Thursday, December 22, 2011

Auditions: Thursday, December 22, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Thursday, December 22, 2011.

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Casting Call

Talisman Films LLC, is preparing to shoot some tests for an upcoming Sci-Fi feature written by Steve Coker based on the novel "The Last Starship from Earth" by John Boyd. We need 1 Male, age range 19 to 25. 1 Female, age range 19 to 25, 1 Male, age range 50 to 65. We are casting for the tests only at this point, though opportunities for the feature film are possible. If interested please EMAIL (no responses here please) Include head shot, resume' and link to imdb and/or samples of your work.

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Casting Call

Seeking ACTRESS: 20s. Tall(ish), pale with dark hair (or can dye dark). Someone who can play sensible, intelligent, down to earth, nurturing. The character is the sort of person you would most like to know in the world.

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SEEKING: Dynamic character actors (aged 35-70) for indie music video (Portland)

LILLIPUT PICTURES seeks striking and dynamic looking character actors (male or female, aged 35-70--give or take a few years) for an upcoming music video.

This job will be an excellent addition to your reel and opportunity for exposure, as the video will be featured on some of the world's most influential music websites (Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, etc.) and potentially on television. The band has received accolades this year from NPR, Spin, Pitchfork, Gorilla vs. Bear, and are quickly making big waves in the scene.

Please send us your resumé, your most recent headshot and a reel, if you have one. If we are interested, we will reach out to schedule an audition. Prior experience is encouraged, but certainly not required--all we ask is that you have an interesting face, a strong presence onscreen, and an open, fun attitude on-set!

Thank you very much! We look forward to hearing from you.

most sincerely,

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Sound Skript Entertainment Casting Call (Portland, OR)

Sound Skript Entertainment is looking for 3 actors for the following roles:

DAVE: 20s or early 30s. Dave is the guy next door. Roommates and best friend's with Tom.
TOM: 20s or early 30s. Smart, witty, looking for the next joke. Trouble with women and Dave's best friend and roommate.
RACHEL: 20s - Rachel is the girl next door and Dave's girlfriend. Sweet and kind.

Sound Skript has recently completed photography on Mock Trials, a feature length comedy written by Nate Dern. Mock Trials will be released in spring of 2012. You can see photos and read up on Mock Trials on Facebook at

This will be a stand alone web series.

Auditions will be Saturday, Jan. 7th and will consist of cold readings. Please email with headshot, resume, and reel to be considered. Filming will be in January 2012.

All roles will be offered a deferred payment contract based off percentage of profits from web series.

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Looking for voice/speech actors (I-205 & Mill Plain)

HEK Animation Studio (small startup crew in Vancouver, WA made up of mostly college students) is looking for people interested in a voice acting position for a planned YouTube CG Animated series. We prefer if you took theater as a class at some point in school or college, or had experience in theater performances although neither are required. Accents are more than welcome as is the talent to voice multiple characters.

The project is something all of us are doing in our spare time so this is a for fun/experience gaining opportunity = not paid. If you are interested and have any questions or would like more information, either e-mail me at the above email, or call/text me at (360) 931-2170. My name is Dre.

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Casting Call - The Last 8 (PDX)



An aging and world-renowned physicist looking to live out his days in leisure, discovers from a close friend and associate that all life on planet earth is in danger of going extinct in an instant.


2 MALES IN 60's or 70's range or must appear so. MUST be able to play men of Retirement age.

Newly retired, good-natured, genuinely sweet family man. Highly intelligent and well-respected by his peers and looked up to in the science community, he learns of a dark secret that could effect the whole world. This secret shocks and torments him.

A mad, bipolar genius who specializes in solar physics. Socially inept, he is only comfortable around a few select people in the world. He mostly hides in his home office, where he writes and releases articles and theories into science journals. Could be as public a figure as Stephen Hawking if he weren't afraid to go outside.

2 FEMALES IN 60's or 70's range or must appear so. MUST be able to play women of retirement age.

Wife of Walt, a former nurse, lived many years as a stay-at-home mom. She has spent most of her life caring for people who depend on her. Her diabetic, work-a-holic husband is one of them.

Wife of Marvin, she has led a life never knowing what to expect. Her husband is bipolar and only stays even by constantly working. She often must deal with extreme bouts of emotional breakdowns from her husband, therefore she is always on her toes.

1 MALE, 8 years old

A mellow-for-his-age third grader. He likes to spend time inside his own head, loses himself in his imagination a lot. He is prone to wandering off and enjoys singing to himself.

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