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Auditions: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013.

I have been on set all week so I'm just now getting to the blog.  

I am glad that this blog is a helpful and reliable resource for those in the PDX community, and it is great to know people are booking work from using this blog.

Thanks for visiting and supporting this blog.

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Urgent Casting for Male Actor 16-18 yo

Hello everyone,

I'm in need of a male 16-18 years old for a Pearson Education interview (topic is "Girls Maturing Faster" and I can supply the questions). No acting experience necessary and there's a bit of pay.  

The shoot is February 02.

Need someone in a hurry now. Thanks!

Josh Barinstein

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Casting Male for Murder Mystery
Sherlock at Home is casting the final role for a murder mystery to be performed March 8th.

We are looking for a Male (mid 20's to early 30's) to play the much younger husband who married his wife for her money. The quintessential ladies man.

Rehearsals start Feb 4th (only 6) and there is a small stipend for the role. We will be filling this role ASAP.

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Auditions For Performance About Mental Illness 

Show Title: A Wall Is A Road

Description: Well Arts partners with the National Alliance on Mental Illness Washington County Center to do Beautiful Minds, a drop-in writing workshop in which people with mental illness can write monologues and vignettes about their experiences.  Our next performance fast approaches (March 8-16th, generously hosted by Portland Actors Conservatory) and we are looking for a cast of four actors (2 F, 20-50ys, 2 M 20-50ys, beards especially welcome) to work with our community playwrights.

Audition Location: Augustana Lutheran Church, 2710 Northeast 14th Avenue

(enter through doors in glasswalkway accessible from parkinglot on NE 14th and street on NE 15th).

Audition Times: Saturday February 2nd, 11am-1:30pm

Bring: Headshot and Resume

These will be cold readings of the script.

Payment: $100

Show Dates: March 8, 9, 15, 16

Show Location:  Portland Actors Conservatory

Rehearsal Period: Feb 18-March 7, working closely with workshop participants as our playwrights.

Well Arts Institute is a ten year old 501(c) 3 arts-in-healthcare nonprofit that facilitates writing workshops for people facing life altering health issues, then pairs them with professional actors who perform their stories on stage for the general community.

Artistic Director
Well Arts Institute

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Casting Female lead in horror short film!
Looking for an extremely talented female with acting history to play pregnant wife in short horror film "Play Me" by seattle director AK Romero. Must send acting resume, headshot, and be able to perform and send in a monologue. Must be comfertable with fake blood, intense situations. must be able to cry. film is in pre-production. filming starts in Febuary-March. respond to email address with headshot and resume to recieve audition monologue. or text 425 879 9752 with any questions.

This will be a professional production, You will be payed for your time. This film will get distribution as well as be shopped around to studios. Looking for a girl who really has the "It" Factor.


Compensation: $200 + Gas and Hotel for 2 days

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Actors needed for senior film! (NW Portland)
Hello! I'm Richard, a filmmaker attending the Art Institute of Portland, and I'm looking for cast for my senior film, "Bad Habit"!

"What is "Bad Habit?'"

"Bad Habit" is an absurdist comedy in the tradition of Mel Brooks and "Airplane!" era David and Jerry Zucker.

"Who are you looking for?"

There are two characters: Sister Virginia and Abbot Costello

Sister Virginia
Young and new to nunnery, Virginia came to the monastery to escape the dangerous life she had been living. Though the monastery and its residents readily welcomed her, she has come to suspect that it may not be the bastion of virtue she originally thought. Not wanting to cause any unnecessary strife, she approaches the abbot of the monastery in the hope of finding an explanation for the goings on around her.

Desired Actress Traits
-Young looking (mid-twenties or thereabouts)
-Light build (for the costume)
-Comfortable in a slightly revealing outfit (no nudity of course)

Abbot Costello
The abbot of the monestary, Costello is well aware of the less-than-virtuous activities going on and actively embraces them. Everyone is only having fun after all, so what's the harm? Playful by nature, he can't help but to pepper his speech with double entendres suggestive asides. Unfortunately he can get carried away at times, and when Sister Virginia comes to him for advice he accidentally takes the joke a touch too far.

Desired Actor Traits
-Middle-aged (40+)
-Any build
-Can bounce eyebrows

"When are you shooting?"

Shooting is scheduled for Saturday, March 9th. This will be a one day shoot. More specific details will be provided prior to shooting.

"How will I be compensated?"

Actors will be provided $100 for the day, as well as a DVD of the finished product for their reels. As well, if you come to the premiere I will buy you a drink.

"When and where is casting?"

-Where: The Art Institute of Portland, 1122 NW Davis St, Room 310
-When: Saturday, February 2nd, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; each actor will be allotted a fifteen minute block to audition

If you are interested, please let us know no later than 10 p.m. on Thursday, January 31, so that we may provide you with a copy of the script. Please then confirm whether or not you will be attending, and what time frame works best for you, no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, February 1st. We will then let you know what time you are scheduled for no later than 10 p.m. Friday.

The dialogue, though comical and lighthearted, is suggestive, and there is a significant age difference between both characters. This is why we will be providing each actor a copy of the script prior to the casting call, so that they may decide if it is something they are comfortable performing.

Please bring headshots, resumes, and any other materials you would like. We will be providing sides for you to read from, but feel free to deliver an additional monologue if you have one prepared.

Compensation: $100

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Female models - $55/hr (Pearl District)
Seeking Female models for "Summer clothes in stormy weather shoot"

The photos are scheduled to be displayed in art gallerys in Portland, Seattle and San Francisco

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! great for starting models. $40/ hour plus we will provide high res prints for your portfolio (shots not chosen to hang in the galleries only)

Location: Pearl District

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College Female Talent for weekly promo clip (Portland )we are looking for female talent over 18 years of age or under with parental consent.

Who are interested in working once a week. Must not be camera shy, prefer that you come hair and makeup ready but we have a specialist who can assist

We shoot small promotional Female attitude clips normally a shoot will take 2-3 hours

Pay is 30$ an hour with the potential of bonuses

Must be able to act out any role given , must be good and presenting different attitudes

we look froward to working with you

We are looking to schedule 15-20 girls this week

Email or text 503-884-1802 response must include Age, Contact info, Picture and availability this whole week

thank you

we will be looking for talent until feb 12th

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Feature Film (Portland)
Voice Actors needed, small parts.
40-65 MALE and TEEN MALE
Low-budget. Minimal pay.
Send reel, resume, contact information.

Compensation: TBD

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Casting CallBridge Town Media Group is having a Casting call for the following roles :

1. Dirty rock musician who has a dream of making it, part of a famous "One Hit " Wonder band, but kicked out before hit, chip on his shoulder. 35-45 years old

2. A sorority girl drinks a lot, somewhat slutty. Has some relationship issues. 20-30 years old.

3. Privileged Caucasian male who smokes pot and has no interest outside of day-to-day activities. 25-35 years old

4. Privileged Latino stoner male, who grew up in a cult, has no interest outside of day-to-day activities. 25-35 years old

5. Women of the night: 2 high-class ladies. Very street smart, hustlers knowing how to use their looks to achieve their ends. Age 25-40

6. More Women Of The Night: 1 young lady, slim, street smart, with an active addiction, not very glamorous. Age 20-25. 1 lady who is heavy set, also a lady of the night, Age 20-25. Both of these girls work as partners.

Please send resume detailing comedic work and length of acting experience, also include headshots, phone number and email where you can be contacted. Casting Calls will be held on the 9th of February at our offices in Beaverton Oregon.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Compensation: D.O.E. Negotiable

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Auditions for Action/Adventure Theatre

 3 Women, Mid 20s to Mid 30s
2-3 Men, also Mid 20s to Mid 30s

For our spring Production of Steven Yockey's


This Northwest Premiere will perform May 23rd through June 9th at Action/Adventure Theater
with rehearsals starting in early April.

Auditions will be held Sat, February 9th from 10am-6pm (with possible spill over to Feb. 10th if slots fill up fast)
and will consist of reading selected sides from the play, which we will provide.
Location: 1050 SE Clinton, Portland OR

Auditions are by appointment only.

All roles will be paid a stipend, with amount determined upon casting. Sorry no equity contracts at this time.

To learn more about Action/Adventure Theatre please visit us at
To hear a little more about Steve Yockey's fantastic play, take a gander at this nice review:

Thanks everyone!
-Noah Dunham
Action/Adventure Theatre

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 Wanted: Portland TOUR GUIDES where you will be performing as your job 

Original Post Date:  2013-01-12

You already love Portland, but do you have strong people skills, a motor mouth and wit to boot? Do people think you've had three cups of coffee already, when you haven't even had your first sip of the day? If so, then this is a dream job for passionate people like you.

Portland Walking Tours is an established and growing company that's been around over a decade and runs daily tours with over 40 events per week (not including dozens of private events) from April through November and 15+ per week the rest of the year. We now have a few rare available positions that are on-call and part-time work. Since we run morning, afternoon, and evening events, you may work irregular hours and will not have a fixed schedule for a while. Most of us consider this as a supplement our income since it's not a full-time gig. Before you read further and apply, learn more about what we do by checking out the Portland Walking Tours website or our sister companies Hometown Advantage and Run Brain Run.

We do all the training and get you up to speed on your missing knowledge of the city. Like all of us, once you're leading tours, you'll seriously be amazed that you're getting paid for doing something so ridiculously fun. So, if you think you have the improv and leadership skills needed, then read on and apply before the audition slots are filled...

POSITION: Resident Expert (aka Tour Guide).

AUDITIONS: February 2, 3, 9 & 10 (which are Saturdays and Sundays).

CALLBACKS: Immediately thereafter.

REHEARSALS: Multiple days on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in February & March.

PAY: Once hired, starts at $10/hour. That may seem ordinary at first, but tips/gratuities will often triple that amount so it's not uncommon that most of us make about $100/day.

To get an audition slot, send a single email with the following info to
1. A cover letter with a paragraph or two of why you would rock this job. Extra points if you include a link showing you on video displaying your very high energy levels.
2. Full and current resume. If you have acting resume, please include that too.
3. Recent headshot photo (does not need to be professionally taken).
4. Two preference for a morning or afternoon audition on February 2nd, 3rd, 9th or 10th.

If you do not supply these four (4) things, you will not be considered. If you are not available for the days of auditions, callbacks, or the weekend rehearsals, please do not apply.

A. If we see a good fit, we promise that we will email you with information for your audition date/time/location, what you will have to do at the audition, and more details on rehearsals & eventual employment.
B. Callbacks/interviews, if appropriate.

Please do not call.

This position requires you to own a mobile phone and have desktop/laptop-based high-speed Internet access in your home and check your email at least once per day. If you do not have a cell phone and daily Internet access at home, please do not apply.

This is a part-time and on-call position and not full-time. This is a W-2 employee position (not a contractor or internship) and you must be at least 18 years old and eligible for employment in U.S. Do not hit reply to this job posting as it goes to the incorrect email address.

Our ideal Resident Expert is:
* Enthusiastic when speaking in front of groups, calm under pressure and always witty.
* Self directed, a quick learner, and has a strong work ethic.
* Highly organized and dependable.
• A team player that knows that over-communicating is always appreciated.
* Experienced in improv, acting or performance.
* Pays attention to detail (like this request that the word "chugger" is in your cover letter somehow).
* Proficient in computers (since your assignments and timesheet are online).
* College Graduate a plus.
* Able to use Facebook on their phone a plus.
* Lives near downtown a plus.
* Vehicle owner a plus.

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**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


Two super fit people needed for video (Vancouver, WA)I'm creating a workout/exercise video and need 1 super fit male and 1 super fit female to host the video. You don't necessarily have to be an experienced actor to do this, but fitness is important.

Reply to:  If you are interested please send your headshot/pictures to silverliningpictures @ hotmail . com or reply to this ad.

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 Indie Film (PORTLAND)Indie Film shooting in Feb in Portland
In need of young adults and teens for 4 principle roles and 2 supporting roles
NO nudity!

Please send a headshot and resume. Please include a phone number.

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Actors wanted
Searching for several actors of all ranges for a short Mockumentary written by The Art Institute of Portland's Brian Hanna. His influences are movies like This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting For Guffman, and Bernie. Ability to improv is a must!!! Film crew can come to you since most of the scenes are home interviews.

The film is about a man named Dan Mackenzie, a 32 year-old man from Splendor, Oregon who has been missing since March 17th, 2010. Dan, avid Leprechaun enthusiast, and his best friend Josh have been trying to find evidence that Leprechauns exist (Dan saw one on a Boy Scout camping trip when he was younger). Dan was last seen leaving for Glenn Pointe to record himself searching for evidence of leprechauns. His parents, friends, and fellow townsfolk are interviewed and asked about what they think happen to Dan.

The film will be shooting beginning in February and will wrap on March 10th. Please send a short bio and a head shot (or any picture) if you match the description of one of the following characters:

BILL MACKENZIE: 50's-60's, any size/build, mustache (or ability to grow one). Think someone like Ron Swanson.
TAMMY MACKENZIE: 50's-60's, and size/build, shorter hair is preferable. She always chews gum and drinks wine.
CARL WELTZ: 50's-60's, heavy build, bald or military cut. He is a ex-Boy Scout leader.
SILVIA KIMBLE: 50's-60's, any size/build, cigarette smoker. Josh's mom who wears too much makeup.
SHERIFF WILLIAMS: 50's-60's, heavy build, somewhat tall, side burns preferred. Local, out of shape, law enforcement.

Compensation: Meals and copy of film included

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Wanted: Co-Host for Podcast (Portland, OR)
Are you a fellow nonbeliever in anything religious or "spiritual," and also happen to think or be told that you're quite funny? I'm looking for you!

Seeking a co-host for a potential podcast to act as the official podcast of a particular well-visited nonbelief/skeptical website. Being outgoing and funny are big pluses as well as having a webcam/Skype capabilities.

If interested, please respond.

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a new queer-mixed vocal ensemble (GLBT men and women)
seeks talented Singer/Performers with the ability
to blend, hold parts and have stage presence.
Rehearsals will be on late Sunday afternoons and begin
in March, with first performances in time for Gay Pride.
AUDITIONS: SUNDAY FEBRUARY 24th, 4:00-6:30 PM in NE Portland.

Reply to:  Call Mark Steering for more info and to sign up for an audition slot at:
503 234-1140. Or e-mail with your info.

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Actors/Actresses auditions

I'm looking at doing a reading over two shows of Part Time Playhouse the first Sundays of May and June.

This is a NON-paying reading for community TV at

MetroEast Community Media
829 N.E. 8th Street
Gresham, OR 97030

The show airs live the first Sunday of the month at 7:00 pm. Cast members need to be on set no later than 4:30 pm for a rehearsal.
Some cast members will need to commit to both Sundays, some to only one.

The benefit to you is you will receive a CD of the show you can use for your resume and gain experience with a television studio.

The name of the play is "Child." It is a psuedo horror story about two Oughtnoppers, a boy and his mother, caught between immortality and death.


Child: a young boy of undisclosed age, (8 to 14)
Mother: 50 plus
Social Worker: any age
David: 20s
Grace: 20s
Reba and Laura: 20s
Mark Anthony:
Radio Announcer:
Dr. George and his multiple personalities: 50s,

There will be role doubling, so need no more than 8 cast members.
As this is a not for pay reading, we will keep your time commitment to a minimum. I would like to find a cast now, hand out scripts, have one rehearsal a bout a week before the first show in SW Portland, the second rehearsal at the station in Gresham.

Email to arrange an audition time. Head shots and resumes are always welcomed, but not required.

Auditions will be in SW Portland between Raleigh Hills and Sylvan. It is NOT bus friendly, do NOT think you can walk there. If you use public transportation please be sure to say so and we will make arrangements to accommodate you needs.

Please when emailing, state where you saw this post.

Thank you

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Open Audition for Hip Hop Dance Company 

Original Post Date:  2013-01-14

Attention Dancers!

Paint Dance Company is holding auditions for the 2013 season on February 9th from 2:00 to 6:00 pm @ Vega Dance+Lab. Please come prepared with a 30-60 second combo and ready to learn/perform 1-3 different combos taught by our company members.

A little bit about us: We are a small company started within the last year by members of an already established dance community here in SE Portland. As artists, we wanted to start exploring our own choreography and spend more of our time doing what we love. Our members are passionate, kind, hilarious, and above all friends. We enjoy each others' company and would love to open our arms to new members to grow with/ be friends with. Our style tethers between hip hip, lyrical, and contemporary. Musicality is a must. Attendance to our local dance studio is encouraged but not required (because they've been so good to us, we like to support!)

We generally have 1-2 performances a month at various clubs, events, and fundraisers. Rehearsals are Saturday from 3-6. No dues required. Just badassery. <--- that's a word now.

See the flyer below for more details.

Like us on facebook!

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Lighting Designer/Board Op

Looking for a lighting designer/board op for Feb 8-24th run at Ethos/IFCC

I am looking for a Lighting Designer/Board Op for a February run of my original solo play, THE BOX MARKED BLACK: Tales from a Halfrican-American growing up Mulatto. With sock puppets! at Ethos/IFCC 5340 N Interstate Avenue February 8th - 24th.

Twelve Performances:

Friday 2/8 at 7:30, Saturday 2/9 at 3:00 & 7:30, Sunday 2/10 at 7:30

Friday 2/15 at 7:30, Saturday 2/16 at 3:00 & 7:30, Sunday 2/17 at 7:30

Friday 2/22 at 7:30, Saturday 2/23 at 3:00 & 7:30, Sunday 2/24 at 7:30

With a tech and dress on 2/7. The show runs 55 minutes.

I have budgeted for:

Lighting Designer / Board Op $300 (There are roughly 15 light cues - we are doing a few reworks, there are six lighting looks.)

Publicity information about the show can be found at

The Box Marked Black

Thanks for considering the gig!

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Looking for Production Assistant for television show Feb 1 - 3
Looking for a production assistant that has knowledge of working on set.
If you have camera experience this is a MAJOR plus. Send examples of work.

Must Have Car
Roles to include pickup up the crew from Airport PDX (only crew of 3) Feb 1 (Friday). Must have room for gear as well.

Feb 2: Shoot day. Take crew from Hotel to Club and be on set all day. This will be a long Day.
Possible Ride to the airport.

Please right your production experience in the email.

Approx 100$ per day. To be determined based on experience.

Compensation: around $100 per day. To be determined based on experience

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I am currently looking for 2-3 Production assistants for a film I am beginning production for on February 5th through mid March 2013 and will need folks to be available 3-6 shoot days during this time period . I don't necessarily need someone with a lot of experience but a few hard working people who are passionate about film and wish to gain experience for their future careers in this field.

I am not asking you to drive around or make coffee. Depending on what we will need on a given day you could be:

Script supervisor

Assisting our gaffer with lights

writing down scene files

Set dresser

Making sure we don't have non actors walking onto set, etc.

Here is some information about the film.

SYNOPSIS: The Second Coming is a dark love story about a escort who is trying to get out of the business who falls in love with a schizophrenic who thinks he is the Second Coming of Christ. It is a modern day version of the Jesus and Mary Magdelene story meets the film True Romance, which follows the heroes journey but takes the viewer into the twisted minds of the characters through surreal imagery and dreamscapes.

Please email me a little about yourself and any prior experience you may have.

This is a no budget production with only minimal funds to pay for food, rentals, props, and permits.
Nobody is getting paid and everyone involved is doing this because they, like myself are artists and want more experience and footage for their reel.

What I can offer is that you are well fed, respected, credited, a copy of the film, multiple invitations to screenings, connections with those working in the industry and some great experience.

Please feel free to view a trailer of my last film to see if this the kinda production you would like to participate in.


Compensation: no pay

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