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Auditions: Tuesday, November 06, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Tuesday, November 06, 2012.

I am glad that this blog is a helpful and reliable resource for those in the PDX community, and it is great to know people are booking work from using this blog.

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**Paid Projects**


Asian Females age 55+ needed for marketing projectMarket research company has just FOUR spots left for Asian females, ages 54+, to participate in a 10 minute video marketing project. All that is required is stepping sideways across 10 lines while looking straight forward.

Compensation for your 10 minutes of time is $100 CASH, paid immediately onsite.

We have only FOUR positions available. Please contact Karyn ASAP if interested. PLEASE no inquiries from other demographics, they are all filled. Please only contact us if you are an Asian female in your mid-50's or older, or you can arrange for someone you know in this demographic to come in (ie you are a daughter, son, etc). First come, first served. This post will be taken down once filled.

Must have own transportation to Beaverton (just off Hwy 26) and be available this week. Must be able to walk on own without assistance. No other requirements.

Thank you!

Reply to:  Please email Karyn: karynreohr@allionusa.com, to schedule your time.

Source:  Private Submission


 Lead Male needed for Web SeriesWe are casting for the lead male role of Lyle, 25-30, serious, introverted, who relishes his isolation from the world; he runs, partly for the exercise, but mainly to escape into himself. Film/theater experience preferred.

November/December 2012. We are shooting the pilot episode for an eight part docu/dramatic web series about being more mindful in the world. This production is a hybrid blending fictional narrative and non-fictional documentary story-lines.

Please send a current headshot and brief written or video resume. We will provide the first three pages of script to interested individuals and will accept any video (.mov files) of actors reading from the script on camera showing us a little of what they can offer. Compensation TBD.
We are also setting up brief 10-15min video audition this coming week, Wednesday, November 14th.

Reply to:  Send headshots to rippleeffect42 (at) gmail.com and please email if interested for the part.

Source:  Private Submission


 Ribbons of War Audition - a new musical to be presented during Fertile Ground.Saturday, November 10th, 6:00p - 10:00p at Artists Repertory Theatre

Please prepare a comedic monologue (1 - 2min in length) and a song. If you are able to accompany yourself on an instrument of any kind, please bring your instrument with you.

Plot summary:
Adventure! Romance! Sea Monsters! Ribbons of War tells the story of the young pilot Annelies who abandons her island home to marry a great sea captain and join the crew of the Good Ship Valiant. With fantastic songs by the band The Extraordinaires, Ribbons of War is a camp-filled joyride for the whole family!

Annelies - female, a strong-willed self-trained pilot and resident of a small island. 20s
The Captain - the bold, fearless leader of the SS Valiant. 20-40s Violin/mandolin ability preferred.
Hart the Pig - a cruel, merciless pirate captain. 50-70s.
Cody - a young academic. 20s. Ukelele ability preferred.
Murdoch, Oswald, Alfred - the crew of the SS Valiant. Surly, but with hearts of gold. Any age.
Lovers 1 and 2 - prisoners of Hart the Pig. Naive and idealistic. 20s
Sophia - a turtle dove. Searching for a performer with puppeteering and/or dance experience.
Musician - Multi-instrumentalist, must be adaptable to other musicians, patient, and inventive. Eclectic instrument experience.

Performance Dates: Jan 25, 26, 27 and Feb 1, 2, 3.

There will be a small stipend provided.

Reply to:  If interested, email your headshot and resume to ribbonsofwarpdx@gmail.com and you will be contacted with an audition time.

Source:  PDX Backstage


**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


AUDITION for Xmas Dei (staged reading) & East of Yesterday (off-book)Characters:
DAD in Xmas Dei / BILLY in East of Yesterday (doubled)
SATAN in Xmas Dei / HOMELESS POET & TRAIN HOPPER in East of Yesterday (tripled)

Auditions will be readings from the scripts, held before rehearsals at the CoHo Theater in NW Portland.

This is an unpaid gig for the live TV series Part Time Playhouse. Head shots and resumes helpful but not necessary.

REHEARSALS @ CoHo Theater,
2257 NW Raleigh St., Portland

Tue Nov 06, 7-10p (audition at 7pm)
Sat Nov 10, 1130a-230p (audition at 1130am)
Sun Nov 11, 6-9p (audition at 6pm)
Thu Nov 15, 7-10p (audition at 7pm)
Sat Nov 17, 1130a-230p (audition at 1130am)
Sun Nov 18, 2-5p (audition at 2pm)
Mon Nov 19, 7-10p (audition at 7pm)
Thu Nov 29, 7-10p (audition at 7pm)

On-air talent will receive snacks and beverages during rehearsals, a meal on day of show, and a DVD of the episode.

The day of show is Sun Dec 02, 4-9p.

Archie Washington
Producer, Part Time Playhouse
Phone: 503-928-1572

Reply to:  ptplayhouse@gmail.com

Source:  Private Submission

Open Call for Ryan ArtistsReputable agency Ryan Artists Inc. is holding their open call this Wednesday from 3pm to 4pm. Here are all the details!

Ryan Artists, Inc.
1122 NW Marshall St.
Portland, OR 97209

For those planning to attend any open call, make sure you bring the following:
- Current measurements: Women - height, weight, bust, waist, hip, dress, shoe

Men -- height, weight, jacket size, neck, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe

- Printed current photos we are able to keep (these do NOT have to be professional). If you do have a portfolio, or professional photos, please bring those as well.

- Anyone wishing to be considered for fashion modeling should come with a swimsuit on, or under, their clothing, as we will be taking digital photos to help make our final decisions.

- Wear little to no makeup, and come with hair down (Women Only)

See you Wednesday!

Source:  Facebook


 Casting Call Update for Concrete Jungle - Rose- early 20s. Ethnic. Sean's younger half sister. She's tough, outspoken, student with goal of going into the medical field.bvery book and street smart. Raised by sean. Can throw a mean punch if needed. Kind of one of the guys behind the make up and girly clothes.

Looking for someone who is athletic, can look early 20s and ethnic. Comfortable throwing a punch, flirting, sweet and can be the strong female when needed.

Like an actual Rose, pretty but can cause you pain if you aren't careful.


Reply to:  Please send Headshot, full body. Shot and contact info to diegogiovanni1@gmail.com. and put ROSE in the subject line.

Source:  Portland Film and Video Networking on Facebook


 Mask & Mirror Traveling ThespiansWe will be holding general auditions for this new Troupe:

Thursday, November 8, 2012, from 7-9 pm
Saturday, November 10, 2012, from 1-3 pm

Auditions will be held at the Faith Journey Church,
11265 Southwest Gaarde Street, Tigard, OR 97224

Opening Gala Performances will be January 4, 5, 6, 2013

Who We Are:

Mask & Mirror Traveling Thespians (M&MTT) are a satellite troupe of performers from the Mask & Mirror Community Theatre: Actors, Singers, Dancers, Acrobats, Poets, Comedians, Playwrights, Directors, Musicians, Performance Artists of All Manner and Vision.

We have been given a grant from the Washington County Cultural Coalition / Oregon Cultural Trust to develop the M&MTT concept as a unique way of marketing Mask & Mirror Community Theatre. This grant will cover professional quality costumes and props, and pay required royalties.

Mask & Mirror Community Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer organization. All performers, crew, musicians and other support personnel are unpaid.

What We Do:

We go out into our Community (Tigard & Tualatin), using our talent to show people what M&M has to offer as a way to attract them back to our larger stage shows.

We will perform 1 or more free 30-40 min performances per month (12 are required before June 30, 2013, per our grant). The performances will each have an Emcee hosting the show (think Bob Hope doing the USO tours.) All shows will have a bit of a vaudeville feel to them.

Most of our shows consist of at least 3 'acts:' a song, an acting performance of some sort, and then "other," be it comedian, dancing . . . etc.

Each performance will have a theme. We will be starting in January/February with the theme of love.

Where We Perform:

We go to Senior Centers, Community Centers, Libraries, Hospitals . . . anyplace that wants us to perform for them in Tigard, Tualatin or adjacent communities. We go to entertain, but we simultaneously advertise Mask and Mirror. We do not charge for these performances, but we will put out a "Donation Jar" to support Mask & Mirror Community Theatre if allowed by the venue.

Audition details:

Each performer gets 2 minutes with the M&MTT Artistic Board to showcase their talent:
- If you are an actor and have a prepared monologue and want to do it, wonderful.
- If you want to do a monologue, but don't have one, that is ok too! We will have both a male and female monologue available to do as a cold reading as part of your 2 minutes.
- If you want to sing, bring a CD of music or sheet music and we will have a CD player and pianist available.
- If you want to dance, or show us a sample of your poetry, juggle, clown . . . whatever, it is up to you how you fill that time.
(If you have ever been to the PATA auditions, these will be similar to those auditions).

Please bring a resume and a head shot if you have them. If you don't, we will have a form that you can fill out when you arrive and someone to take your picture.

We will be casting an undetermined number of Troupe members. Troupe members should not expect to participate in every performance (casting will be based on theme, timing, and availability of talent) except the Opening Gala on Jan 4, 5 & 6 at the Tualatin Heritage Center, 8700 SW Sweek Drive, Tualatin 97062


If you would like to volunteer to help out with M&MTT, but not necessarily be a performer in the troupe (costumes, props, transportation, etc.), we invite you to come to the auditions on 11/8 and 11/10. We have some positions at the auditions that volunteers can fill, and we will also be able to discuss with you at the audition how you might be able to work with us in the future!

Thank you for your interest in the Mask & Mirror Traveling Thespians. We are very excited to be able to get this new venture up and running!

We hope you can join us!

Reply to:
Maille M. O'Brien, Producer, MailleMMTT@yahoo.com
Jenny Conlee, Director, jennyconlee@yahoo.com
Mask and Mirror Traveling Thespians

Source:  PDX Backstage


“Audience members” needed for a scene in the local indy film “The Lilac Chaser” where they will represent a live theatre audience watching an experimental production of Hamlet.  The Lilac Chaser is a contemporary take on Hamlet set in Portland, Oregon that melds psychological drama with environmental documentary.  The audience will be filmed for their various reactions to the ongoing stage performance as well as for a brief scene “after the show” in the theatre lobby. 

No pay, but will be interesting!

Date and Time: Tuesday November 13  from 3pm  – 7:15  (with some staying until 8:30 pm- please indicate your availability).

Wardrobe:  Understated casual to dressy attire.  Please no clothing, coats or bags with logos, slogans, bright colors, or artwork that would require licensing.

Where: Headwaters Theatre
55 NE Farragut St. # 9,Portland, OR 97211
(503) 289-3499
Come get a behind the scenes view of how a making a film works while enjoying delicious snacks and refreshments!

Thank you!

"The Lilac Chaser" Production Team

Reply to:  If interested please contact Ericka Heidrick at erickaheidrick@gmail.com.  Please include your full name, phone number and availability in the email. *note: you must at least commit to 3pm to 7:15pm.

Source:  PDX Backstage