Thursday, July 26, 2012

Auditions: Thursday, July 26, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Thursday, July 26, 2012.

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**Paid Projects**



We need a Japanese speaking man aged 18-45 for a role on Portlandia TODAY - you'd work this afternoon (July 26, 2012). The role starts work at 4pm. If you are him, email with at least one photo of you and phone number. Please don't email if you "could learn Japanese" or "speak fake Japanese." The deadline to email submissions is NOON on July 26th. Pay is $352.

Reply to:  If you are him, email with at least one photo of you and phone number.

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SAG - Punk actress (17 - 20) (Portland)


I know you want an excuse to dye your hair. Perhaps get a really funky cut? And when people ask you why you can shrug and say, "Oh, I had to get it done for this series I'm shooting."

We are still looking for young (17 - 20) women to audition for the role of Alysa for "Suburban Apocalypse", shooting here in Portland.

Paying gig. SAG New Media agreement. Teaser shooting in the next few weeks and episodes shooting in the fall.


Auditions are this Saturday (July 28) by invitation only.

Here's the character description:

Alysa - Punk hair and a sense of fashion held over from the late 80's make up the colorful plumage of Alysa. Wise cracking, loud and often abrasive Alysa has her own way forcing her way through the world. Speaking in rhymes and alliterations is Alysa's way of speaking: as creative and unique as her appearance. A hard, crusty and seldom bathed exterior disguises her emotional core. With her friend Shelly she's often sweet and corny.


Reply to:  Send an email to with "Suburban Apocalypse - Alysa" in the subject line.

Compensation: SAG New Media Agreement

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Tito the Enforcer - Audition Appointment Required
We will be holding auditions for "Tito the Enforcer" this Saturday 7/28/12 at 10AM located at the Art Institute of Portland.

Go to log in under facebook and click "Like". Watch the videos and get familiar with the project. (Hint) We will be looking to see who has shown visible support for this project.

Submit your Headshots and Resume to PLEASE DO NOT RE-SUBMIT IF YOU DID PREVIOUSLY. If you submitted to us previously you will be receiving further information by email today.


BOBBI- supporting character
30's to 40's, white female, attractive, classy, in charge and knows it.
She is the boss' daughter. She has been handling his affairs since he took ill, is dying, incapacitated, etc. She is friends with Karen (Tito's girlfriend). Neither Karen or Tito know that both of them know Bobbi.

WAITER(NAME TBA) - supporting character
any age, any race, any size
Has a few lines in one scene. He is familiar with Tito and Karen and treats them like royalty. He also knows who is who in the local crime scene and treats them accordingly. i.e. don't piss them off and never leave them waiting.

LEONARD - supporting character
40's +, any race, any build
He is the device used to explain Tito is not to be trifled with. He is a degenerate gambler and perpetual loser. This is going to be his last chance to get away before he is tracked down for his debt. He is waiting on a cab to the airport when he gets a phone call. THE phone call.

to be clear this is NOT an open call. You will receive a time slot after submitting.

Reply to:  Submit your Headshots and Resume to

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Actress 18-21 (Tigard)

Looking for a talented actress who can play someone between the ages 18 and 21.
White female brunette.
Sarcastic wit.
Adventure Comedy.

Compensation: tba

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**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


OPEN CASTING CALL for Local Indie Feature (SE)

We are doing another round of auditions for our indie non-union film HOMESKILLET tomorrow:

FRIDAY, JULY 27th, 12:00-3:00PM
Tabor Space
5441 SE Belmont
PDX 97215

Please bring a resume and headshot/picture. We will be doing cold readings. Monologues are acceptable
but not required.

Please NOTE: Anyone under the age of 18 must bring a legal guardian to the audition with them.


GEOFFREY: 47-53 but looks much younger, fit, accomplished attorney, a family man.
BELLA: 18, senior in HS, protected, privileged, smart, but local PDX.
MEGHAN: 18, super waifish and thin, homeless, from a good home but went the wrong way.
ALYSHA:17, bi-racial (African American, Hispanic, Indian, Native American) homeless, street smart, savvy, a survivor, teen mom.
GERARD: African American, 45-55, successful attorney.

We hope to see you there!

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 Casting for a Male and Female preferably in there 30's and 40's! (Vancouver/Portland)

We are Inspire Film Studios and we are in the process of making a short film!
There will not be very much talking since it is almost a silent film about two zombies.
The two leads will be male and female in there 30's or early 40's.
For more info please visit our website and email us

Brittany Marie
Production Manager

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Casting Call for Feature Film (Olympia, WA)

Independent production company seeks cast and crew for feature film to be shot in and around Olympia, WA area September-December. The film is a black comic tragedy about a group of students navigating the perils and pitfalls of young adulthood at a secluded arts college steeped in sex, drugs, violence, and paranoia. Seeking actors and actresses who can play 18-30. Many roles for males or females available. Please respond with headshot and resume if interested.

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Actors for 48HFP (Gresham | Portland)

48HFP needs acting volunteers. This is a crazy film festival with literally only 48 hours to make a film from concept to completion. We don't even get to write a script until the 48 hours starts. Films will be shown in a bonafide theatre! Find out more about the project here:

48HFP participation is volunteer only and requires a release. Our team is looking to see if Actors would like to volunteer for a fun non-union project. Please send a face shot and any experience is a plus!

Things that could help us with a time-shift component, which could be fun (if we get sci-fi, or something suitable to use sci-fi)
8-11 girl, 55+ male, pregnant girl in 20's, and anyone else interested

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Casting for Actress to Play Spunky Barista (Portland, OR)

We're casting for the perfect, Portland barista who's got a heart of gold and a cup of soul.
Our main character, Josie, spends every morning helping her customers with their love life, what to wear for that big meeting and how to relate to their difficult siblings.

You don't have to know how to make a latte but you should be able to act like you know.
Auditions are held by appointment only. Shoot date will be August 11th. Comedic improv skills are a must.
Submit headshots and questions to the email link above.

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