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Auditions: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, February 29, 2012.

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Actors sought for new educational video project - $100

On-Camera Talent sought to read conversational scripts in pairs for forthcoming educational software, appropriate for all ages. Must be native English-speakers with no heavy or discernible regional accents. Diversity encouraged: All ages (18+) and ethnicities invited to apply.

Compensation: $100 per 90-minute session. Now booking sessions for March. Studio is located in Portland's Old Town, directly on the yellow/green MAX lines.

To apply, please send a short smartphone/camera video of yourself & your proposed conversation partner, stating your names, PDX neighborhood, plus interesting factoid about yourself or the world that you'd like us to know. We want to hear your voice! Videos can be created individually, but please


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Voice Actor (Forest Grove OR)

Student project looking for a female ages 25-40 for narration gig for a 20 minute film. This is an unpaid position but will pay for commute to and from Forest Grove.

The film is a drama following four college students as they learn about loss and moving forward. The gig is the voice of the main character reflecting on the experiences that she's gone through.
She's sarcastic, witty, but very down-to-Earth and wise for her age.

Please include in your e-mail a voice recording (prefer mp3) of the following text:

"My name is Emma Elise Schwartz. That's me roughly ten years
ago. This was my thinking place; Elisha and I (you'll meet Eli later) used to come
here regularly. He and I were in what the people in the movie business called love; I called
it surreal. You probably have no interset in this place I'm sure, but this little nook holds
more memories and brings back more emotions than any other place I've ever been. I'll never
forget this day. But like I said, this moment is only a little important to my story."

For any questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me.

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Casting a short for film festival (West side)

Casting the following roles for a 15-minute short, shooting 10, 11 Mar., and 17 Mar;

JARROD: 16 years old, hispanic male. Gay, has to tell his uptight Christian mother he is gay.

TARA: 40, prototypical uptight Christian. Jesus secretly prays her, and she does not care.

JESUS: 33 or so, hairy. Friendly, loving, vengeful, judgmental.

Kraft will be provided.

No pay, but screen credit and resume credential.

Respond by Noon, February 29.

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Theater scene needs extras -Thursday from 1:30pm to 5:00pm (The Valley Theater)

I Play With The Phrase Each Other (IPWTPEO) is a local indie/student feature film looking for some extras for this upcoming Thursday. We'd like to cast 15 people to fill a few seats inside Valley Theater in Beaverton. The look is for upper-middle class, 30-50 year olds who are dressed conservatively (PTA conference attendees as opposed to the fashion forward/hip Portland look).

Description of the film:
The film chronicles over sixty characters in a vast matrix of incessant correspondence. The story this correspondence forms begins with Jake, a young neurotic who is persuaded to leave his small hometown and move to the city to live with his friend Sean, a fanatical poet who survives by swindling inexperienced Craigslist customers. When Jake arrives in the city Sean has disappeared, and as he struggles to secure a job and a place to stay, Jake discovers a nocturnal world of neon poverty in which his friend is thriving.

Please send a headshot or photo, and put "Theater Extra" in the subject line if you'd like to be in our movie.

Many thanks!

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Actress Wanted

Casting Call for
Fourth Month First Day
Another B. Wild Film Production
Thursday March 15th
3pm to 6pm

Clackamas Community College
McLoughlin Hall Auditorium
19600 S. Molalla Ave.
Oregon City, Oregon 97045

After saying goodbye to her husband John, and heading off to work Yvette starts receiving anonymous text messages on her phone that will send her into a psychological breakdown. The messages insinuate that John is sleeping with the person on the other end. As the day wears on the messages become more, more explicit. Yvette's day will end in gunfire, but are things as they seem. . . There is no dialog in this film.

We are looking for a female actress, who will play the lead role of Yvette. Yvette is a high powered business woman. Yvette will ideally be about 5'7-5'8 and between the ages of 30-35. It is a non-dialogue role and will be completely emotion-based so acting ability will be taken over appearance.

For additional information please contact. . .. Associate Producer Lauren Wolf.

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Need an Actress for a Comedy short film (Downtown PDX)

I'm looking for an Actress to act in a Comedy student short film.
We will be filming this Saturday, March 3rd, at 7 pm, in a hotel suit.
We will also be filming this Monday, March 5th, at 9 am to 2 pm, at a bar.

Need to be early to mid 20's, in shape.
Reply with interest, and i'll reply with the script attached.

Thanks for your interest.

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Female Yoga Model for Photoshoot

Hi, I am looking to work with a female model who can do some yoga poses for a photo set I am working on.

Reply to: If you are available for this please email me at thank you and attach some pictures

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Athletic female Model need for senior Thesis Running Spec Commercial (Portland)

Hello my name is Taylor Wells and I am looking for an athletic female model /actor for a running spec commercial.

Model/Actors must have good physiques and able to perform multiple trials of jogging, stretches, jumping, ect.

Female talent is needed on Saturday, March 3th. It will be a 3 hour day. Snacks will be provided.

Please submit a recent headshot and full-body photo.

Here is a link to my Reel

Thank you

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