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Auditions: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This post contains auditions posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2013.

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**Paid Projects**


Casting call: PAID GIG• 1 female late 20s-30ish, VP type
- Business professional but upbeat, fun, energetic
- Also just to keep in mind for style/delivery, we've basically got Catherine Zeta Jones in the T-Mobile commercials in mind for this character:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJGg9KclXOw. Not her look, just her delivery/personality.

Character Description:
• 1 male, 50ish, CEO/VP type
- pay is based on experience
-Please send recent headshot and iphone photo (for current look)
- Resume encouraged but not required

Auditions will be February 18th
Reply to:  Send in submissions before Wednesday February 13th to lizvicecasting@gmail.com

Source:  Private Submission

2 actors needed for March performance

I am directing a re-enactment of the Last Supper of Jesus for MARCH 28TH, 7pm. 

PLEASE EMAIL if you are interested in auditioning for this paid acting assignment. 

I am looking to cast the roles of Judas and Jesus.  Judas would be the "under-study" for Jesus.

Both positions would be paid. (amount tbd)   Both would need to be in late twenties to mid-30's (or look as if), and be available for 4-5 rehearsals.

The location of the rehearsals will be at Bethany Presbyterian Church in NW Portland, just 1 mile from Rockcreek PCC. 

A few rehearsals will be on Sunday afternoon, the others tba, according to actors' availability. 

Costume fitting and DRESS REHEARSAL will be Sunday, March 24, at 11:30. 

PERFORMANCE to be on THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 7PM.   Arrive at 5:30 for costume, make-up, and run-through. 

The re-enactment will last 30 minutes or so.  Disciples and Jesus will be sitting at a head table eating a Passover-style meal, while the audience is seated at tables, also eating a Passover-style meal, as they watch the performance unfold.

The person playing Jesus will have some of the "lines" taped to the table to aid in delivery.  Judas has very little to say, but will under-study the role of Jesus.

Thank you!  Merica Fooks 

Reply to:  merica@easystreet.net

Source:  PDX Backstage


 Medical Print Ad (Portland)Print ad scheduled for March
Need Doctors and Patients
Non-Speaking, must act naturally on Camera

Phone Number, Resume, Headshot please

Compensation:  DOE / TBD

Reply to:  597v5-3609593326@gigs.craigslist.org

Source:  Craigslist



Commercial Gigs Casting (PORTLAND)Local Retail Commercials in need of Grandma and Grandpa Actors
Suggested look: 50-75 yrs
Must be comfortable on camera. and be able to act part of a family unit

Please send Headshot and Resume, plus contact phone number

Compensation:  DOE / TBD

Reply to:  dwg76-3603432707@gigs.craigslist.org

Source:  Craigslist



Playwrights West 2013 Production: Audition Notice
Playwrights West, a Portland, OR theatre company committed to the development of new works, is now seeking actor submissions for its summer production, a premiere by award-winning member playwright Ellen Margolis, directed by Ryan Reilly.

Those interested should send a headshot and resume to playwrightswestcasting@gmail.com Please include your union status, role of interest, and preferred audition time with your submission.   Audition appointments, sides, and location will be sent via e-mail over the next few weeks. 
We look forward to hearing from you!!

For more information about Playwrights West check out playwrightswest.org
Location- Portland OR
Auditions- 2/22/2013 12:00- 8:00 (dinner break 5:00-6:00)
Callbacks- 2/23/2013 12:00- 5:00

Rehearsals- 7/1/2013
Opening- 8/8/2013
Closing- 8/30/2013

Pay varies based on role and union status.

Seeking five creative, open, collaborative actors. An ensemble working together to help create the world of this play which shifts from real to surreal at the flick of a switch. Although the piece deals with some serious themes and requires emotional depth we are looking for actors with a light, simple, and straightforward approach. These characters are very human...except when they're fish.

Lucy- (female 20's) intelligent, curious, guarded. A science student attempting to reach an understanding of her mother's illness and cure through several experiments involving electricity. Begins with good intentions but quickly becomes obsessed and consumed by her work. Actor will also play eight year old Lucy in flashback scenes.
Considering both union and non-union.

Clare- (female 20's) Lucy's roommate and friend. Funny, caring, uninhibited. Often speaks without a filter. Non-union only.

Mark- (male 20's) Lucy's boyfriend- earnest, loving, sensitive, quirky. Much more right brained than left. A patient man but not without limits. Non-union only

Louise (35-early 50's)- Lucy's mother. Struggles with everyday life and mental illness. Throughout the play she is at once sexual, confused, forgetful, courageous, and wise. Considering both union and non-union.

One versatile actor to play multiple roles including:
Conrad (male 35-early 50's) Lucy's father. Kind, caring, understanding, proud parent. We also see him in flashbacks struggling to balance both parenthood and his wife's illness.
Allesandro (male 40's-early 50's)  17th-century Italian. Sexual, mysterious, mischievous.
Eugene (male, old, 70's+) From the old country. A widower who misses his wife and longs to reunite with her. Brave, fearless, insightful. Ready to go!

Considering both union and non-union

Reply to:  Those interested should send a headshot and resume to playwrightswestcasting@gmail.com Please include your union status, role of interest, and preferred audition time with your submission

Source:  PDX Backstage


Broadway Rose Season Auditions 

AUDITIONS 2013 – Cats, My Fair Lady, Lucky Stiff and Plaid Tidings; children’s musicals Jungle Book and Snow White

Broadway Rose Theatre Company is holding auditions for the mainstage musicals Cats, My Fair Lady, Lucky Stiff and Plaid Tidings, and for the children’s musicals The Jungle Book and Snow White. Auditions will be by appointment only at The Broadway Rose New Stage. Broadway Rose hires Equity Guest Artists and Non-Equity performers. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

General Auditions
Monday, March 4, 6 – 9 p.m.
Tuesday, March 5, 6 – 9 p.m.
Wednesday, March 6, 6 – 9 p.m.

Saturday, March 9, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday, March 10, 1:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.

All callback auditions are by invitation only; auditioners will be notified of the time by invitation. (The Jungle Book and Snow White may or may not have callbacks. Casting will be from the general audition.)

Callbacks for My Fair Lady are March 14 & 16, callbacks for Cats are March 17, callbacks for Lucky Stiff are March 25, and callbacks for Plaid Tidings are March 26.

Audition Instructions

    18 years old or older only please.
    Please prepare 32 bars. Song must be memorized. Bring sheet music in your own key (music will not be transposed). Accompanist will be provided. Be prepared to sing a second song if requested. No taped or a cappella music.
    Please bring a current non-returnable photo and resume.
    Please bring your calendar to list your conflicts.
    Auditions will be held at Broadway Rose’s New Stage, 12850 SW Grant Avenue in Tigard.
    Please arrive at least 10 minutes earlier than your audition time to complete an audition form.
    Women, please wear a skirt and heels or flats.

Reply to:  To make an audition appointment, please email Dan Murphy at dan@broadwayrose.org or call him at 503-906-2375. Scripts are available for perusal by arrangement with Dan.

Source:  Broadway Rose Website



"La Cage aux Folles"

Lakewood Theatre Company seeks 11 men and eight women for roles in the play. Auditions Feb. 16-17.

For show information and casting details, visit http://www.lakewood-center.org/pages/auditions-La-Cage-Aux-Folles

For more information, visit www.lakewood-center.org or 503-635-3901.

Source:  Oregonian



Imago Open  Auditions 

Equity and Non-Equity
FROGZ & La Belle et la Bete

Tuesday Feb 26, 2013
6PM  (allow two hours) Must arrive by 6PM.
If you can’t attend this time slot, email Jerry below and request another time.

If you are under 18 years of age, you must get parent or guardian approval to audition.  Email Jerry below to pre-register.

Auditions to be held at:
Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th

Callbacks: To Be Determined

Imago is holding open auditions for the following productions. You must be living in Portland to be cast, if you are traveling from out of town for these auditions please email Jerry to discuss your long term plans and if these auditions are right for you.

Seeking 18 – 39 years old for multiple roles.  Must be highly physical.  We are seeking performers with the grace of a dancer, the depth of an actor and the timing of a comedian.   FROGZ is Imago’s signature work of mask and illusionary theatre for family audiences.  To audition for FROGZ, no prepared audition material is needed.  Please arrive wearing dance or athletic wear.  If you have auditioned for Imago’s ZooZoo, Biglittlethings or FROGZ in the past, you are welcome to audition again. Compensation is $475 per week, plus expense while on tour.  Rehearsals begin August, 2013.  Tour is ongoing beginning October 2013.

IMAGO’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (La Belle et la Bete)
Seeking 18 – 55 years old for an ensemble of seven.  Must be adept at both text and physical work.  Imago’s is returning to the original source of this classic fairy tale to adapt a highly creative and imaginative restaging of this work.  To audition prepare a 30 second monologue (yes, only 30 seconds) of your choice, you may hold the script in your hand.   Compensation is yet to be determined.  Rehearsals begin Winter 2013 and opens Spring 2014 (exact dates to be determined)

For more information on Imago visit:

Reply to:  For questions about these auditions email:

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**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


Sound Skript Casting for MadHouse (Portland)

Sound Skript is looking for some fabulous actors to fill parts for a new web series with a working title, MadHouse. MadHouse is a comedy about grown ups living together. Take a look at the casting breakdown and then please click the link to submit yourself for this project. We will host invited auditions on 2/13. If we cast actors that are SAG, it will be under a SAG new media contract. Both SAG and Non-Union talent encouraged. Parts that end up with significant lines/scenes will be offered a deferred payment contract. At this time, the size of these parts is still changing.

Candice - A full figured gamer girl. Full of lively advice and personality. A larger than life type person. Taylor's (already cast) best friend and confidant.
Dude - Shows up everywhere with a joint.
Guy #1 - Gambler and stock junkie.
Guy #2 - Wannabe philosopher.
Guy #3 - A criminal.
Jablonski - A chain smoking older woman.
Lady #1 - An OCD cat lady.
Lady #2 - Grown woman who still lives with parents and is terrified of being alone.
Lady #3 - Woman who is always sick.
Lady #4 - A lesbian.
Family of Three - Looking for a place to live.

Submission Form: https://docs.google.com/a/soundskript.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGFMRE5Xcm51dm1waWZrVFJJc3R1UkE6MQ#gid=0

Reply to:  56cqq-3601644343@gigs.craigslist.org

Source:  Craigslist


Seeking Male Actor
I'm looking for a male actor in the 8 to 15 age range for two community TV episodes the first Sunday of May and June, on MetroEast in Gresham.

Will consider an actress in that age range if she's willing to look the part for the taping of the show.

This is a NON paying gig. You will receive a CD for the show to use for your purposes.

Thank you.

Reply to:  Please contact Sally Stember by email sqmanders@yahoo.com

Source:  PDX Backstage


Open Auditions for My Name is Asher Lev
Valley Repertory Theatre announces open auditions for its upcoming production of My Name is Asher Lev, by Aaron Posner; adapted from the novel by Chaim Potok.

Held 6-9 pm*, March 6 at the Chehalem Cultural Center’s Central Stage (415 E. Sheridan, Newberg), these auditions are open to actors age 16 and up, of all ethnicities and skill-levels. Actors are encouraged to prepare a 60 – 90 second dramatic monologue of their choosing. If none is prepared, a reading from the text will be provided.

Callbacks may be scheduled at the director’s discretion.

Production Details:
Asher Lev, Valley Repertory Theatre’s final play of the

2012-2013 Season, will run May 23-26, May 30-June 2, & June 6-9, 2013. Rehearsals will begin the second week of April.

Due to a generous grant from the Celebration Foundation, a stipend will be provided for each actor. Email for details.

About the Play:
Asher Lev could be the next Picasso. But as the son of devout Hassidic Jewish parents who struggle to understand the value of his art, Asher Lev is torn apart. He knows he is commanded to honor his parents, but must he not also be true to himself, to his dreams?  As we glimpse the pieces of Asher’s painful past, we witness events that climax in his most famous work and the decision that will change his life forever.


Asher Lev: (This role has been cast) A young Hasidic Jew who tells the story of how he and his family wrestled with his gift of painting.

MEN: (Played by one actor)
Aryeh Lev – Asher’s father, a dedicated, well-respected man, who travels for the Rebbe and who does not understand how painting could be important.

Jacob Kahn – An older man, an artist, who becomes Asher’s mentor.
Uncle Yitzchok – Rivkeh’s brother; Asher’s Uncle.
The Rebbe – The leader of the Ladover Hasidic community.

WOMEN: (Played by one actress)
Rivkeh Lev – Asher’s mother, a caring, broken woman caught between her husband and her son.
Anna Schaeffer – A gallery owner and talent seeker who works with Jacob to make Asher well known.

Rachel – A model who Asher paints.

About the Company:
Valley Repertory Theatre (VRT) was created in 2011 to bring quality theatre that both celebrates and challenges Newberg audiences. Founders Stephen Pick and Caleb Thurston had recently graduated from George Fox University and directed for schools and theatres in the Portland-area before establishing a theatre in the community. VRT’s inaugural season produced four productions in 2011-2012, including an original play based on stories from the Newberg community.

More information about the company and these auditions can be found online at www.valleyrep.org.

Reply to:  Actors must schedule their 10-minute audition time slot by contacting the director, Stephen Pick, at 971-

832-9202 or stephenpick@valleyrep.org.

Source:  PDX Backstage


 Auditions for Kiss Me Kate at Clackamas RepClackamas Repertory Theatre is holding auditions by appointment only for Kiss Me Kate on Sunday, February 24, from 6-10 p.m. Singing auditions will start at 6:00 p.m., dancing auditions at 8:30 p.m., at The Niemeyer Center, in the Leroy Anderson Room on the campus of Clackamas Community College, 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, 97045.

Please bring a headshot, resume and sheet music in your key.

Please prepare a selection of no more than one minute. An accompanist will be provided. To make an appointment please email Cyndy Smith-English at cynthias@clackamas.edu.

Equity performers are encouraged to audition. The roles of Fred, Hattie and the two gangsters are cast. Rehearsals begin June 23 and are Sun-Thursday, from 6:30-10:00 p.m. The
show runs August 1-25, Thursday-Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees.

Reply to:  tropicalfiji@gmail.com

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Crew Call for Web SeriesThis is a crew call for PSU.tv's new comedic web series "Turning Tricks". We need crew members for our project. This project is an excellent opportunity to learn/teach production on set. So any level of experience is welcome.

All positions are open. We are shooting weekends from March to June. We know that this a huge commitment, and most of us are students, so we are planning on rotating through crew members based on schedule. The more crew we have, the better. If you are interested in being crew please fill out the form here: http://goo.gl/8ThWE

It will help us out with placing people in the right departments.

We will be having an information session on February 15th.

We will contact everyone who filled out the form with the details. If you have any questions please email us turningtricks@gmail.com

We hope to see you all there.

Reply to:  Fill out the form -


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Dramaturg Needed
 Lincoln High School will be presenting Tony Kushner's adaptation of A Dybbuk (or between two worlds) in the spring and we are currently looking for a dramaturg.  Preference will be given to someone who enjoys working with high school students and familiar with Kabbalah.  There is a stipend.

Debbie Lamedman will be directing the production.  If you are interested in the position, please email me directly.


Jim Peerenboom
Lincoln High School
Theatre Director

Reply to:  thespian4u@aol.com

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