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Auditions: Thursday, May 02, 2013

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**Paid Projects**


Danny Stoltz Casting is looking for the following to be in a NATIONAL COMMERCIAL for a FATHER’S DAY spot.

GRANDPARENTS – Hispanic Male & Female, 55-75 years old
PARENTS: Hispanic Male & Female 25-35 years old
BABY: Hispanic 6-10 months

This commercial will shoot on TUESDAY MAY 7 (you must be 100% available all day) and the pay is approx. $800 a person.

If you are available and interested in being considered, please email the following to ASAP:

Contact Info
Recent Photo
On Camera Exp (if any, not required)

There will be a casting (during the day) on Thursday May 2. We will contact you if we are interested in having you come to the casting.

**IMPORTANT: Please only submit if you fit the specs above.

This is an open casting notice, so please fell free to spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested. Thank you.

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5/20-21 Portland Center Stage 2013-2014 General Auditions

Portland Center Stage will be hosting its 2013-2014 general auditions on May 20 and 21 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. An accompanist will be provided on May 20. Appointments are now being accepted for Equity Members only. Non-Equity actors may schedule an audition appointment in person on May 20 at 10 a.m.

Please bring two headshots with resumes. In addition, prepare two contrasting monologues and, for singers, an optional 16 bars of a song. An accompanist will be provided on May 20 only.

Equity Actors: Equity appointments can be made by emailing Brandon Woolley at You will be required to show your Equity card at the audition. Equity actors' auditions should be no longer than four minutes in length.

Non-Equity/EMC Actors: Please arrive at PCS the day of auditions to schedule an appointment. Please DO NOT email requesting an audition slot. You must sign up the day of auditions. They will begin making appointments at 10 a.m. in the lobby of the theater. Non-Equity actors' auditions should be no longer than two minutes in length. Due to time constraints, we may only have time to see one monologue for Non-Equity actors.

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Gravestone Entertainment Auditioning for Web Series

AUDITION SIDES ARE NOW UP for the web-feature Finding Oblivion, filming in June. Details below. (and I've had major computer issues all day, so thank you for your patience!) Sides are on the website listed below.

Dara and I are happy to announce that we have secured principle funding for a 12 episode web-series (season one), and the accompanying feature film, to be shot here in the Portland area. The funds have cleared the bank and we are ready to shoot. We have already secured distribution interest in the feature, and will be shooting in June, with a target release date of September this year on the web-series, and early 2014 for the feature.

We will be casting Finding Oblivion in May, and look forward to auditioning and hiring many local NW actors. To stay up to date, please go to the fanpage and like it, we’ll be posting most of the casting and shoot updates there - additional information can be found on the Gravestone Entertainment website -!casting-info

A 'near-future' web-feature from Jason Hawkins

Set in the near future, and seen through the eyes of a small group of civilians, Finding Oblivion, explores the future collapse of America, and its transformation into a police state on the verge of civil war.


Below is a partial character list for the public auditions being held on May 18th.
Auditions will be held at the Shilo Inn on Canyon Road, (9900 SW Canyon Rd Portland, OR 97225) in the Oregonian Ballroom from 9am-9pm. Actors must bring a headshot and resume' to the audition. This is an open to the public audition, please be aware that there will probably be a waiting line.

This is a paid gig - (full disclosure: the majority of an actor's day rate will be deferred, though principle actors will receive a per diem as part of their pay, amount dependent on role and contract. We have a small budget and want to try and make sure everybody gets a little something.) Additional compensation includes IMDb credit, copy, and possible future casting as the series continues.

We will also be casting a variety of other roles, including many, many supporting and featured extras. If you would like to be considered for one of these roles, please come to the auditions and read for one of the characters listed under the casting roles page.

Finding Oblivion is being produced by Edenfall Entertainment, and hosted by Gravestone Entertainment. Executive producers Jason Hawkins & Dara Davey.


THE POSTMASTER - any age (late teens to adult), any gender - A profiteer who runs a courier service for activist throughout the city

X - any age, any gender - A hacktivist, slightly insane, paranoid, conspiracy theory buff.

FREEDOG - college aged, any gender - an activist whose girlfriend, who went missing 4 years ago after a protest, and has suddenly re-emerged out of the blue, her mind completely broken. This can be a male or female character.

THE RATKING - any age, any gender - a Fagin-esque character and leader of the 'lost tribe' - a violent army of children living under the streets who do his bidding.

THE PRESIDENT - age 50+, any gender - yes, THE president of the United States.

USSA CHIEF - age 40+, any gender - the chief federal officer of the United States Security Agency, the government police force responsible for maintaining and overseeing the safety of the American people.

CAPTAIN ROCK - age 30-60, Male - A local sheriff who is deathly afraid of the new government but is unwilling to stand up to them. He hopes to hang on just long enough to retire without drawing any undue attention to himself; currently relegated to little more than a baby-sitter in the new federal police regime.

PUNK - a kid, any gender - One of the 'lost tribe', gritty and rough, a street kid through and through.

CHAMP - a kid, any gender - One of the 'lost tribe', from a decent home and life who's family was taken in the middle of the night by the USSA; a new-comer to the 'lost tribe'.

BUTTMONKEY - a kid, any gender - One of the 'lost tribe', a naive kid who believes everything the Ratking says, and really believes this will all get better someday soon, and their family will come back and they can go home and back to school and...

HACK - a kid, any gender - One of the 'lost tribe', the best fighter in the bunch, the strategist who organizes the other kids. The Ratking's second in command - TOTALLY loyal.

WHIZBANG - any age, any gender - A techie, completely in love with technology. On the government watch list, but of course, being a hacker, he/she already knows this; loves playing games.

FOEHAMMER - Age range late teens - 30, any gender - A violent, nearly out of control activist who is on the verge of becoming an armed insurgent against the government.

ADDITIONAL ROLES INCLUDE: Federal police officers, local cops, couriers, activist, a band, and at least 20+ kids for the 'lost tribe'.

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Audition slots are filling up quickly for Stageworks, Inc's summer productions. Please email me at if you want to schedule an audition!

Here is the info about the productions one more time: the shows will be performed in rep with children's performances of each play in the afternoon and then presented for mature audiences in the evening. Think clean then dirty versions. :) Who says Fairytales are just for children?

Auditions will be held on May 7th and 9th in close-in SE Portland at 5:15pm.

To schedule an audition, please contact me at

These shows combine song, dance, puppetry and improv so please let me know in your email if you have those skills and come ready to have some fun!

After the show the profits will be split 50/50 between the company and the actors.

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Seeking a Child Actor for Somewhere in Time!

Portland Center Stage is searching for an actor to play the role of Young Arthur in the world premiere of Somewhere in Time!

We are searching for a young boy, between the ages of six to nine, who is located in the Portland area. He must not be taller than four feet. The child will portray Young Arthur in the upcoming production of Somewhere in Time. He must be able to take directions well and give a consistent performance eight times each week. Singing is not required, but a plus.

Auditions are on Tuesday, May 7 at 6:15 p.m. at Portland Center Stage. If your child would be a good fit for the role and is available for the dates and times listed below, please email a headshot and resume to Submissions will be accepted until Monday, May 6.

Rehearsal Schedule:
First Rehearsal: the week of May 7, 2013
Tech Week: May 21-26, 2013
Previews: May 28-30, 2013
Opening: May 31, 2013

The rehearsal schedule will work around the child's school hours during the first weeks of rehearsal (ie. after 3 p.m.). Once we enter tech week, the child will need to be available for all day rehearsals beginning at noon. When the show opens, the child will perform eight shows each week, including noon matinees on Thursdays.

A child monitor will be provided at all rehearsals.

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Video Spokesmodel (Portland)

Our company does online video marketing for the auto industry. We are currently looking for at least two girls between the ages of 18-30 to present inventory for these ads. Must have very positive attitude, an outgoing personality and feel very comfortable in front of a camera. Some of the requirements will include professional appearance, no visible tattoos, piercings or expressive hair styles.

Also, must be able to memorize a short script and communicate clearly. The pay is $100 a week for approximately 3-4 hours of work. Video shoots are done weekly on a schedule. You will need to have a cell phone and transportation to get to the shooting sites.

If this sounds like a fit for you, please submit your contact information, pictures, resume or preferably links to video samples.

Thanks and have a great day

Compensation: 100 per week

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Casting Call for Feature Film: Evil
Feature Film Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls / Young Actors Casting Calls
(Horror) SAG signatory under New Media Union and Non-Union encouraged to audition
To be shot in and around Vancouver, WA in June 2013.

Writer/Director/Producer: JS Waters
Studio: Vancouver Filmworks

When: May 15 -- May 18, 2013
Time: Scheduled
Where: TBA You will be contacted for Audition Location.

Compensation: $100.00/day. Credit. Copy of completed movie.

Details: Everyone will be asked to read sides from the shooting script.
Contact: Please send resume, headshots and reel to .

Further information and sides will be emailed to you in advance.

Synopsis: Lukas Janssen is socially awkward. Bullied by classmates and abused at home, he escapes into his own fantasy worlds to cope with reality. But fantasy blurs with reality when a spectral figure in the woods takes physical form and begins brutally killing the young boys tormentors. The Green Man's obsession with Lukas' soon turns toward home as his whole family becomes the target of this evil rage.


AMANDA JANSSEN: Caucasian, 30 to 40 years old, Female. She is pretty in an unassuming, natural way, smart, hard working and professional. A grieving widow with two teenage boys and an infant daughter, she is over worked and exhausted. She self medicates at the bottom of a bottle. Bitter and angry at the loss of her husband, she secretly blames Lukas for his death and treats him with cruel indifference and violent intolerance.

HUNTER BARRETT: Caucasian, 9-13 years old, to play 12, Male. Tall, charismatic, good looking and athletic. He is cocky, self absorbed and mean. The school bully, he rules by force. His father developed and built all the homes, schools and shopping centers in their community. This is very disturbing material that we need a very capable young actor for.

KYLE BARRETT: Caucasian, 16-18 years old, to play 16, Male. Tall, charismatic, muscular and athletic. He is physically imposing and a star football player. The cock of the walk. Self absorbed, wealthy, arrogant, entitled and violent. He considers himself something special. This is very disturbing material that we need a very capable young actor for.

BRICE ALLEN: Caucasian, 9-13 years old, to play 11, Male. Medium height, thin and wiry, with cruel eyes. He is cunning, mean and vulgar, with a high sense of self importance that is only overshadowed by Hunter's. He is a bully. This is very disturbing material that we need a very capable young actor for.

TREVOR O'NEILL: Caucasian, 9-13 years old, to play 11, Male. Short and thin, with milk white skin and red hair. Also a Bully. He is Hunter's yes man. This is very disturbing material that we need a very capable young actor for.

JAKE RASMUSSEN: Caucasian, 14-16 years old, to play 15, Male. Good looking and funny, he holds the girls attention. The pot head missing link. He's unshaven with shaggy hair. He lives for the party. This is very disturbing material that we need a very capable young actor for.

SARAH NILSSEN: Caucasian, 14-16 years old, to play 14, Female. An all-American beauty. She is full of teen enthusiasm and charm, fun, caring and compassionate. Bright eyed with a smile that will hold your attention. This is very disturbing material that we need a very capable young actor for.

HANNA: Caucasian, 9-13 years old, to play 11, Female. Very pretty, popular and smart. She is shy and coy, but when pressed has a boldness that is refreshing. She's not afraid to verbally spar with the boys. This is disturbing material that we need a very capable young actor for.

ALARM TECHNICIAN: 35 years old, Male. Friendly and knowledgeable, he is all business.

FVTV REPORTER: 30-40 years old. Television Field Reporter. Real television reporting experience a plus.

DOCTOR: 40-50 years old, Male. Head physician at Sanitarium. Jaded by the years of working with the criminally insane.

ASSISTANT: 20-30 years old, Female. Kind and sympathetic. Fresh out of residency she is committed to making a difference.

POLICE OFFICER: 40-50 years old, Male. A police officer who has had this job his entire adult life, as a man devoted to his job and his community.

Casting Calls Categories: Feature Film Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls / Young Actors Casting Calls
Audition Date: 05/15/2013-05/18/2013
Project: EVIL. Feature Film
Casting Call Location: Vancouver, WA

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Emcee/On-stage Talent (Portland)

Company Name: Radio Disney- The Walt Disney Company
Position: Emcee/Talent

Preferred method of contact: Email
*No phone calls

Radio Disney AM 1640 is currently searching for a responsible, reliable, outgoing, hard-working independent on-site emcee that is interested in radio, promotions and wants to have fun! This is a part-time position. Duties include hosting events on-site around the Portland area from school assemblies at local elementary schools to client-sponsored events.

Reliable mode of transportation required. On-stage experience is a plus. There is no set schedule; the events you work will depend on when the events happen in relation to your availability.

We are looking to conduct interviews now so please email resume or portfolio.

Radio Disney is a kids-oriented radio station broadcast out of Burbank, California! Radio Disney is the #1, 24-hour radio network devoted to kids, tweens and families. Kids help pick the music that is played and are encouraged to interact via a toll-free phone line to the Radio Disney studio.

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Social Media News Anchor (Portland, OR)

Seeking News Anchor for New Media Start-Up

We're looking for a talented individual who can research, write, and read 60 second top headline news stories on a daily basis. You'll be responsible for working with a team of anchors and identify the top stories of the day to produce news for. We're developing a very unique and disruptive workflow to news gathering and the anchors are at the foundation of the operation.

We are NewsBeat Social and we're reshaping how people view and consume their premium news content. Our approach to news is different. We want to restore the balance and credibility to a very unbalanced news industry with social media as the backbone of our operation.  NewsBeat is headquartered out of Portland, Oregon. We've established a New York bureau as well as plans to develop news bureaus throughout major US cities.

Some Requirements:

BA, BS or Master in Broadcasting, Journalism and/or Mass Communications
Minimum 1 year relevant experience in broadcast news
Solid editorial judgment
Knowledge of digital platforms (web, mobile) and social media.
Experience in leading and managing people
Have good interpersonal skills, be a dependable, quick thinker with an eye for detail
Be creative with a positive attitude and a motivated team player

When it comes down to it, you'll fit right in if you're passionate about gathering and broadcasting balanced news. If you think you're up to the challenge of helping shape the landscape of broadcast news, follow the instructions below.

Instructions to apply:

Submit a 500 word original composition about your skills and experience (no cut and past resumes please) and a link to your online reel via this ad.

These are full time positions. PLEASE -- no freelancers or pitches for studio services or stringers.

We are an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis including State and Federal protected classes.

Compensation: DOE - 90 Day Review

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Into the Woods 
Village Players is proud to announce auditions for their summer production of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's "Into the Woods." Auditions will be held Saturday, May 11 from 1-5PM.

"Into the Woods" is a musical that blends the stories of familiar fairy-tale characters as they strive to make their wishes come true and then face the consequences of their wishes.

Please email to schedule an audition time. Please include no more than two character songs you would like to audition with from the list below and attach a resume and headshot if possible.* Auditioners will receive a confirmation email regarding their time of audition as well as sheet music for both the initial and callback audition pieces.

Callbacks will be held on Monday, May 13th from 6-9PM and will consist of group and individual singing as well as cold readings of scenes from the script. It is advised that those auditioning prepare the callback pieces in addition to the pieces required for the initial audition.

Rehearsals will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings beginning May 20th and run through August 21st. Auditioners will please bring a comprehensive schedule of conflicts to their initial audition.

Performances will be on August 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31 at 7:00pm.

Please email with any additional questions, schedule conflicts, or if you need to schedule an independent audition.

*In lieu of a headshot or resume, a current picture and a brief summary of any theatrical and/or singing experience would be appreciated.

Cinderella -- "On the Steps of the Palace"
Baker's Wife -- "Maybe They're Magic"
Witch -- "Last Midnight" & "Witch's Lament"
Little Red -- "I Know Things Now"
Jack's Mother -- "Act 1 Opening: Part 5"
Baker -- "No More"
Jack -- "Giants in the Sky"
Narrator/Mysterious Man -- "No More"
Princes -- "Agony Reprise" (Please learn the part of Rapunzel's Prince)
Wolf -- "Hello Little Girl"
Other -- Please select a song from the above list and indicate which character you wish to be considered for.

Compensation: Compensation is available for all roles based on total ticket sales.

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**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


5/9 & 5/11 Beaverton Civic Theatre Audition for "The Crucible"
The Beaverton Civic Theatre will hold open auditions for Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, directed by Doreen Lundberg. Auditions will be held Thursday, 5/9, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm; and Saturday, 5/11, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Beaverton City Library Auditorium, 12375 SW 5th Street, Beaverton. No appointment is necessary. Please plan on being there from start to finish. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. The cast includes men, women and girls.

Performances are September 27 – October 13 - Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 2 pm.

If you are interested in the Beaverton Civic Theatre, auditioning for The Crucible or volunteering for the production, you are invited to attend a Meet and Greet with director Doreen Lundberg and producer Melissa Riley on Tuesday, May 7 at 7 pm in the Beaverton City Library Auditorium, 12375 SW 5th Street, Beaverton 97005.

Reply to:  Contact the Beaverton Civic Theatre at or 503-754-9866 with any questions.

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Voice Over Artist Needed
Hello Portland! I am currently seeking an older female voice to do a short narration for the beginning of my senior film. If you are interested please send me a reel or a recording of you voice. If you know some one with a good voice, please send them my way as well. Thanks everyone!

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Short Film Casting
Casting for an experimental short being shot in late May. Low/no-budget (compensation negotiable for right talent). Being shot on 16mm. Meals provided on set.

The Individual : 35 - 40 year old man. Average build. Greying hair. Bearded. Glasses. Wears a nice, fitted suit. Slick shoes. Rolled cigarettes, matches to light. Exists in the late 1950s, early 1960s. Wearisome. Neurotic. Whimsical. Expressive face and contemplative.

Experience working with film is preferred, but not required. Theatre actors are also welcome to audition.

Reply to:  Please send headshots, resumes, reels, convincing banter to to schedule an audition time.

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Nature TV SHOW is looking for HOST (Portland)
A Nature TV SHOW is looking for HOST who has excellent verbal and communication skills, and a passion for nature.  Candidate should be well informed on nature related subjects.  We are presenting a great opportunity to generate inspiration and audience involvement to help save our Planet for future generations.

This is a volunteer, non-paying job as are all the positions, including my own.  I'm a  producer at Portland Community Media (PCM) and plans are now being formed to start my new show in late May.  Our show will be  broadcasted by PCM on six local channels.  We have our crew ready except for the host position.  We would prefer someone with a strong work ethic and also be a team player with a cooperative attitude.

Please email us your name, age, location and the best phone number to reach you. Please include a brief description of why you want to participate in this series and also one jpeg photos of yourself.

Thank you for your consideration.  Regards, Gary.

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Community Theater Audition at HART
Some Americans Abroad By Richard Nelson

A bitter comedy about inner office politics during a college English department's annual "spring break study abroad trip", the course work includes viewing 28 plays in just three and a half weeks, plenty of double dealings, disloyalty and reckless accusations.
The London production of this show received an Olivier Award nomination for Comedy of the Year (1989) and in New York it won the Drama Desk Award for best play (1990).
It is the kind of play that is more often seen off-Broadway or in regional theater rather than in a community theater.

JOE TAYLOR, recently appointed Chairman of the English Department
KATIE TAYLOR, his daughter, attends the College
PHILIP BROWN, a Professor of English
FRANKIE LEWIS, an Associate Professor of English (female character)
ORSON BALDWIN, retired Chairman of the English Department (2 scenes)
HARRIET BALDWIN, his wife (2 scenes)
HENRY MCNEIL, Assistant Professor of English
BETTY MCNEIL, his wife
DONNA SILLIMAN, a student at the College (1 short scene)
JOANNE SMITH, a graduate of the College (1 long scene)
2 AMERICAN TOURISTS , a loud married couple (1 scene )

Sunday, May 12 at 7:00 pm
Monday, May 13 at 7:00 pm (call backs)

HART Theatre
185 SE Washington Ave., Hillsboro, OR 97123
(enter through Lobby)
Production dates are:
July 19 – 28 on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2:00pm
Rehearsals will begin on June 3 and will take place at the director's residence in NW Portland (near Beaverton). Mondays-Wednesdays.
In July rehearsals will move to the theatre in Hillsboro and be more frequent.

Reply to: Stephen Kelsey at for audition sides and for any other questions about the production.

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Audition for Short Film (Portland/Vancouver)
We are having an open casting call for two roles in an upcoming student short film. Auditions will be held at the NWFC on Saturday, May 4th 1-4pm.

Shooting dates are two weekends in May, 2013. Meals will be provided, as well as credit and an invitation to the premiere at the Whitsell Auditorium in October, 2013.

About the production:
Title -- Mango
Running Time -- 12 minutes (approx)
Format -- HD digital (DSLR)
Shooting Dates -- 2 weekends in May

"Mango" is a film about fate. Esmeralda is a psychic who knows everything that will happen to her throughout her entire life. Travis is a skeptic who relies on evidence for explanations. Colleen, Travis' girlfriend, encourages him to visit a psychic which inadvertently threatens to change their relationship forever.

[TRAVIS] [MALE] [25-30]
Analytical and argumentative, Travis is a graduate student in psychology. A firm believer in what you can prove, Travis questions his conclusions and his relationship with Colleen after a meeting with a psychic.

[COLLEEN] [FEMALE] [25-30]
Nurturing and open minded, Colleen is a nurse living with her boyfriend, Travis. Not allowing Travis to accept his assumptions about people with psychic abilities, Colleen nudges Travis to seek out a psychic before he dismisses them as fraudulent.

Please respond to this add with any questions, and to schedule an audition. Thank you!

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CASTING CALL: Females for Dark, Edgy Short Film (Portland)
Casting a role for our upcoming short film that will go into production in mid-June. We have an open part for a female with a 20-28 age look, to play a supporting character who is attractive, alluring and crafty all at the same time. This film will contain some action, has a character driven plot and is in the vein of a Quentin Taratino style drama. If interested, please email a headshot and resume. Auditions will start within two weeks.

Compensation: TBD

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Producer, Camera & Boom Op needed in Portland for 24 Hour Film Race (Portland)
Line Producer, Camera Person w/ Equipment and Boom Op in Portland needed to cover teams competing in the 24 Hour Film Race 2013, a competition that challenges filmmakers everywhere to create short films (4 minutes max.) in just 24 hours from May 17th-18th. For more information, visit

The shoot will take place at various times between Friday evening on May 17th and Saturday evening on May 18th. More details regarding exact times and locations will be forwarded as we get closer to the event and the teams are finalized. The duties and compensation for each position are:

Line Producer ($125/day) will be responsible for directing crew, getting necessary releases during shooting, maintaining contact with point person on project and interviewing teams. Please send resume and include a paragraph on why you would be a good fit for this position.

Camera Person w/ Equipment ($200/day) will be responsible for setting up equipment and capturing footage of participating teams and B-roll. Please include resume, camera model, sound / lighting equipment and a sentence or two on why you would do a good job.

Boom Operator ($75/day) will be responsible for the sound and other various duties as needed. Please include relevant experience and a sentence or two on why you would do a good job.

Thanks very much!

Compensation: Compensation listed in this posting + Expenses Paid (Transportation, Food)

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 Producer / Project Manager for Documentary Media Company (Portland, OR)
North Shore Productions seeks a full-time Producer/Project Manager. The company creates media for museums, visitor centers and government agencies. Besides managing multiple projects and providing support to external team members, we're looking for someone that can pitch in with marketing support and office management. We're a small, growing firm and you must be comfortable with doing tasks that are outside of your position.

Overview of position and duties:

Project Management

- Manage projects from pre-production through delivery (schedule, budget, crew, vendors, deliverables).
- Build and track master project schedules and overall company schedule.
- Coordinate shoots. Assist in hiring crew, make travel arrangements, sourcing equipment. Occasionally travel for work, including on location.
- Coordinate post-production, externally and internally, including scheduling our three HD edit suites.
- Interface with clients as needed.
- Coordinate with freelance writers and producer/directors in all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production.

Marketing / Proposals

- Coordinate responses to RFPs / RFQs, including budgets, schedules, written proposals and demo reels. High emphasis on creating initial project budgets.
- Manage the development of a new company website.
- Manage demo reels, marketing brochures, and coordinate company attendance at industry conferences.

General / Office

- Provide support to the Executive Producer/President of North Shore.
- Train and manage interns, studio assistants, and post-production assistants.
- Office management.

You must have a minimum of four years project management experience in film/video production or a related media field, preferably in managing projects from start to finish. Bachelor's degree preferred. This is a full-time position with paid vacation and some health benefits. Salary to be negotiated commensurate with experience.

Please provide a cover letter and resume to the following email address: In the subject line please put: Producer -- LAST NAME, FIRST NAME. Deadline for applying is May 8th.

PLEASE: ABSOLUTELY NO DROP-INS OR PHONE CALLS. We appreciate your time in applying but we can only contact people that we would like to interview.

Location: Portland, OR

Compensation: Salary to be negotiated commensurate with experience.

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 Video Editor (Contract)
About Remilon:

Remilon is a Web media company on a mission to make education accessible. Our latest initiative, Education Portal Academy (, has free online college courses that can lead to low-cost, widely transferable college credit. We are looking for a Contract Video Editor to edit audio and video recordings that will become world-class educational content for our growing base of over 4.5+ million monthly visitors. Come join us on our mission and make a difference.
About the Contract Video Editor Position:

The Contract Video Editor will edit 4-12 minute video lessons using recordings provided by world-class instructors. Some videos are live action, but most are audio recordings that will need to be enhanced with heavy graphics. Basic templates will be provided, but creative initiative is encouraged. This is an ongoing project, and this contract could lead to long-term video editing.

    Edit original audio and video files
    Add on-screen text and labels
    Create or modify graphics to enhance instruction and visual appeal of final video
    Communicate with instructors to ensure accuracy and clarity


    Must own and be fluent in preferred professional editing software
    Basic application of Photoshop & illustrator for video
    Strong understanding of video compression for web
    Access to Photoshop, and Illustrator
    High attention to detail
    Personable and professional attitude
    Mastery of the English language and grammar
    Strong communication skills
    Strong ability to learn new software and technologies
    Effective interpersonal communication skills
    Utilizes good judgment and strong problem solving skills
    Comfortable working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
    Self-motivated and passionate with the ability to complete projects with minimal supervision
    Strong organizational skills
    • Eligibility to work in the US without sponsorship

Preferred Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree or higher in film, broadcast journalism, multimedia, education or a related field or equivalent experience
Experience with Flash, After Effects or Apple Motion
Access to Flash, After Effects or Apple Motion
Experience editing instructional videos
Subject-matter expertise in science and math


We pay $14 per minute of edited video.

Why edit videos for Remilon?:
Help make education accessible to people who need it
See results of your work in days, not years
Have your work impact 4.5+ million web visitors each month
Work with other talented and passionate video editors and instructors

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Theater positions open at Enlightened Theatrics (Salem)
Enlightened Theatrics is Salem’s professional theatre company. They present the work of the highest quality local and national artists to deliver truthful and compelling performances that further the cultural progress and unity of our diverse and vibrant community.

This summer, they are producing their inaugural season with the musical Once On This Island presented in downtown Salem at the Historic Grand Theatre!

They are currently seeking the following team members: Choreographer, Set Designer, Music Director, Costume Designer, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager, and Graphic/Website Designer.

All positions will receive a stipend. If you OR anyone you know would be interested, please message or e-mail our Artistic Director and director Vincenzo Meduri, at

The show will rehearse starting July 1st and will be performed on the evenings of July 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th.

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 Managing Director sought by Bag&Baggage Productions
ABOUT BAG&BAGGAGE: Bag&Baggage Productions (B&B) is Hillsboro’s only professional theatre and one of only two professional theatres in all of Washington County. Established in 2005 with a mission of exploring and reinvigorating classic dramatic works by well-known American and English playwrights, B&B has grown dramatically in the past few years. B&B produces 6 mainstage shows a year (one outdoor summer Shakespeare and 5 indoor productions at the Venetian Theatre in Hillsboro) and also manages a unique free ticket educational program which provides free access to our performances for any high school student in Washington County. Our operating budget is over $300,000 annually and the company is managed by a full time Artistic Director, a part time box officer and seasonal staff.

The Managing Director is a new key leadership staff position within the organization and will have responsibilities for day-to-day management of the organization’s business as well as fundraising and development duties. This position is newly created and will lead the charge to manage the growth of the company and work with both corporate entities and individuals as they become involved, acquainted with and welcomed into the Bag&Baggage experience.

This is a full time position based in Hillsboro. Salary range is dependent on experience. A stipend for health insurance is also provided.

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Education Program Assistants (Summer Camp) sought by Northwest Film Center

The Portland Art Museum Northwest Film Center invites applications for temporary Education Program Assistants for our summer camp. Established in 1971, the Northwest Film Center is a regional media arts resource and service organization founded to encourage the study, appreciation, and utilization of the moving image arts, foster their artistic and professional excellence, and to help create a climate in which they may flourish.

The Center provides a variety of film and video exhibition, education, and information programs primarily directed to the residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. Essential Duties: Provide technical and instructional support to summer education programs for children and teens, as requested by faculty and staff. Help students trouble-shoot general technical issues and develop proficiency on camera and editing equipment. Work with faculty to demonstrate skills and techniques, and monitor appropriate equipment use; answer public inquiries. Monitor student sign-in/sign-out, and safety and security in the facility. Attend promotional events and staff meetings. Act as liaison between summer faculty, parents and education staff; perform administrative tasks associated with instructional activities, including: processing registrations and invoices; generating signage; preparing mailing lists; distributing grade sheets, surveys and evaluations; generating usage reports; and procuring supplies and services; assist in equipment scheduling, prep, check-out, check-in, storage, inventory, maintenance, upgrades and repair. Set up and take down classrooms and public spaces as requested for classes and public events. Test and trouble-shoot projection systems. Keep classrooms and public spaces neat and clean. Support archiving and online publication of audio-visual materials. Job Qualifications: College level training in film/video/digital arts or technology; Proficiency in operation of film/ digital camera and editing equipment required; Ability to lift 30 pounds; Ability to work flexible, irregular hours; Ability to organize time, act independently and to work with minimal supervision; Experience working with youth (ages 7-12) and/or teens (ages 13-18) highly desirable; Macintosh computer literacy required. These are temporary roles estimated to begin in June/July and end sometime in August.

Hours are full-time (25-40 hours per week plus possible evenings and weekends) and compensation is budgeted at $9.50 per hour. Roles are not eligible for benefits, but do qualify for perks. Please see our website for more details.

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 Managing Director sought by Portland Playhouse
ABOUT THE PLAYHOUSE: Portland Playhouse, founded in 2008 in Portland, Oregon, has quickly become recognized for its innovative approach to both artistic programming and community outreach. Named the “Best Theatre Company in Portland” by the Portland Monthly, the Playhouse combines its unique, DIY entrepreneurial aesthetic with critically acclaimed, high-quality art. Currently, Portland Playhouse has a budget of approximately $600,000 and an administrative staff of 3.5 employees.

The Managing Director (MD) will work with the Artistic Director (AD) on strategic planning, fundraising, fiscal management, marketing and general operations of Portland Playhouse. The MD will report to the AD for day-to-day operations and to the Board of Trustees for all financial planning matters.

The MD will be an experienced fundraiser and a collaborative partner within the community. The MD will be a strong leader, able to be persuasive and visionary while also being collaborative enough to support the shared vision and mission of the Playhouse.

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 Stage Manager Needed for Post 5 Theatre
Hello beautiful artists.

Post5 Theatre is looking for somebody (you?) to join its ever-growing, ever-evolving family by rendering their services as Stage Manager for its upcoming summer production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged]. ((Details below))

You are a creative and independent individual, with an ambition to grow with a growing company. You are highly organized. You are able to figuratively (occasionally literally) keep several balls in the air at once, and are willing to do whatever it takes to create a production that is not only successful, but outstanding.

You are totally fine with working with three actors who may be certifiably insane.

If this does, in fact, sound like you, send credentials* to with Subject, "STAGE MANAGER ME!"(this is your first test, if you "reply" to this e-mail, we will not receive it).



Post5 Theatre's
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged]
directed by Ty Boice

1st Read: June 4 (Tuesday)
Opening Night: July 5 (Friday)
Closing Night: August 9 (Friday)

Rehearsals: Weekday evenings, weekend days (most likely, subject to change)
Performances: Friday-Sunday ALL shows at 7PM ($10 Friday-Saturday, Pay-What-You-Can Sunday)

Location: Post5 Theatre Courtyard - 850 NE 81st Ave, PDX 97213

Stipend: $250

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PA Needed
We're looking for a PA for a shoot on May 4th, 5th and 12th. This will be a relaxed shoot with not too many demands, so it'd be perfect for someone looking for on-set experience. This is an unpaid position, but we will provide food and IMDb credit.

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