Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Auditions: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This post contains auditions posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2011.

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look-alike actor needed

Hi -
We are shooting some shots for a documentary in Sisters, Oregon this Thursday (9/29/11) and we need a guy roughly 30 years of age who can ride a horse and who has VERY dark hair and dark skin (Indian, Pakistani, Hispanic, Hawaiian, etc.).
We are looking for someone who looks very similar to the client who has commissioned this video. We will NOT be showing the face so the most important characteristics are the hair and skin color. There are no speaking parts. Just riding a horse, driving a car, walking thru a barn/stable, etc. Here are a few pictures of the client:
We would REALLY like someone who can ride a horse as several of the shots will be on a horse at a ranch outside Sisters. If you look just like this guy but can't ride a horse, please contact me anyway as we have some other shots where we might be able to use you.
We can provide transportation to and from central Oregon Thursday and the pay will be $300 for the day.
Please send me a couple of pictures (headshot, etc) to bill@berrymediaworks.com.
I look forward to hearing from you -

Reply to: Bill Berry billandmelinda@yahoo.com

Source: PDX Backstage


Audition notice: Tears of Joy Theatre's "Pinocchio"

Tears of Joy Theatre will be holding Auditions to fill the roles of Doctor Fox and Professor Cat for its upcoming production of Pinocchio by Jon Ludwig.

Seeking one man and one woman (see notes below)
Both positions are paid.
Rehearsals will begin October 3rd, days. Performances are November 9th - 20th, primarily daytime (only one evening performance: Nov. 11 @ 7:30).

Audition times: Tuesday, Sept 27th from 2 pm - 9pm, or by appointment at Tears of Joy's studio, 323 NE Wygant St. #201

Audition requirements: Bring headshot, resume, and calendar for conflict information. Prepare one comedic monologue and a song.
Both performers perform as actors, and those actors portray many other puppet and mask characters in the play. Some heavy lifting required. Sides will be provided after your audition is scheduled.

About the show:


This is an adaptation of “Pinocchio” by Carlo Collodi. The basic idea is that Doctor Fox and Professor Cat are performing a cautionary tale for boys and girls with masks, puppets and music. In their employ or indentured is Pinocchio. Through Fox and Cat’s cunning, trickery and threats, Pinocchio is made to do all the heavy lifting and lowly tasks needed to put on the show. Fox and Cat use scenes from Pinocchio’s life to illuminate their heavy handed moralistic folderol.


The puppets are full figured Sicilian Rod Marionettes, rod puppets, shadow puppets and masks. The three characters perform the puppets sometimes in full view or sometimes not.


The Fox and Cat are very dramatic, theatrical and comically bad actors. The Fox is more of a ham than the Cat. The Cat is more demure and feline but shifty. She often repeats the Fox for rhythm and emphasis.

Reply to: Please reply to njaldrich@gmail.com or call Nancy Aldrich at 503-516-7816 to schedule a 30 minute slot. Please include your time preferences.

Source: PDX Backstage


Open Casting Call

triangle productions! seek versatile male actors (2) for the musical: THE BIG BANG.

The show: two guys who are holding a backers audition to get their $83.8 million dollar musical to Broadway.

Must sing/dance/act/be able to do multiple roles quickly!

Roles are paid.
Rehearsals begin early October – show opens mid November.

Reply to: E-mail resume’ AND head shot to: triangleproductions1@gmail.com or send resume/photo to: triangle productions! 1785 NE Sandy Blvd MB#2 Portland OR 97232

Source: PDX Backstage



Need actress for short film:

Shoot will be late October /early November, 1 day with studio vo + 1 small scene
$150 for shoot
*can play early 30, strawberry blonde hair, cute, EXCELLENT emotional depth

Please send head shot, resume & REEL
Thank you very much!!!!!

Reply to: gigs-2rgnb-2619240165@craigslist.org

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Actor, Male, able to portray age 16 and 23

Experienced director wants experienced actor for short film that will be submitted to major film festivals. This is a film about a marriage that included violence. This character plays the son. He is conflicted because he doesn't want to be like his father but he doesn't know how to be different. The film has a happy ending. One shoot day, probably on a weekend. We need to portray this same character as a child, also, so someone with a younger brother will be given preference. Otherwise, we will cast each separately. Auditions tommorrow late morning, afternoon, and evening. Another audition date will be set, also. Please email head shot and resume. Also, please let us know if you are available today (Tuesday)

Reply to: gigs-2ycyd-2618986936@craigslist.org

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Broadway Rose Theatre Auditions for Musicals (Tigard)

Broadway Rose Theatre auditions for Pump Boys and Dinettes and The Andrews Brothers will be by appointment only:
Sunday, 10/2, 5pm - 10pm
Monday, 10/3, 5pm - 10pm
Callback dates are to be announced.
Auditions will be at the Broadway Rose New Stage, 12850 SW Grant Ave, Tigard, OR 97223.
Call Emma or email for an appointment: 503.906.2378 or email.
All roles are paid. Non-union actors preferred. Age 18 and older only please. Bring photo and resume to the audition, and bring your calendar to list your conflicts. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled slot to give yourself time to complete the audition form. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.

Rehearsal Info:
Vocals - week of 1/2
Rehearsals - Begin 1/10, Tuesday-Friday 6:30 - 10, Saturday 10 - 5, Sunday 1 - 9, Mondays OFF Opens - 2/2
Closes - 2/26
Hold through 3/4 for added shows.
Performance dates are in brochure or at www.broadwayrose.org. There may also be a couple of added Wednesdays.

This fun musical is about four men who work at a gas station and two women waitresses at the "Double Cupp Diner", a dinette, both places located on Highway 57 somewhere between Frog Level and Smyrna, North Carolina. The four guys at the station, Jim, Jackson, Eddie and L.M., have been known to do some auto repairs, but only when aided by quantities of time and beer. The Cupp sisters, Prudie and Rhetta, celebrate their home cooking with the same zeal they bring to being neighborly with the boys. Part musical, part concert, part revue, part theatre, and 100% amazing, the six characters in Pump Boys & Dinettes transform an ordinary, typical, and otherwise boring day into an occasion that you'll be sure to talk about months later. This is their musical tribute to life by the roadside! The music is mostly from the country/rock pop music genres.

Women's roles and the role of LM (piano) have already been cast. We are only auditioning men who can sing and play the following instruments - Lead Guitar, Bass and Rhythm Guitar. Men who cannot already play these instruments for these roles will not be considered. Please prepare a short song in a similar style to the show, an accompanist will be provided. Please bring sheet music in your own key. Bring your instrument and be prepared to play as requested. We will make an amp available in the audition room for convenience of getting through the audition process.

Jackson (Lead Guitar): 18-55. Plays lead guitar and sings the top line in the music. Men interested in this role should be able to improvise for 8 bars in fast two (quarter note = 144) in the following chords: G C7 G D7 G. If called back, these men will be asked to sing in parts and play from the score.

Jim (Rhythm Guitar): 18-55. Plays guitar and sings the middle line in the music. If called back, these men will be asked to sing in parts and to play from the score.

Eddie (Bass): 18-55. Plays the bass guitar and does not sing.

Rehearsal Info:
Vocals - week of 3/19
Rehearsals - Begin 3/27, Tuesday -Friday 6:30 - 10, Saturday 10 - 5, Sunday 1 - 9, Mondays OFF
Opens - 4/19
Closes - 5/13
Hold through 5/20 for added shows.
Performance dates are in brochure or at www.broadwayrose.org. There may also be a couple of added Wednesdays.

A small island in the South Pacific, 1945. Backstage at a U.S.O. Show. The men do perform most of act two as The Andrews Sisters, returning as themselves for the finale.

At this time we are only auditioning men for this show. Please prepare a short song in a similar style to the show, an accompanist will be provided. Please bring sheet music in your own key.

Lawrence: Tenor. His Andrews counterpart is LaVerne. His 4F ailment is incredibly poor eyesight. Lots of physical sight gags, perhaps the biggest clown of the group. Max: Bass. His Andrews counterpart is Maxene. His 4F ailment is flat feet--"but only the left one!" He is the stage manager and attempts to remain in charge in the face of total disaster. Tap solo in act two.

Patrick: Tenor. His Andrews counterpart is Patty. His 4F ailment is asthma. He stutters and stammers throughout act one and generally sings lead in act two--front and center as Patty. His gentle, sweet nature makes it easy for Peggy to fall in love with him.

Reply to: gigs-jmvk6-2618666921@craigslist.org

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