Friday, July 6, 2012

Auditions: Friday, July 06, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Friday, July 06, 2012.

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**Paid Projects**


The A-List needs Extras (Portland)

THE A-LIST is a feature film comedy about a high school senior who is coerced by his guidance counselor into fulfilling a list of her high school fantasies in order to graduate.

We are mostly looking for high schoolers (or those who still can pass for a 14-18 year old) between the ages of 14-24 with the possibility of roles for older applicants.

Thank You

Compensation: paid at minimum wage w/4hr guaranteed

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Auditions for Action/Adventure's Brand New Original Comedy, July 28th & 29th

Action/Adventure Theatre is developing an all new improvised serial comedy and we’re looking for cast members to come join an innovative and exciting process.

The show will be modeled after our successful serial shows Fall of the House and Captured By Aliens, in which the ongoing plot of the show runs for 4 weekends with a new “episode” premiering every weekend. The plot will be mapped out in advance but the dialogue is completely improvised by the actors, making for a new and invigorating night of theater with every go around.

The basic premise we’re working with right now is focused on a band that lives together in Portland Oregon, and all the comedy and drama that inevitably comes out of those close living and working quarters.

What we’re looking for:

-Actors/Performers who are interested in developing a strong ensemble and collaborating on story and character development largely through improvisation and devised theater practices.

-Actors with strong improvisational skills/experience are strongly encouraged to audition. Not necessarily comedy improv skills as the show is very character driven, but actors who are good on their feet and can make strong choices.

-Actors who play instruments or are skilled musically are strongly encouraged to audition, especially those who have played in bands and are interested in writing brand new music for the show.

Audition Info:

Auditions will be held on

Sat July 28th, and Sun July 29th 

11am-7pm both days (time slots will be assigned)

Callbacks are tentatively set for the evenings of July 30th and 31st.

Auditions will mainly consist of group improvisational exercises/games. Actors who can also play music are encouraged to bring instruments and have a song they can play a minute or two of. Actors who don’t play music are encouraged to prepare a 1-3 minute monologue (not required).

Rehearsals will begin September 16th (subject to change)

And the show will run Oct 26th-Nov 18th (Fri-Sun 9pm) at Action/Adventure Theater! Payment is based on the size of the role in the show, but is, in any event, not very much (tis a labor of love).

Questions or inquires? Feel free to email director Noah Dunham (

Thanks so much for your time!
Action/Adventure Theatre

Reply to:  Please email to sign up for an audition slot. Headshots and resumes are nice but not required.

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**Unpaid or No-Pay Listed Projects**



We are doing another round of auditions for our indie non-union film HOMESKILLET tomorrow:

FRIDAY, JULY 6th, 12:00-3:00PM
Tabor Space Conference Room
5441 SE Belmont
PDX 97215

Please bring a resume and headshot/picture. We will be doing cold readings. Monologues are acceptable
but not required.

Please NOTE: Anyone under the age of 18 must bring a legal guardian to the audition with them.


BETH: 47-53 yrs, African American, an attorney, sharp dresser, accomplished, articulate, has climbed the corporate ladder.
KATE: 43-53, a former model, slim, supremely fit, exotic, any nationality, a fitness nut.
GEOFFREY: 47-53 but looks much younger, fit, accomplished attorney, a family man.
JIM: 47-53, Congressman, funny, smooth, committed.
MICHELLE: 40's-60's, Shelter director, any nationality, efficient, seen it all, knows the system.
BELLA: 18, senior in HS, protected, privileged, smart, but local PDX.
HENRY: 21, college student, techy, funny, PDX boy.
MEGHAN: 18, super waifish and thin, homeless, from a good home but went the wrong way.
ALYSHA:17, bi-racial (African American, Hispanic, Indian, Native American) homeless, street smart, savvy, a survivor, teen mom.
GERARD: African American, 45-55, successful attorney.

We hope to see you there!

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 Auditions for "Wait Until Dark"

AUDITION DATE:  July 17th, 7:00pm 
Lovestreet Playhouse
126 Loves Ave  
Woodland,WA 98674 (20 minutes north of Vancouver, WA on I-5) 

REHEARSAL DATES : August, Sept, Oct (3-4 days per week depending on role) 
PERFORMANCE DATES:  Oct 12-31, Fridays & Saturdays 7:30p, Sundays 2:00p & Halloween 

Volunteer - Not Paid

ROLES AVAILABLE:   MALE   • Carlino  (25-45) Thick, aggressive man of action, con artist, bigger guy preferred  • Mike (25-45) Slick, sweet talking con artist  • Sam (27-35) Husband to Susy  • Roat: This part has been cast  FEMALE  • Gloria (8-10) Precocious next door neighbor kid  • Police Officers (either sex age 20+)  • The role of Susy is  cast  

Please come to auditions with a head shot, theatre resume and calendar. Arrive at early to fill out paperwork. We will be doing cold readings from the script.

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I am a young playwright looking for 2 actors and 1 actress for a 3 act filmed read through. It will be produced August 5th and broadcast on Community Access Network through the Part Time Play House.

Part Time Play House: films works of up to 45 minutes in length are performed live on a television studio stage, with a playwright interview and audience talk back at the end.

Sorry No Pay.

This is also an opportunity to work to volunteer and work with students from the Presidential Arts Turnaround School, King School in NW Portland.

Thank you,
Tayllor Johnson

The characters needed are:
Stacey- 27 year old female
Patrick- 27 year old male
Brandon- 25 year old male

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Tayllor Johnson or reply to

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 Casting for short film (Portland metro)

Casting for multiple roles;

Harry Vincent

5'9"-6' Harry is Agent number 1 for the Shadow. He is handsome and well liked by the ladies, with dark hair and dark eyes. Harry is something like an American James Bond from the 30's.


5'6"-5'9" Hawkeye is described as ageless in appearance, but could be anywhere between 35-49. Haekeye's most prominent feature is his sharp eyes.

Shiwan Khan

Shiwan is a Mongolian who claims to be the last descendant of Ghengis Khan. He is healthy and fit and stands somewhere around the six foot range. Shiwan should be fit, and in shape.


Tiny is in fact not very small at all, his only requirement is standing over 6'6"

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 Athletic Apparel Shoot (Portland )

Looking for athletic models that are interested in doing some lifestyle shots for an athletic apparel catalog.
Trade for print and some athletic apparel.
Hair and makeup needed as well.

Please email contact info and 2 photos.

Thank you!

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Looking for an Actress

I am putting together a short satirical news-based program as one of many projects I am putting together towards my digital media/communications degree this summer. The premise is about a young woman, Hayley, who has fallen madly in love with her car. The piece is filled with comedic bits while making parody of various serious news programs such as "Frontline". The character of Hayley is approximately 20-25 years of age and is very upbeat but obviously very flighty. I am looking to fill and shoot this piece as expediently as possible as I have various other projects to work on as well. Anyone interested would need their own vehicle.

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**Technical Opportunities**



Looking for Cameraman! Paid gig! (Beaverton/Portland)

July 14-15th we are seeking an additional skilled Cameraman that is DSLR trained (Specifically the Canon line) for a comic book short.
Pay is 160.00 per day and you must be available both days!

We have a Mark II but if you have your own camera you like to use then even better!

Please respond asap!

Compensation: 320.00

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Sound Mixer (PDX)

We need an awesome sound mixer to join our production team on a feature film being shot on July 16, August 27, the first two weeks in November and ten days in January. Join our talented creative team of professionals on a wonderful original screenplay. If you bring equipment we will compensate you for the package along with a modest (pitiful) day rate. You must have something 'in the can' for us to listen to. We respect sound!!! Need someone who can do it outside and inside under a variety of circumstances. You know who you are. Thank you.

Compensation: Day rate and equipment budget.

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