Thursday, February 16, 2012

Auditions: Thursday, February 16, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Thursday, February 16, 2012.

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Open Casting for New Rock Musical (Portland)

We are now casting for "In Odin's Name," an original rock musical that will premier later in 2012! We are looking for singers, actors, and performers who wish to work hard and create something special, something that Portland can call its own.

Auditions will be held later in February. If you are interested in auditioning, please e-mail what times work best for you. As soon as we have a good idea what works best for you, we'll schedule audition times that can be attended by the highest amount of people. Don't post resumes and headshots, just the times that will work for you. There will be time for that at the actual auditions!

Further details about the auditions can be found at the website. You can also check out the new Facebook page as well!

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Older female needed in photo shoot for a short film (Downtown)

I need a female that appears to be between the ages of 60-80 years old on Monday the 20th.

The photos will be used for a short film portraying a loving grandmother/mother figure.

To all those who apply, please attach your most recent head shot.

The shoot should not take more than half an hour, but plan for an hour just to be safe.

There is currently no paid compensation for the shoot.

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Casting Call for The Disappearance of Benjamin (The Art Institute of Portland)

We are currently casting a short film, The Disappearance of Benjamin. There are several roles that need to be cast by local talent in their 20's.

Auditions will take place at The Art Institute of Portland from noon-4pm on February 26th.

Please reply to with a head-shot and resume' if you have them, and we will contact you to schedule an audition and supply you with sides. (actors of all experience levels welcome to audition)

Film Title: The Disappearance of Benjamin
-Benjamin is pushed out of his group of friends after they discover his charming doppelganger.

Open parts include -
Benjamin; early twenties plain nondescript tee shirts and simple jeans. solid colors. he doesn't care about clothes, he's not interested in how he presents himself physically. he has shaggy hair, because he doesn't get regular haircuts. he always has a book in his hand and a few in his backpack. Nervous mannerisms - he touches his face a lot when he's talking.

Celine; Early twenties, comfortable clothes, she's not out to impress anyone, but she could if she wanted to. Pretty face - minimal make up, longish hair, usually pulled back in a pony tail - she just doesn't have time anymore. Her mom watches the baby during the day, then works at night. Celine goes to school all day, then watches her baby while mom's at work. She's pretty tired and rundown a lot of the time. She values her time in the coffee shop as "drama free" down time.

Lucy; Flamboyant. Wears bright colorful clothes and peasant shirts. She buys random things at garage sales and thrift shops and just throws it all together. Floppy hats. Big ass purses with lots of stuff in it. Very sunny and out going. Interested in people and always willing to see the best in them. Wide eyed, in her late teens she's the youngest person at the table. She's an art class kind of girl - newer to college she's being exposed to new ideas and people for the first time and is loving it. She's really cute, but not as conventionally pretty as Celine.

Trevor; Early twenties. Neat dresser, might be wearing a plain black teeshirt or a nicer shirt with a collar, but it's always tucked in. Everything is very utilitarian. He wears a nice backpack which he keeps very neat and orderly, and he carries a multi tool and a pocket knife. Clean shaven with very short hair - it's easier to take care of. Very comfortable in his own skin.

Mark; Also early twenties. Very neatly dressed. button down shirt and slacks. or button down shirt and a tie, but with jeans. In other words he's dressing close to professional, but always with a little twist. clean shaven. hair the same length as Benjamin, but it's been slicked back and styled a little bit. He obviously puts a lot of thought and attention to how he presents himself. He's comfortable in his own skin and in any social situation. Superficially charming he's easy with a smile, but it might not register in his eyes.

Manos; again early twenties. My visualization of Manos is probably the hardest to cast, but ideally he is a big guy with a big beard. Lots of piercings and tattoos. A social butterfly, everybody in town knows him and loves him. Extremely gregarious, but chill to the bone. In the past he'd of been a giant barbarian who walks into a tavern with a giant war hammer, throws it on the bar, orders a giant flagon of grog and instantly starts taking to everyone like he's known them their whole lives. His tee shirts have retro nintendo games or obscure metal bands on them. He might be wearing spikes or chains, but it's not meant to be scary or off-putting. It's just the way he likes to dress.

This is a very character driven piece, and will be a great addition to your reel.

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FATHER type for short film (Vancouver)

Hi we have completed 90% of the principal photography of a short film from award winning director Chris Wilson - - his most recent short has gone on to play at over 25 festivals and WON three - he WON Dragoncon and is up for 4 more awards at an upcoming LA festival. Here is a link for the trailer of that film.

We are now needing to cast the father for one line of dialog-- it's a cutaway scene so it was not needed during the bulk of our shooting.The short is called PILLOW FIGHT - two girls (over 18) get into an epic Kill Bill style pillow fight. (no nudity) these actresses trained for months from a pro stunt/fight choreographer - and did an amazing job. Our DP is Phil A. Anderson. Go to to check out the very impressive Philip Allister Anderson.

This is a just for fun short inbetween two feature SAG films. But will be highly promoted and submitted to festivals.

You can find screen grabs and info on the Pillow Fight -movie Facebook page.

Age 45-55 -must look very "dad" and be able to scream and yell. Frustration over the noise they make fighting is the jist of the line. We will NOT be holding live auditions and strictly casting through demo reels and phone auditions.

2 hour shoot tops in Vancouver. Will have copy for your reel in lightning speed as the film is already nearly edited and done. Copy includes an actual data file of the film, a file of just your scene as well as the fully packaged DVD featuring the cover by Portland Pinups photographer Mike Long.

Please send headshot/resume reel links or other links to work you have done.

Hollie Olson
Exe Producer


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I am looking for an actor whom can pass for a 17 - 18 year old.

The Character is the main character for a television series promo.

After his father is killed by an unknown murderer, 17 year old Will Thomas lives a secret life as a private investigator. Learning the ropes from his Uncle Avery, Will Solves small cases for the rich clients Crowley Point has to offer. Struggling with the unanswered questions about his father's murder, Will starts his own investigation when the opportunity strikes. All while still fighting his way through High School.

This is my thesis project. I would love your participation. Please message me if your interested with a head shot. Thank you.

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Help Save Endangered and Native American Languages via Video (Alberta Arts District)

Language Hunters is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to teach communities to save their heritage languages. We are working on a few projects currently, and are looking for highly intelligent, hardworking, expressive talent for video curriculum that we are producing.

Our next project is Irish (Gaeilge). Here's some links to our website and sample videos we produced to raise funds via kickstarter:

Your work on our project would involve accelerated language learning and having simple conversations with a fluent speaker, as you can see in the videos. No experience is required, but we will prioritize applicants with an outgoing, expressive personality and a sharp mind.

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Costa Rehab auditions (Portland, OR)

Book of Dreams Productions will hold auditions for its spring show, COSTA REHAB by local playwright Rich Rubin, for a May 24-June 23 run. I'm calling this officially an "unpaid" gig, but if we get good audience numbers to come see it, chances are you'll get something.


Wheeler and Corso, two injured Iraq veterans, are recuperating in the rehab unit of a stateside Army hospital. Their friendship is based on a profane camaraderie and a shared, if unstated, experience of war. Both men, however, are bored and sliding towards burnout, worn down by the weight of their injuries and the impersonal face of the Army bureaucracy. The arrival of Davis, a third injured vet, serves to rejuvenate the other two soldiers, providing them with a fresh, if unconventional, mission to focus on. Their subversive quest on Davis's behalf leads to a renewed sense of hope for all three of them.

Corso -- male, early twenties
Wheeler -- male, early twenties
Lewicki -- female, mid-thirties
Cramer -- female, mid-twenties
Davis -- male, early twenties
Cinnamon -- female, late twenties [This role has already been cast.]

Respond to this post for audition location and requirements. Thanks.

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Production Company Office Assistant (Hollywood District)

Central Planning seeks an office assistant for 5 week contract (March 1st -- April 6th).

Responsibilities include:
• Opening/closing the studio
• Making coffee
• Getting lunches
• Cleaning
• Transportation for out-of-towners
• Running errands
• Various organizational and research projects
• Filing
• Taking notes
• General office support

Qualifications include:
• A dependable and clean car.
• Computer skills including proficiency in Microsoft office programs.
• Excellent oral & written communication.
• Self-motivated, and able to take initiative as well as prioritize duties.
• A sense of humor

Production or post-production experience a plus. Working knowledge of Final Cut Pro a plus. Knowledge of production Petty Cash and Purchase Orders a plus.

How to Apply:
Please email if you are interested. Include a cover letter explaining why you would like to work for our company, as well as a resume in PDF format. Also include some other projects you have worked on, some of your hobbies or creative outlets, and music that you like.

About Central Planning:
Central Planning is a Portland-based new-media production company specializing in tv spots, viral videos, and a host of special projects for Fortune 500 clients such as Nike, Microsoft, and HP.

No phone calls, please.

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OCTS Public Access Television Station Manager (Canby, OR)

OCTS (Our Community Television Station) serves as the public access television station for Canby, OR and surrounding areas. At OCTS, we invite people from all backgrounds to engage with existing and emerging technologies for the purpose of fostering participation in our civic and cultural life. OCTS is a nonprofit, public benefit organization dedicated to promoting local, non-commercial media developed and produced in the community, by the community and for the community.

OCTS Public Access Television Station Manager

Position Title: OCTS Manager
Reports to: OCTS Board of Directors
Essential Duties and Responsibilities: (Other duties may be assigned)
Individuals holding this position may be assigned additional responsibilities. The Board reserves the right to waive the requirements contained in this job description

Summary Description:
Key responsibilities include a variety of Public Access start-up related activities, oversight to ensure compliance with obligations, and supervision of such areas as outreach, training, production, programming, promotion and fundraising. The director must lead effectively, meet the challenges of community media with new technologies and ensure the fair and equitable delivery of services.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Administrative Duties
- Manage the routine operations of the station.
- Oversee administrative, financial and program operations, and personnel matters.
- Employ, direct, supervise and terminate services of other members of the staff in conjunction with the board. (When applicable)
- Carry out marketing and promotion strategies such as website upkeep, newspaper promotions and various ways that the board and director put together to keep OCTS in the public view.
- Work with the Board of Directors and staff to develop and implement all policies, procedures, and long-range strategic plans.
- Provide reports regarding progress toward and barriers to the achievement of such policies and plans.
- Ensure that the local Cable Providers and OCTS comply with the terms of franchise and operating agreements on an ongoing basis, and be an effective advocate for policies that preserve and expand Public Access.
- Prepare a proposed annual budget for each new fiscal year at least ninety (90) days before the expiration of the current fiscal year and, following Board approval, administer the OCTS annual budget.
- Develop and implement responsible fiscal procedures and policies. Negotiate and ensure compliance with OCTS contracts.
- Pursue and secure additional revenue sources through a variety of fundraising and entrepreneurial activities, consistent with the mission of the organization.
- Maintain a working relationship with representatives of school districts in service area, higher educational institutions and other civic institutions and community leaders in the area.
- Perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
- Attend monthly board meetings and provide monthly reports as needed

2. Production Duties
- Develop and maintain quality on air programming.
- Incorporate quality community event programming through the availability and use of studio production by community members.
- Encourage the community to utilize OCTS broadcasting by submitting relevant video productions of general community interest produced and edited off site by community members.

3. Technical Duties
- Making sure on air product is constant and professional.
- Oversee the purchase and installation of all production and office equipment including preparation of bid specifications, vendor selection.
- Evaluate the quality and efficiency of equipment being used and pursue increased quality and efficiency via the purchase implementation of new equipment.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
- Develop and coordinate an active volunteer program.
- Establish and oversee Public Access training programs.
- Keep informed of trends, issues, events and developments within the PEG (Public, Educational, Government) Access field through professional peer contacts and other communications in order to facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices.

Minimum Employment Standards and Requirements:
- Supervisory, managerial and/or administrative experience in the PEG Access field, or in related areas such as community media, public administration, arts, etc.

- Working knowledge of the cable TV and PEG Access field, including the history and philosophy of PEG, and a strong commitment to First Amendment rights and enhancing citizen participation through access to communications media.
- Demonstrated experience in fiscal administration, planning, management of nonprofit organization(s), and human resource development.
- Personnel management experience, including responsibility for hiring and termination.
- Demonstrated excellent verbal and written communications skills, as well as excellent public speaking skills for both formal and informal presentations; ability to present OCTS to a diverse public.
- Demonstrated desire to positively impact the community and to improve public dialogue through access to communications media.
- Proven successful track record in fundraising, including short- and long-term planning, grant writing, individual donor outreach, and the ability to cultivate prosperous relationships with the funding community.
- Demonstrated self-confidence and sound judgment sufficient to handle challenges.

Desirable Qualifications:
- An outstanding relationship builder, with existing ties local community.
- Grasp of the history and current state of federal, local and state cable regulations.
- Knowledge of field and studio video production, operating rules and procedures, the use and maintenance of production equipment and varied modes of cablecast and other dissemination technologies.
- Executive-level experience in leading a nonprofit organization.
- Experience in working effectively with a volunteer Board of Directors and a variety of committees and individuals.
- This job description should not be construed to imply that these requirements are the exclusive standards for the position. Employees will follow any other instructions and perform any other related duties as may be required to fulfill all job responsibilities and the mission of the organization.

Supervisory Responsibilities: The ability to work in a collaborative team environment is essential to the employee's successful job performance. Responsible for the supervision and evaluation of all employees (when applicable) and the supervision of volunteers

Qualification Requirements: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Language Skills: Ability to read, analyze and interpret information from professional journals and technical documents and manuals. Ability to respond to inquiries or complaints from the public and staff members in a helpful, effective and timely manner is required. Ability to present a variety of technical or general information clearly and effectively to administrators, students and staff is essential.

Reasoning Ability: Ability to define problems and solutions and to assume appropriate responsibilities within the scope of the job's responsibilities.

Other Skills and Abilities: Demonstrates knowledge, competence and skills in all aspects of current and emerging information technology, including telecommunications access, software and hardware. Demonstrates technical competencies in building-based hardware and software. Demonstrates ability in organizational, human relations, oral and handwritten communications skills.

Physical Demands: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.
While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to sit, walk, stand, talk and hear. The individual must meet deadlines from multiple sources and interact with others. Occasionally the position requires the employee to work irregular or extended hours. Typical position requires workers to lift and carry up to 50 pounds; climb stairs, ladders or scaffolding; bend and crouch; reach, hold, grasp and turn objects; use fingers to operate computer or typewriter keyboards; and feel the shape, size and temperate of objects. The work requires the ability to speak normally, to use normal and or aided vision and hearing, and to detect odors.

Work Environment: The work environment characteristic described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions:

Evaluation: Per Established Performance Cycle-bi-annually for the first two years and thereafter on an annual basis
The information contained in this job description is for compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position.


Full Year, Salaried/Hourly Position
$30-$40k / year
No benefits
30 hours per week

* All details are subject to change based on applicant experience.

Applicant will be subject to a background check.
This Job Listing will close March 12th, 2012.

Please send a resume and a 3-5 minute VIDEO (see below) by email or mail to:


Attn: Board of Directors
351 NW 2nd Avenue
Canby, OR 97013

- Between 3-5 minutes
- An interview of yourself
- Answer these four questions.
1. Why are you passionate about video production?
2. Please share about a previous video production you were involved in that you are most proud of.
3. OCTS is built on the foundation of local community. In what ways are you currently involved in the city in which you currently live?
4. Of the following three categories, which area would you consider to be your strongest area? Video Production, Office & Administration, Technical Management

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Looking For Voiceover Immediately! (Lake Oswego)

Hey PDX'ers! We are looking for an individual to hire on a small project by project basis for voiceover narration. We'd like to find someone with an upbeat, uplifting, professional and young voice that can read scripts and send to us in an audio file. We have several different narration projects that we need completed immediately, with a strong potential for many more. You need your own recording equipment (Please no $5 microphones) capable of recording high quality audio.

We'll pay you well and try our best to keep you busy with as many projects as possible. Both genders are considered, and we are possibly looking for both a male and a female. Also, if you have any experience doing video creation (think graphically intense), there is also opportunity there.

Anyways, we are an online learning platform and we are looking for someone to do some voice narration for us immediately. If you're available (Even tonight!), hit us up and make some money! Please have a voice sample for us and let's move forward. You can either reply to this post or send a txt to 801-928-6048.

Hiring immediately!

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