Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Auditions: Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, December 7, 2011.

This post will continue to be updated as new audition notices are discovered, so please check back throughout the day.

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VO Talent Needed (SW Portland)

Hello, local sound studio accepting submissions for our VO talent pool. Looking for people sounding natural, friendly, easygoing, and helpful. Male and Female. Must be able to come in to our downlown studio for recording. Please post VO ACTOR in the subject line.

Please Send:
VO Demo

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Actress For Future Web Series (Downtown PDX)

We are looking for actresses or female college students in the Portland area to help with a future web series using sports as a motif.

The series will focus on using sports in a comedic light along with the usual web humor.

Our ideal candidate would be in their 20's, an athlete or sports fan or have some acting background (although none is required). You don't have to look like Erin Andrews but it doesn't hurt if you do.

When responding to the posting, please provide head shots/body shots

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Actresses 4 PAID Romantic-Comedy-Drama Short


We are directing a romantic-comedy-Drama short film, as a school assignment for our film class. We have managed to fill all the parts except for FOUR young actresses to fill four small remaining parts.

A brief description of each of the FOUR roles we need cast.

Gaby -- 4'0 to 5'3, brunet, 18-21 years of age, school nerd, very shy and innocent.

Roxanne -- 4'5 to 5'3, brunet or blond, 18-24 years of age, optimistic, down to earth and perky.

Natalie -- 4'8 to 5'5, Brunet, black, or dyed, 18-24 years of age, snotty, rich spoiled princess.

Pamela -- 4'0 to 6'0, Blond or brunet or dyed, 18 to 27, poet and theatrical.

The roles of Roxanne and Natalie will require the ability and willingness to pose nude.

All actresses will be paid for their work, and that will be negotiated upon casting. Please send us your snapshots, resumes, and contact information. We'll go over all candidates and if there's a match, we will call you for an interview about the role you're interested in.

Heath Price and Ace Rutledge

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CASTING CALL for Actress in early/mid 20s (Portland, OR)


So casting for the role of Jane in the TRUE FEELINGS short film has been re-opened abruptly!

If you are an actress in your early/mid-20s and have what it takes to be a vulnerable, damaged sexpot with heaps of attitude, respond ASAP. We start shooting on Friday. Link to our previous short films below!

Think Rita Haworth with a grudge.

And btw, for all those who already responded to this post in the past week, know that I am going over all your emails/messages again and will get back to everyone regardless of who is cast.

Thanks for the interest!

- Bryan Hiltner, writer/director

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