Saturday, September 22, 2012

Auditions: Saturday, September 22, 2012.

This post contains auditions posted on September 22, 2012.

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**Paid Projects**


Casting for Concept Trailer

Red.I.Productions is proud to announce that we are now looking for Actors for our next project!

We will be filming a Concept Trailer over a span of 2(3) days for a feature film by first time Writer and Director, Kristi Sanchez, "A Fool's Paradise" to be filmed in the greater Portland, Oregon area.

A fool's Paradise (Synopsis)

-Melody, a young Hollywood superstar, has deceived everyone by pretending to be the perfect role model, but when she ends up pregnant with no idea who the father is, her career is in jeopardy of being destroyed. Before the press finds out about her secret bad-girl lifestyle, her agent devises a plan to hide her and replace her with Kate, an off-the-street look-alike desperate to escape her sordid past. Melody's jealousy takes over when Kate is cast in her dream film and starts dating her gorgeous co-star. Lives are changed forever when a parent's greed and a rebellious young actress's jealousy intertwine with another girl's only chance at a better life. Each will stop at nothing to get what they want.-

So here is what we are looking for:

Melody/Kate (roles to be played by one actress/twins):
Must be 18+ but be able to play both a 16 year old and a 21 year old.
Thin, medium to long hair, beautiful to 'Hollywood' standards,
The 16 year old is a Hollywood movie star
The 21 year old is an ex-prostitute
Must be okay with dressing provocatively and with some physical contact in the film
Must be able to play two different intense characters

Must be 18+ but play a 21 year old. Tall, 'young Hollywood heartthrob', athletic build,
Must be okay with physical contact with lead actress in film

Best Friend of Melody:
Must be 18+ but play a 16/17 year old. Must be attractive and play the part of a devious rich girl perfectly.

Reporter for a gossip channel:
Man/Woman 25-35, dress nicely and professionally (ala Perez Hilton persona)

Late 30's to 40's, open to body types, average height, must act like she is better than everyone else, extremely materialistic, demanding

Slick, good looking, manipulative personality, greedy

Compensation: Non union wages -- Actors cast for the Trailer WILL also be used when the Film acquires the full budget needed and swings into Full Production.

Reply to:  Please submit your resume, a few photos (at least one head shot and one body shot), your general availability, and your contact information Thank you!!

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**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


Casting Lead Actress for a Kickstarter

International Criminals have captured an elite special agent. A lone female agent goes to rescue him."

We are making a short melodrama-action parody & looking to film a single scene to put on Kickstarter. This is very low budget mini-short. There's no pay other than a copy of the mini-short, free food & some photos of you in costume looking dangerous. If the Kickstarter is successful we will be able to include some form of payment for a longer short & would be interested in using the same actors.

We are actually re-casting this part as our other actress will be out of town during filming. Just need to find a new female lead.

This is the Role:

Shana/Female Lead
The team's only female agent, smartest too & hasn't gotten over breaking up with the love of her life.
At least shoulder length hair, preferably red or willing to color. We may have a wig but prefer natural hair.
Age: Early 20s to Late 20s
Average to tall in height with a small to average build. Wardrobe has already been bought. The top is listed as medium in size but it runs small. Pants was a size 4. We can replace the pants but not the top.

Will be doing informal auditions Tuesday night the 25th & possibly Wednesday.
Will be signing up new Actress on Thursday the 27th.
Rehearsal & Filming Dates are October 13th/14th (Saturday & Sunday).

Reply to:  If interested please send resume a photo & information to

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 Featured Extras and Major Role (Sauvie Island)

Hapstance Films is filming an action-packed epic Saturday 29th @8:00am at Savie Island! If you'd like to be involved, we want you! It involves the wonderful world of LARPing (Live Action Role Play) and boffers. We still need 5 featured extras and one major role cast. Free breakfast and carpool available. Come and get medieval!

To be considered e-mail any previous acting experience/resume and headshot (also let us know your transportation situation). We will send you more detailed info. once you submit. Limited spots available.

To view past works visit

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