Saturday, August 11, 2012

Auditions: Saturday August 11, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Saturday August 11, 2012.

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**Paid Projects**


Actors for Promotional Videos

AUDITIONS! Sound Skript Entertainment is looking for several actors to complete a set of promotional videos in the coming weeks.

HOST, Male, late 20's -30's: Think Travel channel or Food Network. Quirky, Portlandish, but someone everyone
can relate to and trust.

GRANDMA, Female, 50's-80's: Gray hair preferred. Grandmother to the Host. This is a Grandma with a little tude.

COUSIN BOBBY, Male, 30's: Out of town guest of the Host. A character in his own right, but not Portlandish.

AUNT GINNY, Female, 40's-60's: Aunt to Host, she has an elegance and snobbiness about her

OTHERS: We are also looking for several other small parts of all types and ages for playing Portland tourists and possibly tour guides.

WE ENCOURAGE ALL TO AUDITION if you think you have a good character, we are looking for actors with good timing, and are not opposed to finding a great younger female or older male and writing it to fit them.

This is going to be a FUN shoot! Most will get an inside look at what makes Portland tick, from food carts, to Shanghai tunnels, haunted places, and other big foodie secrets.

Auditions will be from 6:30pm - 9:30pm on 8/14 and 8/15 in downtown Portland. Actors with lines will be compensated.

View some other projects and information about Sound Skript Entertainment:

Thanks for looking! We look forward to meeting many of you!

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Second Story Interactive is looking for an African-American Male age 25+ as VOICE TALENT to narrate 18 videos about the history of North Carolina. Non-Union only please. North Carolina native/accent a huge plus, but not required. Narration is written in a Ken Burns "Voice of God" style. Each video is 1-2 minutes in length. Recording will be done in a professional ProTools studio in SE Portland in late August or early September. There is a flat fee for all work based on a competitive rate.

Please email a voice over demo/sample/reel to careers @ with your contact information to be considered. Thank you!

Compensation: Flat Fee/Competitive Rate

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Imago Audition – New Company

Wed Sept 5 at 6PM open call
Equity and non-equity

Imago Theatre is launching a new company that will focus on movement and dance for the stage.  With influences from Alwin Nikolais and other movement choreographers,  the new company  will explore a fusion of stage animation, movement and dance.  The new company will present work in Portland and on national tours.

To audition arrive at 6PM on Wed Sept 5 at Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th Avenue. No prepared audition material is necessary.  If you have auditioned for Imago in the past you are welcome to audition again.  Bring photo and resume if available. Wear dance or athletic wear. The audition will be held like a workshop.  Allow 2 hours to complete the audition. If you can’t make this time, email us to request another time slot.

Imago is seeking movement actors and dancers that are 18 years and older that are based in Portland, Oregon to be cast in the new company.  If you are not based in Portland, please contact us at the email below. If you are a minor (under 18 years old), you may audition but you must receive guardian or parent permission, contact us by email to get pre-registered. You must be able to legally work in the US or have US citizenship.

Imago will be casting 7 to 10 new members for this company.  Movement skills that reveal comedy, drama, dance, acrobatics and athleticism will be considered.  Rehearsals for the new company will begin in late September and will be ongoing and will revolve around each company member’s availability. Rehearsals may take place in the day or evening (determined by the make-up of the company.)  Compensation is available.

To read more about Imago visit:

For questions email below:

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Casting Notice for “GUNSLINGER” Short Film

Production title: “Gunslinger”
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project Type: Short Film
Format: Digital (Arri Alexa)
Director: Ben Mercer
Writer: Josh Lunden
Producers: Ben Mercer & Josh Lunden
Audition Location: TBD
Shooting Location: Portland, OR
Compensation: Yes (and meals)

Audition Dates: August 18th & August 19th
Production Dates: September 8th – September 10th (tentative)

“Gunslinger” is a short drama about a waitress who involves herself in the strange happening of a man who believes he’s being stalked by an invisible enemy.

Male Lead (25-35):
Middle class everyman, protagonist. This role will require strong verbal and physical communication skills. The character suffers emotional distress, exhaustion, etc. The ideal candidate will be no taller than 5’10”.

Female Lead (20-30):
Waitress, deuteragonist. This role requires an empathic touch and strong verbal abilities.

Between casting and production, principle cast will be asked to participate in one rehearsal (4 hours) and two previsualization sessions (3 hours each). These sessions will be scheduled at the performers’ convenience.

The majority of the shoot takes place outside, so weather permitting, we will be shooting in early September. The tentative schedule is as follows:

9/8: Afternoon
9/9: Full day
9/10: Evening

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Casting Notice for “SAMARITAN” Short Film

Production title: “Samaritan”
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project Type: Short Film
Format: Digital (Arri Alexa)
Director: Ben Mercer
Writer: Ben Mercer
Producers: Ben Mercer & Josh Lunden
Audition Location: TBD
Shooting Location: Portland, OR
Compensation: Yes (and meals)

Audition Dates: August 18th & August 19th
Production Dates: September 8th (tentative)

“Samaritan” is a short comedy about a hapless café patron who struggles to help an old man across the street.

Male Lead (30-40):
We’re looking for someone who can play a sympathetic schlub. Think Paul Giamatti or a young Jack Lemon.

Male (45-55):
We’d like to transform you into a quietly confused hobo with a shopping cart. Ideal candidates will be able to pull off insular psychosis and be able to murmurer on cue.

Between casting and production, principle cast will be asked to participate in one rehearsal (2 hours) and one previsualization sessions (2 hours). These sessions will be scheduled at the performers’ convenience.

The majority of the shoot takes place outside, so weather permitting, we will be shooting in early September. The tentative schedule is as follows:

9/8: Full day

Please email headshots and resumes to

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Casting Portland, OR - Vancouver, WA for 60 second dramatic spot

Production title: Sweet Dreams

Story Line: A child wishes for her own bed.

Seeking: Mother and Daughter acting duo preferred, but
not required. Individual submission accepted

Mother Age: 30's
Daughter age: 5-9

Ethnicity: Any

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Independent short

Project length: Short Spot (60 seconds)

Project format: 16:9 HD

Production Company: Doug Crouch Photography

Director: Doug Crouch

Producer: Mark Willner

Shoot Date: Late August

Shoot time: after sunset on one day in late August (2-3

Shooting Location: Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR

Compensation: Yes

Submissions: Electronic Only: recent photo, resume, link
to reel

Closes: August 18, 2012

Synopsis: This will be a short spot about homelessness.

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**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


Male Actor Needed for Lead Role

Hillsboro Artist s Regional Theatre seeks a male actor for a lead role in their upcoming production of David Harrower's Knives In Hens.

About the show: In a pre-industrial landscape, an unsettling and threatening love triangle emerges between the young woman, the plowmman and the hated miller.  As the young woman journeys from ignorance to knowledge, her liberation is found through language and her need to name things to understand their place and hers in the world.

About the character:

"Pony" William: Can be played age 25-35, open to any ethnicity. A pioneer days plowman, William is a laboring farmer.  He is practical and concerns himself with only what he can see in front of him but can be unconsciously poetic in his speech.  He has an affinity with horses.

Rehearsals begin the week of September 17th.
Performance dates: October 26 - Nov 11th

All rehearsals and performances in Hillsboro

All roles volunteer

Reply to:  Interested actors can contact the director at   If available, please include an electronic resume and headshot . We are looking to fill this role by the August 15th.

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This is a call for headshots for the production of a teaser trailer for the sci-fi/horror feature film, DEAD STRAIGHT. The teaser is a pitch tool to be used to secure funding for the feature film. We are not casting for the film itself. However, this is a chance to do some real acting with an experienced director and crew on an ambitious project. This project is unpaid, but should be a challenging and enjoyable one-day shoot and will make an exceptional addition to any reel. The characters we are casting for are:

RONNIE DERMOTT (24) - Just escaped from prison. A hard, severe kind of beauty. Been dealt a bad hand more than once and dealing with it the best she can.

DAVE WENDALL (28) - The corrections officer who helped Ronnie escape. Straight out of a recruitment poster -- linebacker shoulders and a just-smart-enough face.

ALAN DERMOTT (26) - Ronnie's shiftless older brother. Truck driver and part time drug dealer.

The shoot will be one day in mid to late august. Please send headshots and resumes to the email below. Links to online reels or work of any kind are extremely helpful.

PLEASE write with any questions as well.

Thank you!

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**Technical Opportunities**


Sound Design Instructor Needed!

The Ulmer-Collins Project Event is currently seeking a designer in sound design to lead a team of 10 highschool students for an all day Technical Seminar. The day will start with a collabrative meeting involving all the technical teams (lights, scenic, sound) and from there the designers will work with their students for the remainder of the day to complete the functions of professional design. The day will end with a presentation of the completed project with the tech students' work incorporated and showcase. Designers will have access to the theater and a computer lab.


o A degree in theatrical design (Masters preferred, Bachelors acceptable with sufficient experience)

o Experience with, and ability to work with, high-school-age students

Skills and Knowledge

o Excellent collaborator

o A drive to teach with a passion for education

o Ability to take and give direction

o Ability to work in a stressful – time controlled – environment

o Ability to manage students with a creative and positive approach

The event, on October 20, is expected to start around 8:30am and end by 5:10pm. Each instructor will be paid $300 for the day and lunch will be provided. Mileage will not be reimbursed. One production meeting prior to the day of the event may be required.

Due to school district rules, all instructors must pass a criminal background check and provide two references which can be reached by phone. Those selected to participate in the conference will be notified by Aug 1. Ulmer-Collins welcomes applicants in theatrical design: lights, sound, and set; and directors with high-school age experience.

Reply to:  Applicants should send a CV or resume with letter of intent by August 17th to the Search Committee:

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Job Posting: Scenic Carpenter

The Miracle Theatre Group is accepting resumes for Scenic Carpenter for our 2012-2013 season, which consists of 4 builds.

Scenic Carpenter is primarily responsible for the construction, load-in and strike of  theatrical productions in the Milagro Theatre. A good candidate must have high production values, excellent construction skills, an ability to work with a variety of materials and personalities while maintaining a working knowledge of current safety practices/standards. Excellent working knowledge of power tools. Must be able to supervise interns and crews and manage build budgets. Must also be able to work quickly and efficiently, as turnaround time is short. 2+ years of experience as a Master Carpenter, Technical Director and/or Set Designer. Spanish language proficiency a plus.

Job Details:
Determine build schedule.
Build scenery.
Maintain shop and storage areas.

No phone calls please.

See Season description below:

Miracle Theatre Group, the Northwest’s premier Latino arts and culture organization, announces its 2012-2013 season featuring an exciting line-up of four Miracle MainStage productions, including three world premieres. Miracle Theatre Group’s 2012-2013 season includes:


An original, bilingual celebration of the Day of the Dead created by Martín Milagro

OCTOBER 18 to NOVEMBER 11, 2012

Every year, the dead are commemorated in Portland’s longest-running Día de los muertos celebration. This year, we unearth the interwoven roots of pre-Hispanic customs and traditions found at the juncture of life and death. Are we but dreaming and awake only when we die? Through music, dance and legend, we explore that thin veil that separates our world from the realm of our indigenous ancestors.


A riotous tragicomedy adapted from Fernando de Rojas’ classic Spanish Golden Age novel

FEBRUARY 7 to MARCH 2, 2013

Presented in Spanish with easy-to-follow supertitles in English

In this bigger-than-life comedy, Calisto is a young and impulsive nobleman who's fallen madly in love with Melibea, the daughter of a rich businessman. But to win her over, the lovesick Calisto resorts to the less-than-pure magic of La Celestina, a bawdy sorceress whose scheming touches off a string of events with startling consequences. Dressed in Golden Age finery, this seriously funny critique of human nature remains as potent today as when it launched Spain’s literary renaissance in 1499.


A new play in English by Caridad Svich

MARCH 21 to APRIL 13, 2013

Single-mom Roly lives in a dusty Texas border town that everyone longs to escape. She’s never seen anything like Guapa, a natural-born athlete with a fiery ambition to become an international soccer star.  When Guapa joins Roly’s family, everyone’s life is turned upside down.  With only one shot to reach the big leagues from the barrio, how can Guapa convince the non-believers to let go of their doubts, spread their wings and fly?  This inspiring story will have you cheering in the aisles!


World Premiere

An original dance theatre production created by Mariana Carreño King and Daniel Jáquez

MAY 2-25, 2013

New York City can be a lonely place. But there’s a little dance hall in Queens called Club Las Palmas, where a man can take the hand of a woman, embrace his culture and whirl away the cold.  In Las Palmas, the muchachas que bailan run the joint and serve up los hombres a little homestyle dignity. Check your worries at the door and feel your body come to life among the joyful sounds of duranguense, folklórico and cumbia!

Estela Robinson
Production Manager

Miracle Theatre Group
Phone: (503) 236.7253 x114
Fax: (503) 236.4174

Reply to:  Please send resume and references to:

Estela Robinson at


Miracle Theatre Group,

Attn: Estela Robinson,

425 SE 6th

Portland OR 97214

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PCC Theatre Arts Costumer Job Description

The PCC Theatre program at the Sylvania campus is seeking a part time costumer for the 2012-2013 academic year (Sept-May).  The candidate should have an MFA in costume design; show evidence of a demonstrated background in theatrical costume design, costume construction, alteration and applicable skills.  The candidate should also be able to teach costume skills to students working in a costume shop.

Employee is responsible for the production, alteration, rental, purchase & security of theatre costumes, hair, wigs and costume related materials for PCC Theatre Arts Program productions throughout the school year.  They work under supervision of the VAPAD Dean and collaborate with the TA Director(s), Producer, Co-Designers & Production team.

Pay: $20 per hour. 110 hours estimated. Up to $2,200 total wages.

Costumer may also apply to teach TA 261 Costume Design Course.

Please submit a one-page cover letter of interest, including a brief statement about your experience and/or approach to costuming in a college theatre environment.  Also include a C.V. (or resume) that includes your education (MFA in Theatre Design preferred), 2 references and contact information.

We will contact you for an interview if needed.  Please do not call to follow up.

You may be asked to provide pictures from productions and renderings if contacted for an interview.

See the list below for further specific details of the position:

Duties:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Design costumes, hair, wigs & costume related materials for Theatre Arts Program productions.

Participate in weekly 90-minute production meetings throughout fall, winter & spring terms.

 Coordinate costume, hair, wig & makeup design for each mainstage production.

Supervise costume shop activities within scheduled production deadlines and budgetary constraints.

Supervise students/employees in the production, alteration & storage of costumes.

Instruct students in correct operation & maintenance of sewing machines, surgers, irons, steamers, and other related production equipment.

Responsible for requisition, receipt, upkeep, & storage of costume shop facilities, equipment & materials.

Supervise production running crew students in wardrobe, hair & make up.

Facilitate costume parade (actors in costume under stage lighting) prior to 1st dress rehearsal.

   Attend dress rehearsals, troubleshoot costuming needs with Director’s feedback.

Coordinate costume repairs throughout performance run.

Coordinate cleaning and return of borrowed & rented costumes.

  Post Grief sheet throughout tech & run

Maintain costume To Do List

Responsible for the issuance, receipt, and custody of departmental costumes and related items.         

•Perform assigned clerical duties in purchasing, inventory control, or other related office functions.

                  Maintains MSDS documentation on all chemicals & supplies in costume shop facilities.

                  Carry out policies and procedures established by the immediate supervisor (VAPAD Dean).

                  Perform other related duties as assigned

 Responsible for generation of the following Costume elements for each production:

          Costume concept statement

          Presenting visual research to Production Team, including:

                  Initial color & texture ideas

                  Thumbnail Sketches

                  Costume Renderings                                                     

                  Fabric Swatches & Sources

          Costume plot

                  Fitting Schedule & Measurement Sheets

                  Budget & Supplies Breakdown

                  Construction Drawings/Patterns

Reply to:  Please send this in an email no later than Friday, August 24 to:

Patrick Tangredi, PCC Theatre chair at with the above information.

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Hollywood Lights - Local Events Company Seeking Talented Retail Sales & Admin. Associate (Portland, OR)

Hollywood Lights, Inc. is the Northwest's premier design-based, full-service event lighting and theatrical supply company. Established in 1948, Hollywood Lights has grown continually since then including an expansion into the Seattle market in 1995, leading the Northwest in quality stage and event lighting production, rentals, sales, and installation. We are dedicated to building strong relationships with our clients and partnering with them to provide the best solutions for their needs.

Our Portland, Oregon Customer Service and Administrative Team is seeking candidates for a retail sales position. This fast paced, highly collaborative, client-centric business requires an outgoing, detail-oriented individual capable of a broad range of tasks.The new representative will join a small team responsible for handling sale and rental transactions both in person and over the phone. S/he will be expected to bring a friendly and helpful manner to every client interaction. Candidates must be disciplined individuals committed to teamwork. This position will require the ability to be self-directed with strong decision making skills.

• Ensure an exceptional experience for our clients
• Assist billing and receiving departments
• Maintain a growing, changing, effective sales showroom

• Helping clients choose the right products and services for their needs and budget
• Completing over-the-counter transactions
• Answering phones and directing call traffic
• Opening/closing the store, including cash handling
• Receiving, stocking, and maintaining a clean and engaging showroom
• Offering product demonstrations
• Participating in quarterly inventories
• Learning and operating the inventory control & payment system
• Performing computer tasks including creating Word and Excel documents
• Resolving customer disputes respectfully
• Sending and processing invoices and mail
• Assisting clients in obtaining copies of invoices and resolving payment issues
• Providing assistance to other departments and additional tasks, as necessary

• High School Diploma or GED
• Stable work history
• Retail sales experience
• Outgoing and friendly demeanor
• Basic computer skills
• Ability to learn new computer programs quickly
• Strong customer service attitude
• Ability to remain calm & productive under pressure
• Experience in high-level teamwork situations
• Strong organizational skills
• Excellent communication & interpersonal skills, both verbal & written
• Ability to successfully juggle many projects at once
• Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
• At least (3) OTHER RELEVANT SKILLS (listed below)

• College education
• Lighting, Theater, Film, Video, or other Event experience
• Knowledge and experience with three or more of the following areas: theatrical makeup, soft goods, conventional lighting, LED lighting, dimming, electrical, control, rigging, scenic paint, scenic hardware
• Excel, Word, Adobe Illustrator or PowerPoint skills
• Web design
• Accounts Receivables experience
• Valid drivers license and insurable driving record
• Experience using a multi-line phone system
• Experience with shipping/receiving/inventory control
• Experience driving a forklift

$10+ per hour based on qualifications & experience
Full-time: usually 40 hours/week
Shifts: M-F 8 am to 5 pm, 9 am to 6 pm, and alternate Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm as scheduled by manager. Occasional off-hour and other weekend work required. Very occasional travel required.

Paid Health Care plan for employee
Family Health Care, Aflac, & Dental plans available for purchase pre-tax
401K plan
Paid Time Off
Employee discount on store products

At Hollywood Lights, Inc. our mission is to provide leadership and excellence in our industry by offering exceptional customer service and superior equipment through empowered employees.

√ We lead with INTEGRITY. We are committed to doing what is right, even when there is great pressure to do otherwise.

√ Our PASSION drives us: Be it our passion for creativity in design, our passion for providing innovative solutions to our client's challenges, or our passion for exceeding our client's expectations.

√ We strive for a culture of DISCIPLINE. We desire to hire disciplined people who engage in disciplined thought and disciplined action.

√ TEAMWORK is encouraged and fostered through open communication, along with the knowledge that through collaboration we are greater than the sum of our parts.

√ We embrace CHANGE and the opportunities it offers.

√ We strive to grow wisely and PROFITABILY.

Send resume with references & cover letter to:
Emily Stadulis at the email address provided above.

Visit our website at: or find us on Facebook at

PLEASE do not call about this job, once we have received your resume and cover letter, we will contact you if we feel you would be a good fit.

Thanks for your interest and good luck on your search! We look forward to hearing from you.

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