Thursday, May 31, 2012

Auditions: Thursday, May 31, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Thursday, May 31, 2012.

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 Casting Actors & Actresses For A Kickstarter

International Criminals have captured an elite special agent. A lone female agent goes to rescue him.

We are making a short melodrama-action parody & looking to film a single scene to put on Kickstarter. This is very low budget mini-short. There's no pay other than a copy of the mini-short, free food & some photos of you in costume looking dangerous. If the Kickstarter is successful we will be able to include some form of payment for a longer short & would be interested in using the same actors.

Conrad/Male Lead
The team's leader, conceited, dense & take charge type.
Short to medium length blond or light brown hair
Age: Mid 20s to Mid 30s
Average to tall in height with an average to athletic build

Shana/Female Lead
The team's only female agent, smartest too & hasn't gotten over breaking up with the love of her life.
At least shoulder length hair, preferably red or willing to color. We may have a wig but prefer natural hair.
Age: Early 20s to Early 30s
Average to tall in height with a small to average build

Anna/Supporting Female
Anna is a ruthless, psychotic, sexy librarian-type with a generic European accent.
At least shoulder length black or dark brown hair.
Age: Early 20s to Mid 30s
Average to tall in height with a small to average build

Enemy Guard/Supporting Male
Wears a mask, gets a line and gets killed.
Average to tall in height with an average to athletic build

Kim/Extra Female
Character will later have a bigger part. Here she's an extra at the most. Looking to include her (an Asian) along with the rest of the actors for publicity photos.
Dark Haired
Age: Early 20s to Early 30s
Average to tall in height with a small to average build

Auditions will be held Sunday June 24th. If interested in any of the parts please send an email with the usual photos, physical stats & experience.

Reply to: If interested in any of the parts please send an email to with the usual photos, physical stats & experience.

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Actors for short video (Portland)

Looking for actors for short video about the two Portland hostels. In need of two guys. Need to be in your early to mid 20s, comfortable being in front of the camera, and saying some short lines. Super great if you have an accent. We want you to look like you are a traveler staying at the hostel. Travelers are coming from mainly Asia and Europe and you need to look the part. These videos are going to be fun and fast paced.

Will need a commitment for a day. Flexible with when this happens to accommodate the people we want to use. Done before the end of July. In return you will get the video, $50.00, and food along the way. I know, not much, but this is being done thru a small grant to help promote the hostels and hosteling in general.

If interested, please send a photo (make them a reasonable size) or two of yourself, contact info, and share where you are from if you like. Also send your availability in June and July.

This ad is being done by the videographer and not the hostels, so please do not contact them directly. I will be in touch with the people we feel will work best for the video. Yes, I have posted a similar ad a week ago. So if you already responded, no need to respond again (this does not mean if you responded I am not interested, just trying to get a bigger pool).

Thank you,

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Male (25-40's) and Female (20's) Actors Needed

I'm helping produce a short film in Portland. Part of our pre production process involves performing what amounts to a dry run of the film to make sure our ideas/shot list stands up. We shoot the film quickly (no lights, skeleton crew etc) with a Canon 5D then edit the footage so we can get a sense of the pacing and to make sure our ideas are communicating. The process is also extremely useful in terms of figuring out how we want to block scenes. This is more than a stand-in part, a performance is required, but I should reiterate that none of this footage will be used in the final film (which isn't even cast yet and isn't scheduled to shoot until mid July). This exercise should take no more than two and a half hours and it's usually pretty fun and relaxed. The location is a coffee shop near the Art Museum. We're hoping to shoot this upcoming weekend (2nd and 3rd of June) but are flexible when it comes to scheduling, so whatever works for the performers works for us. We've made a few films around town, you can check them out at and my personal site is at

Ben Mercer

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Short Independent Film -- Older Male 40-60 (SW Garden Home)
Athletic build, intimidating

Speaking, supporting actor for independent short film entitled "Let Go"
Portland State University senior project

SW Garden Home

June 2nd

Be apart of the Portland independent film scene
Increase resume and acting reel

Contact with
A picture and contact information
Previous experience if possible
Questions or inquiries

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Casting for indie music video ((in and around PDX))

Hello, I am a student film maker, currently looking for two actors for an indie music video. This is unfortunately a zero budget shoot, but has real potential for exposure.
What we are looking for are two older men with an interesting look. It's fairly open so please submit if you would like to work on a fun little shoot.
HUGE plus if you own a vintage suit.
The shoot will be two short days. One in Clackamas and one in Inner Portland somewhere.
Please send a headshot or snapshot


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Actors and Actresses Needed for Independent Feature Film (Downtown Portland)

Production Title: FEEDER
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent / Student
Project Length: Feature (70 minutes)
Project format: Cinemascope 2.35:1
Posted on: 5/28/12
Production Company: 531 Productions
Company Website:
Director: Leif Fuller
Producers: Leif Fuller, Ira Hausam, Henry Weintraub
Audition Location: Portland State University: Room TBA
Shooting Location: Portland, OR
Compensation: No


June 2nd, 2012
June 9th , 2012
Call Backs: To be determined
Shooting Starts: August 15th, 2012
Shooting Ends: September 5th, 2012

Background Info:

My name is Leif Fuller. I'm an award-winning actor and cinematographer starting production on my directorial debut, FEEDER. This film is years in the making and I am very excited to meet all of you and start production this summer. As a small-budgeted film, we aim to shoot on evenings and weekends in order to accommodate the cast and crew's regular working schedule. We're looking for a dedicated, hard-working cast who will love this project as much as we do. If this sounds like something that would interest you, we'd love to hear from you. Please send a headshot and a demo reel if available to


Andy Walsh's life seems to be going nowhere. He's under-appreciated, overweight, and generally disrespected. His only source of solace in found in an unhealthy food addiction. So it seems like a perfect match when he meets a mysterious and beautiful woman who not only likes to cook, but also loves to feed. But not everything isas it seems. Andy soon discovers secrets about her past as he descends into a worldof murder, lies, and of course, plenty of food.

Character BIOS


Angela is an attractive, exotic,and mysterious woman. She speaks with utmost confidence and seduction, especially when food is involved. She seems sweet but she hides a dark past that manifests itself in the form of lies and angry outbursts.

[ANDY] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 21-35] [ETHNICITY: WHITE] [WEIGHT: 150-300] [HEIGHT: 5'6-6'1]

Andy is friendly, likeable, and trusting but can't seem to get what he wants in life. He escapes his feelings of dissatisfaction by over-eating. He soon meets a mysterious woman who encourages his indulgences as his sanity slowly crumbles.


Mr. Anderson is Andy's Boss. He is charming, confident and strangely old-fashioned. He is worldly and has an odd sort of wisdom about him.


Jeff works with Andy. He is brash, conceited, and arrogant. He has everything Andy wants including his girlfriend and his job. He is competitive, placing value on career and material wealth.


Cassandra is Andy's kind, sweet co-worker. She is Andy's secret crush, but is in a relationship with the over-achieving Jeff. She is the only person who respects and appreciates Andy, seeing him for who he really is.


Rebecca is Andy's cynical, humorous sister. She wants only the best for her brother, but has her own life to lead, and doesn't always have time to help him find his way.

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Cast Iron Studios looking to cast Little People
Date: 2012-05-29, 11:03AM PDT
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Cast Iron Studios is looking to cast Male and Female (20-50 year old) Little People to audition for a speaking role on a television show. This is a paid speaking role on a major television network show filmed in Portland.

To be considered for this project you must be:
• Male or Female
• 20-50 years old
• A Little Person


SHOOT LOCATION: TBD locations in Oregon

Sound Interesting? Here's what to do. . .
Send an e-mail to with the following info:

1. Name
2. Your age and sex
3. Contact phone numbers (cell, home, etc) VERY IMPORTANT
4. Attach at least one current picture of yourself in JPEG format.
5. What is your acting skill level (1=low, 5=expert)?
6. Please write "Little People Casting" in the subject line.

If you have any questions, please email

To learn more about our company, please visit

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Need Staff for Summer Drama Camp

Hello Everyone!

I am looking to fill a couple of positions for our summer camps happening June 18th-June 22nd.

Assistant Director
Monday-Friday, June 18th-22nd 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
The assistant director assists the director in creating a child-centered show with a Grimm's Fairy Tale theme. There are 25 kids signed up for this inventive drama camp that culminates with a darling showcase of pieces that the kids have created. The Director and AD will have a full lesson plan for the camp, including three original Grimm's scripts, but the kids will be making their own sets and costumes. The AD will be primarily responsible for parent communication, overall camp management, leading drama activities and games, and helping to produce the show.
$350 for the week, must be available all days!

Production Manager
Monday-Friday, June 18th-June 22nd, flexible hours
Each production manager will "float" from camp to camp delivering supplies, and assisting with three productions on an "as-needed" basis. In prior years, production managers have procured donated or borrowed items to use in our simple productions, delivered extra snacks/programs, or assisted the directors and AD's on set-building days. There is a small but workable budget for sets/costumes/supplies for each camp. Must have reliable transportation, and be available most hours during that week in case of emergency. Must be available to help check kids in to one of the camps early Monday morning. (8:15 a.m., Monday, June 18th.)

Janea Dahl

Reply to:  Send a letter of inquiry and a brief resume/description of your theatre background to Janea at the Young Players.

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Broadway Bound Audition Notice

Musical theater group ages 12-16

AT: Clackamas County fair Grove stage; More opportunities may come afterward.

Stage time: 12:00-1:45 p.m.

Saturday August 17th, 2012

1.     What is “Broadway Bound”?

This is a wonderful opportunity for 6-8 young teens to perform their favorite Broadway songs in front of a crowd of people. You will get to introduce your songs, learn harmonies with the other kids, perform as a group, choreograph as a group, and get to grow together as young performers. There will be six to eight rehearsals in the evenings, four of which being mandatory. In those rehearsals you will get to learn your harmonies to the group songs, talk about choreography the group songs, and getting the word out about “Broadway Bound”.

2.     What am I supposed to be prepared to do for the audition?

The auditions will be held in groups of 8-10 kids. Come prepared to perform the Broadway song of your choice that you would like to perform in the show. Be prepared to learn harmonies and sing them with the group you are auditioning with.

3.     How do I get an audition time?

Auditions will be June 11th between 7:00 and 9:30 p.m. E-mail to get your audition time, and other information in regards to Broadway Bound. Auditions will be held at Resurrection Catholic parish, 21060 SW Stafford Rd, Tualatin, OR 97062.

4.     What to bring?

You will need A CD accompaniment to your song, the audition packet that will be e-mailed to you after you have been given an audition time, a photo of you, your calendar to list any conflicts, and a smile because this is all about having fun!

Reply to:  E-mail to get your audition time, and other information in regards to Broadway Bound.

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Seeking Lively Male Actor

Hi -
We are looking for a few new faces.    We make internet marketing videos and are needing a lively, colorful male.    Someone between 29 and 45 who can deliver character and keep the video viewer engaged.

Here are links to a couple of recent videos that were successful:

If you are interested, please send me a headshot or two, any links you might have to videos that are on the internet, and a contact phone number.   I will pass these along to the client - then he may have you come in for a 5--minute screentest where you just read off of a teleprompter (he pays $50 for the screentest for your time).

If selected, the shoot will take about 2-3 hours and will pay around $400.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Bill Berry
Berry MediaWorks LLC
Skype:  billberrymusic

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