his life, he is swept away by her vibrant personality and brilliant prose.

This excerpt from the script provides some information about the relationship between Carinne and David:


She is a woman in her 40s and a colleague of David's in the writing department. She likes David very much, but finds him difficult to get to know. She is also very competitive with David in their professional relationship. She's the level-headed friend with whom David shares his problems.

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Call for Extras - Indie Feature Film (NE Portland)

The independent feature, Pageant Girl, is looking for Portlanders interested in appearing as extras in a few scenes. Pageant Girl will be filming over the weekend, but the production only requires four hours of your time. If you are interested in participating in the Portland film community and enjoying something different for your weekend, contact us at and check out the facebook page:

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Magic Markeing, LLC and A Slim Life, LLC currently casting for the NorthWest Health challenge.

Models and actors who are fitness oriented, or are seeking to slim down and maintain a trim appearance are needed to act as spokesperson and representatives for the Challenge.
Producer Mark Vetanen and Steven Hall have over 15 years of combined TV and FILM production experience.

If interested, please submit a current photo and resume to the above link, or call Mark at 503-807-4362 or Steven at 503-516-8457 if you have any questions.

This will be an ongoing gig that recurs every 90 days. We constantly have new contestants and new stories to tell!

Interviews and filming will be done at The Space Studios in Beaverton - 9970 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy • Beaverton, OR 97005

Mark Vetanen and Steven Hall
NW Health Challenge

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Two Actors Needed for Student Film (Newberg, OR)

We are in need of two actors for Pushing 80, a 10min student film about a car-thief gang of five who are raiding a small town of specific vintage cars for a car collector. They do this untraditionally by overtaking the car as it's driving down the road. The gang meets its match in the form of a 65-year-old grandma in a very expensive-looking old car.

The two roles we are looking to fill are:

Felix is the ring leader of the gang who has the final say in the discussions for the gang. However, he gets his instructions from from a higher up boss. He has been doing this for years now and is confident in his skills and in his gang's abilities. Felix is a clean cut 30 year old. He does all the thinking, but sometimes his anger comes out and dictates his discussions. Felix also feels that he must protect the new girl Scarlet.

Milles is part of the car thief gang and is the right hand man to the ring leader, Felix. He is reserved but has a friendly relationship with the whole gang. He is a 27 year old who has a strong sense of loyalty towards his fellow car thieves, but tends to see his "work" as just another job, non emotional towards their victims.

This is a non-paying gig but we will provide meals during long shoot days, a DVD of the film will be provided when it's done and also great seats at the premeire.

We are planning on shooting the weekends of Nov. 11-13, 18-20.

Please email me with any questions and to set up an audition in the next couple days. We will be auditioning Nov. 1(today) at 3-4pm and Nov. 2 at 9-10pm at the George Fox University Portland Center. But contact us if you really want to audtion but those times don't work for you.

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Actor required for afternoons work (male, 50's with a beard)

We're looking for an male actor in his 50's with facial hair to play a part in a short film. We're replacing an actor who dropped out, so time is tight! We're looking to shoot on Sunday the 6th between 11am-5pm in Portland.

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Twins Needed For Videos (NE PDX)

We're video producers and we have a few videos about having twins, the odds of having twins, etc.
We need a pair of twins to film doing this together: playing basketball, hiking, whatever really.
We just need B-roll of twins doing things together.

Send us a pic/pics of you two and let us know your availability.
Should be a quick shoot and we need to shoot it ASAP.


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Casting Call for Utopia, a short film about entering a Trans Human Age (2837 SE Colt Dr. Portland, OR 97202)

Levi, A mathematician and an entrepreneur along with his team, upload and assimilate the first mouse into a completely digital world. When Evelyn, one of the biotech's, hears that her fiancé has been in a serious motorcycle accident everyone pushes their limits in an effort to send him through. Science and ethics collide as we take the next step to becoming post-human.

Tentative Shoot Dates:
Sat January 14th 2012
Sun January 15th 2012

Sat January 21st 2012
Sun January 22nd 2012

Sat January 28th 2012
Sun January 29th 2012


Evelyn - F 30 -- 40 Protagonist - Leadcast
Biotech scientist (Career driven, she wants to ease the suffering of disabilities and disease through science. She is currently battling breast cancer.)
Athletic build,

Adam - M 25 -- 35 -- Love Interest - Lead
Professional Motorcycle Racer (Driven by excitement and new experiences.)
*Not necessary to actually ride motorcycles
Athletic build a must.

Levi -- M 40 - 55 - Antagonists -- Lead
Mathematician / Entrepreneur / Founder of TransHuman Enterprises
(Egocentrically driven. Needs to command a highly charged situation that gets out of control.)

Jared -- M 18 -- 25 -- Supporting
Computer Hacker / Programmer (Child Prodigy, other peoples ignorance humors him. Comes across cynical at times yet overall a friendly guy.)

Kaia -- F 18 -- 25 -- Supporting
Biotech Intern (Outgoing and a kind individual. Best around those in her field of science.)

Seth -- M 30 -- 40 -- Supporting
Adam's Brother (He has to make the decision to either allow or deny Evelyn and crew to assimilate his younger brother Adam, who is currently in a coma, into a digital world in a last effort to save him.)

Doctor -- M or F 40 -- 70 -- Supporting
Head Physician (Heart felt individual. Has given bad news to good people far too many times.)
*Male or female could fill this role.


Friday Nov. 11th 2011
6:00 -- 8:00 PM

Saturday Nov. 12th 2011
2:00 -- 4:00 PM


Callbacks will take place the following week on Saturday the 19th
2:00 -- 4:00 PM (This can and will be flexible with everyone's availability)


SE Portland OR 97202

Finally, PLEASE LET US KNOW which audition day you are planning on attending.
If a large response for one of the days is happening we may build specific call times in 15 minuet increments and will let you know. If not it will be an open call and we will pare up roles as you all arrive.


Please SEND your current Headshot and Acting Resume to

Sides can be requested at this address as well.

Thanks and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Ian Stout

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Open casting Call

Open casting call at AI portland tomorrow night Tuesday from 5-7 looking for men and women 18-35 for possible commercial for Portland farmers market, there is a chance you can end up in 4 different commercials that would be great for your reel.

Reply to: Please show up anytime for more information email me at

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