Friday, August 17, 2012

Auditions: Friday, August 17, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Friday, August 17, 2012.

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**Paid Projects**


Feature Film Casting Call - All Roles
Casting Call notice for feature film to be shot later this year. Holding auditions for all roles. Please reply with "Jack Fall - Feature" for additional info and to schedule a time for your audition.

For role breakdown, visit this page:

Compensation: deferred pay, imdb credit, copy & food

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Nike Shoot: Japanese Male Baseball Player (Portland)
Need a Japanese male baseball player for an upcoming photo shoot. Must look 21-24. No NCAA issues. Must have college or semi-pro level experience. Skill is more important than looks.

The shoot will be one or two days the week of August 25th-29th. The photo usage is 2 years global, everything but advertising.

Please submit a clear headshot, a full length photo, and list the leagues/teams you've played for, how long you played for them, and the position(s) you play.

Compensation: $1200 per shoot day

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**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


Looking for actresses 18 - 24 for pilot episode (Vancouver / PDX)

Looking for female actresses in the Vancouver, WA / PDX area age 18 through 24 for a web series pilot episode. This pilot episode is to be produced by a Los Angeles based director and to be marketed towards funding for an entire series. The pilot episode is to consist of a series of comedic skits with a host anchoring them together.

We will be casting for the host position and roles in various skits. Please include a head shot and full body photo, acting experience and any other special skills or talents that you feel would pertain.

If you have other questions or would like to see reference work from the director please make a note of it when responding.

Compensation will include copy, credit and opportunity for a paid role once the show is funded.

Here is an example of our kind of comedy if it seems like something you can be a part of please message. We are looking for people for the next few days. Thanks.

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Three Volunteer Actors (2F, 1M) Needed For "Brainless" Short! (Portland, East Side)

Salutations, prospective conspirators!

BRAINLESS is the story of Robert, a young, lovable, rather mad scientist who can't stand having his brain trapped in his head...and so removes it, carrying it around in a jar cabled to his spine. Until one day he drops it. Robert's pseudo-French girlfriend Vivette seems to enjoy his new brainlessness...brainless Robert briefly becomes a more daring lover, ruled by nerves and ganglions alone...until Vivette meets a winsome, gender-ambiguous psychotherapist, Dr. Rugburn, who still has a brain.

BRAINLESS is short, comedic, unabashedly (but ungratuitously) erotic, and ultimately, a tad bit gory!

I will need 3 volunteer actors. There will be no pay, but wining and dining is not out of the question! Schedules are flexible, but filming will begin as soon as we're cast, and will take place over the course of several days, spread across several weeks if individual schedules require it.

ROBERT: Male, mid 20s to early 30s, thin, 6~' tall, and glasses are a plus (you'll have them either way). At one point he appears wearing womens' underwear, Lux Interior-style, and again apparently naked but barely covered, so remarkable physical shyness is not encouraged!

VIVETTE: Female, mid 20s to early 30s, somewhat voluptuous, and capable of speaking with a French (ish) accent. Although nothing very graphic will be shown (consider it a mild PG-13), Vivette does appear to be nude several times, with modesty covered barely by other actors, props, or the camera frame. She may show a hint of bottom onscreen, but this is ultimately subject to the actor's comfort.

DR. ERNO RUGBURN: Female, mid 20s to early 30s, thin, short hair, with an androgynous look. At first Rugburn appears to be somewhat male, wearing a mustache, a "bulge", and typically male clothing, but is later de-mustached and revealed to actually be female. As with Vivette, she does appear semi-nude, though not graphically so, beyond a possible hint of bottom.

As you may imagine, this being a somewhat erotic comedy, there will be an amount of kissing, touching, entwined bodies, that sort of thing, required from all actors. All roles also involve a degree of blood and gore, particularly, being covered in it, in a bloody finale!

With that in mind, if you are interested in joining BRAINLESS, contact me (your writer/director/everything), with a self-description, a good photo representative of your present look, any acting experience, an amusing random factoid about yourself, and DO INCLUDE, in the subject line, a creative phrase involving the words "peanut butter", "mutants", and "kittens", so as to aid me in weeding out both spam and silly people who can't take direction! :)

Good day to you!

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