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Auditions: Friday, December 07, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Friday, December 07, 2012.

As you know, the available work is always limited this time of year as we hit our slow season in the PDX market.  That being said I will still update the blog as work comes along, at minimum once a week.

I am glad that this blog is a helpful and reliable resource for those in the PDX community, and it is great to know people are booking work from using this blog.

Thanks for visiting and supporting this blog.

**Disclaimer:  Please use your best judgement when responding to audition posts.  PDX Auditions compiles auditions from various resources, including Craigslist, and cannot be held liable for the content of these pages or the legitimacy of these auditions.  We do our best to post only legitimate auditions, but user discretion is advised.**


**Paid Projects**



PLEASE SEND 2-3 full length pictures of each actor (cell phone photos are fine) to

Need: One Indian female and one Indian male, aged 20s-30s.

Need: African American pregnant Mom

Pay: $125/hr or $500/day for more than 4 hours.

The shoot is 12/7-14 but each role would be needed for a day or less probably.

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I'm a local filmmaker currently working on a short film that's been in development for the past year called, "Sway of the Knife." With the recent success of our Kickstarter campaign where we raised 6K, we are now ready to start production!

"Sway" will be shot in two parts: A "Winter" shoot in February of 2013 and a "Summer" shoot in July or August of 2013. At the moment we are casting for several supporting roles and one lead role. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN "ACTOR," YOU JUST NEED TO BE ABLE TO ACT.

*We are able to offer compensation for our lead role but the supporting roles will either be volunteer or stipend based.*



25-35 year old Vietnamese male of average build. Having been raised in the US since early childhood, English is his primary language. However, he can speak Vietnamese at a grade school level. Michael is a business professional with a contrived comportment of control and intentionality. He at one time pursued creative writing educationally and professionally. His current life is an unhinging repression of his instinctive artistic desires, a troubled past, and self-ambivalence.

-Miscellaneous Supporting Roles-
We are also casting for people who could play a Vietnamese family who speak Vietnamese fluently consisting of the following:
• Father, 45-50 years old
• Mother, 40-45
• Brother 1, 20-30
• Brother 2, 20-30

-Attendants of a Party-
There are roles for people in a party scene. We'll have a real party with food and refreshments! This scene requires a mixture of genders and ages.


Auditions will be throughout December and the first part of the new year. The audition itself will consist of a reading from the script, a brief conversation with the director, and possibly some improvisational scene work.

If you're interested, please send a picture or headshot of yourself. The picture doesn't need to be professionally done, it just needs to give a clear idea of what you look like. In your email, also provide the following information:
1. Name
2. Age
3. Vietnamese Language Skill Level (1-5 with '5' being perfect)
4. English Language Skill Level (1-5 with '5' being perfect)
5. Why you're interested in this project

Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!

Vu Pham
Writer/Producer/Director, nomenstatua

Compensation: $100/Day for Lead Actor, Stipend for Supporting

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 Voice talent needed (SE Portland)Second Story seeks young male voice talent -- ages 25-45 -- speaking English with a German accent. Only local NON-UNION talent will be considered. Recording will be done on 12/12/12, at a professional studio in SE Portland. To be considered, please send an audio recording of yourself reading the letter excerpts below to

The character is a 17th century German King, in his 20's, writing letters to his Queen. No need to over-dramatize.

"Believe me that my thoughts are always of you and that I love you perfectly and I will do so until the day I die. I kiss your lips, your hands, in imagination, a million times."

"God grant that it may not be necessary, but it is best to prepare for the worst. Trust me, don't you think it might be better for you to withdraw in good order, while you can, rather than wait until the enemy comes too close?"

Compensation: This is a paid job, and talent will be compensated accordingly.
This is a contract job.

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 Actress 20-24 for comedic short film
The film is about a comedian and investment banker (a couple years out of college) and we are casting for the banker's assistant. There are two scenes we'll probably shoot over two days, including one on location in a cafe. There is a big comedic aspect to the film so comedy chops are very welcome. She's neat and good at her work, though her attitude belies an lack of serious towards her job.

We'll be shooting the week of Dec. 17th and we'd like to cast by next week. We may cast someone if we have enough information to do so, so please send as much as possible. We might also hold auditions. We are novice filmmakers but we are nice and we can pay you!

Compensation: $100 for two days

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 Actress for Love/Dating video series (Oregon City)

I am casting for a series of 20 videos (each 5 to 10 minutes running length) and I am specifically looking for young ladies 20-30.

These are targeted for the internet, not broadcast.

Please send a head shot (at a minimum) or a link to a demo reel on YouTube or Vimeo.

This is a paid gig, with compensation to be discussed with finalists



Location: Oregon City

Compensation: $300+ depending on experience and shoot

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Auditions announcement for Fool for Love by Sam Shepard

Directed by Asae Dean, MFA Shakespeare & Performance,

Please bring a headshot and resume and prepare one modern monologue of your choice (25 lines maximum).

If you play an instrument, please bring it, particularly guitar. If you are a singer, we would love to hear you sing....anything but particularly your favorite pop song, country or folk song.

CASTING NEEDS: 3 men, ages 25 – 65 - Jenny Newbry Waters is playing May,

Audition date: Saturday, December 15th Noon – 5pm

auditions are by appointment only

Callbacks: Monday, December  17th  (7pm-9pm)

Auditions Location: GRW Building, 2800 NE Liberty St, Portland, OR 97211. Room 310

Rehearsals begin February 26th. Rehearsals will be held Monday through Thursday evenings with some weekend rehearsals to be determined by cast availability.

Performance dates: April 5th – 21st,  11 performances total (Thursday – Sunday except the first weekend which has no Thursday night performance.)

Performance location: Back Door Theater

Compensation: This is a paid position.

DIRECTOR BIO: Asae Dean holds an MFA in Shakespeare and Performance. She produces passionate, poetic, powerful plays that explore both the personal and political dimensions of love and sexuality. She believes that the best theatre occurs when actors look each other and the audience right in the eye. Favorite directing credits include: How I Learned to Drive, Cressida, The Maid's Tragedy, Electricidad, , and Much Ado about Nothing. She assistant directed on the world premier of Ghost Light at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and dramaturged Tamburlaine at the American Shakespeare Center.

To set up an appointment or for questions please contact:

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CoHo Theatre Seeks Actors for Fertile Ground Staged Readings
CoHo Theatre will present 2 staged readings of new plays written by the winners of the NEW x NW playwright competition. The readings will be directed by Debbie Lamedman.

Each play will get 2 performances; Sunday, January 27th and Saturday, February 2nd at the CoHo Theatre; 4 shows in total.
Actors will be paid a small stipend.  This is a great showcase, not only for the playwrights, but for the actors as well.  Last year's winner, "A Noble Failure" by Sue Mach was picked up for a full production this season at Third Rail Repertory.

We are looking for a core group of actors to fill the roles for these 2 full-length plays that will be presented as readings during Fertile Ground.
Seeking Male and Female actors ages 20's - Seniors.

Please send your  headshot and resume to  Auditions will be held on Tuesday, December 18th by appointment only.

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**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**



This is for an independent feature film being shot in February 2013. Please read thoroughly and reply if it fits you... :)

Zach (30) was orphaned at a young age. He still has resentment towards his mother whom he feels was somehow responsible for the death of his father. He’s charismatic and manipulative, has a sharp wit , and is ego-centric with a sense of entitlement for good measure. He studies post-grad psychology at Reed College, drinks a little too much, and is bisexual. After a late night bar room breakup with his boyfriend Tommy, Zach befriends Mona, the older of two young sisters living alone in the house of their deceased family.

ABOUT “PRESERVATION”, a film by Steven Richter
There is something about the loneliness you feel in the company of the ones closest to you that helps to define who you are. “Preservation” is a film about letting go of that shared familiar space that no longer belongs to you. Two young sisters, Mona and Rachel, whose parents are deceased, live alone in their old childhood house in southeast Portland. Without parental guidance, they have been left to their own devices, a reality they experience in completely different ways. While Mona builds an illusory image of herself as shelter, Rachel finds solace in her music. A man enters their world and sees an opportunity to assert control. A boy watches, intervenes. There may be a greater power in innocence, and the genuine interest people have in one another.

About the Director
Steven Richter is a Portland, Oregon, based filmmaker. He is the founder and director of Academia Internacional de Cinema , a well known accredited film school located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that has produced more than 1500 short films in its 8 years of activities. Directing credits include The Myth of Drowning (short, Brazil, 2009), based on a story by New York writer Dawn Raffel, and Center of Gravity(feature, Brazil, 2009), which was a nominee for the New Directors Competition at the São Paulo International Film Festival in 2011, and made the official selection for the Raindance Film Festival in London in 2012. He is the founder and director of two production companies: Universal Remote Films (São Paulo, Brazil), connected to Academia Internacional de Cinema, producer of “Center of Gravity”) and Reverie Films (Portland, U.S.A.), which is currently producing his next feature film, “Preservation”, to be shot in Portland in February 2013.

Audition Location:
1410 SE 46th Ave. Portland, OR

Available times TODAY Fri 12/07/12:
(These times will be reserved on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis)
3:15 pm
3:30 pm
3:45 pm
4:15 pm
4:30 pm
4:45 pm

Audition sides will be emailed upon request.

Reply to:  Please send a text message to Lara Cuddy at 503-752-7633 with your name, the time slot you are interested in, and your email address. She will reply with confirmation and send you the pages to prepare for the audition. Please bring headshot/resume if you come to audition. Thanks!

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+CASTING CALL : Short Film+ (Portland, Oregon)We are looking for the following:

Claudia (mid-30s), domesticated suburban mother, any race.
Peter (white Christ figure, boy-next-door), Angel (white/Latin/Asian playboy), Bobby (bboy, white), Cory (sensitive black poet) (supposed to look 17 years old, BUT did you know the "Beverly Hills 90210" actors were in their 30s? I am open to SUBMISSIONS...)
Tina and Lorraine (17, see comment above regarding teenage role SUBMISSIONS) - typical teenage girls, Tina looks more girl-next-door and Lorraine looks more sultry by appearance.

This will be a 10-minute total screen time shoot...3 scenes of a feature...We plan to take this footage and our script and GARNER FINANCING for our indie film, "Who's Inviting Mary?" to be shot in Portland, Oregon sometime in 2014.

We are looking for people who may be interested in working with us on the feature afterwards (if interested), but QUALITY and WORK ETHIC are crucial. NO NUDITY AT ALL.

Writer/Director from UCLA teaming up with experienced DP who has done a lot of corporate videos, including work for Radar Pictures. Shoot will be 3 to 4 days MAXIMUM.

Please EMAIL HEADSHOT before showing up for the audition.


December 29th, 9AM-2PM
(Right off max line also)
Hillsboro Artists' Regional Theater
185 Southeast Washington Street Hillsboro, OR 97123
TEXT 503-686-5088 if you have questions

Location: Portland, Oregon

Compensation: Copy, credit, meals, possible lodging if from out of town

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40ish actor wanted for video (usa)

 I need an actor to record a one minute video for a Kickstarter campaign. No pay but, free publicity. the whole thing would take about 30 minutes. E mail me a headshot and resume.

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Voice Over - Nepal Film (Anywhere)Hello,

My film team has a video that we need to release in the next couple days that is going to be used to help a community in Nepal. I am looking for a VO artist who is willing join us in helping a community in need. Please see to learn all about our film project. Can you help us? Its about a 10 lines of text that needs to be recorded. Looking for any genuine voice.... At the moment all i can give you in return is free tickets for you and your friends to the Kumari Film Benefit at the Eco Trust building in downtown portland on Thursday Night Dec 6th.... Where your work and ours will be premiered. There will be free food. big raffles. free drinks. great live music by Goose & Fox, Tim Snider, and Bitterroot.... Sound interesting?

Heres the catch. I need the voice over recorded and delivered by end of day wednesday. Dec 5th. Either you can come up to my studio and record your VO here or you can record it at home. Like i said, we are all working on this project for the love of helping those in need and creating community around trekking, nepal, film, and music. This is a non profit project.

Give me an email back and let me know your thoughts or if you would like to see the video and text you would need to read. If you can send VO samples that would be ideal!


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Actress For Sports Viral Videos (Downtown PDX)

We are looking for actresses or aspiring actress in the Portland area to help with a future viral videos for a sports website.

We're looking for someone who can act in sketches along with possibly doing interviews/man on the street type work.

Our ideal candidate would be in their 20's, an athlete or sports fan or have some acting background (although none is required). You don't have to look like Erin Andrews but it doesn't hurt if you do.

When responding to the posting, please provide head shots/body shots and a resume if you can.

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Currently casting for multiple male and female roles for my next short film, The Second Coming.


The film will have a 5 day shoot schedule and 1 to 2 pick up days which will be shot on the Canon CS300 over a month period from mid January 2013 to mid February 2013.

SYNOPSIS: The Second Coming is a dark love story about a escort who is trying to get out of the business who falls in love with a schizophrenic who thinks he is the Second Coming of Christ. It is a modern day version of the Jesus and Mary Magdelene story meets the film True Romance, which follows the heros journey but takes the viewer into the twisted minds of the characters through surreal imagery and dreamscapes.

I will be casting for the following roles:

SKATER KID, male (16-21), any ethnicity but must look like a teenager. This role requires a total of 1 shoot day and would be preferable if you can ride a skateboard but all will be considered. Speaking part.

MARY JANSA, (25-30), Female Lead, Caucasian, This role requires a 5-6 shoot day commitment. Speaking role. (no nudity but implications of nudity and a brief kissing scene, be aware I am a female director and I am a feminist)

JACK GREENBERG, (25-30), Male Lead, of Jewish ethnicity or can pass for, This role requires a 5-6 day commitment. Speaking role

FRED THE TRICK (30-50), any ethnicity, Yes this is one of Mary's clients. Must be able to play the antagonist. This role requires one shoot day. Speaking part.

MAD DONNA, (21-25), any ethnicity, International pop star. Requires two shoot days. Speaking Role.

MAD DONNA'S BODY GUARDS, (30-50) any ethnicity, Requires two shoot days. Non Speaking Roles.

TONY, (25-40), any ethnicity, small time drug dealer and petty thief. Speaking Role.

Please email which roles you would like to audition for and I will send you a side and brief character bio if relevant. Please only driven and serious actors apply we are all working hard and one bad apple can ruin a whole production.

This is a no budget production with only minimal funds to pay for food, rentals, props, and permits.
Nobody is getting paid and everyone involved is doing this because they, like myself are artists and want more experience and footage for their reel.

What I can offer is that you are well fed, respected, challenged as actors, have a beautiful piece for your reel, multiple invitations to screenings, connections with those working in the industry and some great experience for your future career as an actor.

Please feel free to view a trailer of my last film to see if this the kinda production you would like to participate in.


Lastly you may contact me with any questions or concerns about the above parts.

I look forward to meeting with you and hopefully casting you.

-D.R. Garrett

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Hello all. World @ Large Theatre here.

W@LT is holding Auditions this Saturday (December 8th) for it's Fertile Grounds Festival show!

Audition Details:

DECEMBER 8th, SATURDAY @ 11:30am - 1:30pm

at Performance Works Northwest
4625 SE 67th Ave. Portland, OR 97206

Please prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues. Your audition should exceed 3 minutes.
To reserve a specific time, feel free to reply with specified time.

Show Details:

"Doing the Cockroach" written by Andrew Shanks

Directed by Tom Lees and Patrick Polsin

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: No one wants a second chance more than Edmund Carthy. Reincarnated as a cockroach, Edmund seeks out a new life by entering the Office of Religious Relations, the DMV of the afterlife. With the help of his case worker, Sister Ray, Edmund traverses the many levels, policies and iterations of the afterlife in an absurdist farce of existential proportions. But with his checkered past, Edmund is gonna have to go through the karmic ringer to get what he truly desires: an unburdened life.

Venue:  The Chapel Theatre at Milepost 5 | 850 NE 81st Ave, Portland OR 97213

Festival Dates:  Jan 24 @ 10pm; Jan 28, Feb 1 @ 5pm; Jan 30 @ 7pm

The show will be a staged reading combined with multimedia elements. Scripts in hands but some memorization will be required.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a stipend or pay at this time. Looks great on a resume though. Plus, you'll be a part of one of the most crazy and spirited productions you've ever
Here is a breakdown of the Characters/Roles in the show:

EDMUND CARTHY. M. Late 20s/Early 30s. An selfish investment advisor reincarnated as an ill-tempered cockroach. Brazen and desperate for change.
SISTER RAY. F. 30s. A goddess trapped in the body of a low level desk worker. The years have made her jaded but she still carries hope.
DAISY. F. 20s. Omnipotent secretary for the Office of Religious Relations. Chipper, though abrupt at times.
BROTHER SETH. M. 30s. Sister Ray's superior. A former clerk who moved up the ladder. He's the goading devil to Ray's jaded angel.

Reply to:  If you have any questions, please let us know at:

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Rockstar Executive Assistant at Funnelbox

 If you are tired of working with stiffs, for pricks, and for clients who are dicks. . .

If you think your place of employment should be a place you enjoy coming to, for both the work and for the people.
If you want a place where you are trusted to do your best work; where you are recognized for your achievements and contributions; and where you get to share in the spoils of success.

If you want to work for a company that understands you have a life outside of the office, but that your work is also an important part of your life;  a place that trusts you to do the right thing, that fosters your curiosity and encourages you to learn and grow;  a place with a culture that cheers for your success and supports you in your quest to become a better person tomorrow than you are today; and where the boss recognizes that he has as much to learn from you as you do from him.

We might make a good match.

Funnelbox is looking for a kick-ass Executive Assistant.

If you have:
1. A smile that comes naturally.
2. Unshakable integrity.
3. A burning desire to serve the team.
4. An unquenchable thirst for personal growth.
5. An uncanny ability to see things not only for what they are, but for what they have the potential to be.
6. The ability to find and develop process and order in the often chaotic world of small business.
. . ...You should apply.

Should you land this job you will surely be paid less than a rockstar deserves. . .but you'll love the work and people enough to take the gig anyway.

Email us a compelling cover letter.  And a resume (if you must.)

Compensation: $12-$15/hr

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Producing Assistant, CommunityYear-round, Non Exempt, Full-Time 40 hrs/week position

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival seeks an exceptionally organized, detail-oriented and dynamic individual to assist our Associate Producer, Community in the preparation, run, and post-production of OSF's Community Productions, including but not limited to, OSF Presents, Audio Plays, Green Show, Midnight Projects, Juneteenth, MLK Day Celebration, Daedalus, Love's Labors, etc.

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to gathering logistical and technical request s from guest artists and assessing OSF's capacity to support them; confirming technical and logistical capabilities with guest artist and ensuring that clear expectations, capabilities and limitations are communicated; ensuring smooth communications with Company Management regarding guest artists' housing needs; managing guest artists' travel arrangements; liaising with OSF staff to oversee maintenance, including equipment repair, inventory control, Courtyard Stage, Community Artists Green Room, Carpenter Hall and Black Swan Theatre; ordering equipment and supplies; keeping personnel, artists and budgetary records up-to-date; and recruiting Professional Experience Program participants and requesting and supervising volunteer staff. For a complete job description, please visit

A bachelor's degree is required; however, equivalent years of experience in theatre producing may be considered in lieu of educational requirement. In addition, 2 years of experience in theatre producing are required. Experience as stage manager is a plus. Proficiency in MS Office is required (Word, Excel, and Outlook). Successful applicants will have demonstrated experience supervising the work of others. Experience with Google Docs and Tessitura is a plus. This position requires to be able maintain a clear driving record and the ability to pass a background check. A good sense of hearing and ability to lift up to 40 lbs o occasion are required.

At OSF we believe that diverse ideas, cultures and traditions reflect the broad diversity of the nation and enrich our insights into the work we present on stage.  We are committed to diversity in all areas of our work, including play selection, casting, marketing and public relation efforts, education programs, strategic recruitment of staff and volunteers, and the composition of the Board of Directors. People of color are encouraged to apply.

Annual salary range is $30,000.00 to $35,000.00; final offer will be made based on experience. Some benefits include medical, dental and vision insurance; vacation; and a matching retirement program.

To apply for this position, please send in a single email a) cover letter addressing your qualifications for the position, b) résumé and c) 3 work references (Name, position, phone number and email) by December 24, 2012 to All documents must be in Word or PDF format. Please type in the subject line of your email the following information:
Producing Assistant, Community: Your Last Name, Your First Name (source from which you learned about this position)
Example: Producing Assistant, Community: Capulet, Juliet (OSF Website)
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