Saturday, March 24, 2012

Auditions: Saturday, March 24, 2012

This post contains auditions posted on Saturday, March 24, 2012.

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large dog wanted for shoot (the couve)

Have a dog and want to be an extra in a film shoot this Sunday the 25th? Noon in Vancouver.

Please repond.

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Casting Call for Infomercial Roles (Vancouver, WA)

Casting Call for Infomercial Roles:

Casting for upcoming filming of an infomercial for a local company. This 60 and 120 second DRTV spot will be aired nationally on major networks and cable stations such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Food Network, Cooking Channel etc.

Seeking actors, in the posted age range, for the following roles:
 Mom (age 30-40)
 Dad (age 30-40)
 Boy (age 6-11)
 Girl (age 6-11)
 Grandmother (60-70)

Please submit your resume and/or describe previous acting experience. Please include any video links you may have of your work. This is optional, but preferred. There will be both speaking and non-speaking roles. Local auditions will be held starting the week of 3/26/12.

Apply now.

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RUNWAY MODEL CASTING CALL-Men/Women (Hollywood District, Portland)

Hello Portland runway models! Got a sexy strut?

This is a casting call for a fashion show for the fabulous students that made it through the fashion forward program at Portland Sewing and are ready to debut their collections. Portland Sewing is an apparel school in NE Portland/Hollywood District, and we are proud to open casting for our second annual show.

We are seeking 12-15 models with experience, 8-10 female and 4-5 male.

Our female models should be 5'8" to 6' tall, with a proportionate, slim build
Please wear fitted jeans, a blank tank top, and heels to the audition

For men, we prefer a slim or strong build
Please wear fitting jeans or pants and fitted tee shirt.

All models should bring a brief resume and photos if possible

Hired models will be PAID! This will be an awesome runway experience, with rad clothes, for a good cause.

Hired models need to be available most of the day for these scheduled dates:
Final Fitting: Sunday, April 22
Rehearsal: TBD
Show Date: Saturday, April 28 or 29 (we will know shortly), at 8pm

DATE OF CASTING: Sunday, March 25th, 11am-1pm
ADDRESS: 2111 NE 43rd Avenue Portland, OR 97213

Questions? Please respond to the email above :)

Thank you!!

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Looking for a vocal instructor! (Gresham)

I'm looking for affordable private voice lessons for the next few months - I am a 24-year-old female, hoping to hire a female voice instructor with some experience, willing to work with me in terms of pricing (I have always wanted to take private voice lessons but never did because of cost). Hours/pay negotiable, I live in Gresham and work in Vancouver but am able to travel to your location.

Please contact me via email with information about you and pricing/availability. Thank you.

Compensation: Negotiable, depends on experience

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Model for Cosmetic Shoot (Portland)

Local production company seeks models for upcoming project. We are looking for blond or red hair, 17 - 35 years of age. Please include name, contact information, and height/weight. Please submit a minimum of three headshots with your response to the post. This project features cosmetic before and after shots, so close up (headshots) and from straight on and several angles are the best submissions.

Compensation: product plus images

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Small role for female in feature film

We are currently casting a small role in a independent feature film. The part is for an attractive female in her twenties and takes place in an office setting. It would require three, 2 to 4 hour days of shooting. Although there is a fully developed script, improvisation is highly encouraged. As such, a small role could become larger with the right person.

Professional headshot and resume not required, but please send a photo and your background information for further details.

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actors needed! (PDX)

I am shooting a short independent film to submit to festivals. I am looking for 3 actors overall. one male and female playing a married couple in their mid 20's - mid 30's. The third being a really short man with a large smile or a very tall man with large smile. preferably short but both considered. ultimately kinda weird or creepy looking. the shoot will only take two days at most and be filming sometime in first half of april.
please reply with a headshot and experience if any, not necessary. we can then set up a meeting and short audition / discussion.
thank you so much!

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Actors needed for simple, local gig (NE Portland)

Hi there,

I own a small company in town that is doing some video work for our business. We are recording video lessons for an English language product we sell. It's very easy work, and will be a lot of fun. You will be doing some improv, some reading off a script.

We want to start this shoot right away, so send an email if you are interested. Also please enclose a resume and a current photo of yourself. We will take a look and get in touch if you look like a good fit for the part.

If you include your phone number, there is a better chance we will get in touch (just because sometimes that's faster.)

Thanks a lot, and we hope to speak with you!

Compensation: $12-15/hr.

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Funded Independent Film seeking 1 actor, 1 actress (Portland)

Looking for one actress and one actor for lead roles in an upcoming feature independent film. Interested persons need to be 18 to 35 and do not need experience. Director is willing to teach the right people acting skills. Experienced actors/actresses are also encouraged to inquire.

If you are interested in an audition, please respond with the following answers:
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Any experience:
Reason you desire to be in an independent film:

Compensation: Inquire

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Tango-proficient dancers/actors for student film (Oregon City)

We're looking for three attractive. mid-20's actors/dancers for lead roles in a student film, two female and one male. Besides acting ability, experience in Argentine Tango will be major focus: Lead/follow flexibility is a plus, and we'll be looking for nice-looking ganchos, boleos, and other dramatic moves that'll look good on camera.

A good wardrobe would be helpful, as we'll probably be needing actors to supply their own costumes--

Female #1 Happy-go-lucky, innocent, upbeat character: should wear a sun dress, light, warm colors such as yellow.
Female #2 Dark, sultry, brooding character, almost gothic. should wear "Little black dress," predominantly black clothes and accesories.
Male: Charming but simple. Wears greys and neutral tones.

This will be a dialogue-free story about two girls competing one guy's attention.
Note: we're not affiliated with Tango Silent films (TSF).

Message me for more details if you're interested. Portfolios welcome!

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"Reservoir Dolls" Auditions

Bossanova Ballroom Announces Local Auditions for
Reservoir Dolls by Erika Anne Soerensen

Auditions for Bossanova Ballroom’s production of Erika Anne Soerensen’s adaption of Quentin Taratino’s Reservoir Dolls will be held on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Callbacks are scheduled if necessary. Directed by Dylan Hillerman (“Bikini Creature Beach Feature”).

Roles for women available are as follows:

· Ms. Blue
· Jo Cabot
· Nice Gal Edie
· Ms. Blonde
· Ms. Pink
· Ms. White
· Ms. Orange
· Ms. Brown

There is one role, Marvin Nash (the cop), for which we will be casting the only male actor in the show.

All types of actors are welcome, but fair warning: this show isn’t camp. And it doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as you are a bad-ass. We want the best. This is a paying gig, but don’t quit your day job. You won’t see any of it until after the final show (TBA).
The audition slots are limited to five minutes. All auditioners will be asked to read from the script. Sides from the play will be available when auditioners sign-up. Auditions will be held at the Bossanova Ballroom. A photo and resume are recommended.

For more information please visit the Bossanova Ballroom web site: .

Rehearsal dates for the production TBA. Show times are Thursday, June 28th until Sunday, July 1st at 8pm. All times subject to change.
Roles are available for 8 women and 1 man; all auditioners must be 21 or older.

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Casting Males for Chorus of - "The Black Lizard"

Two young men from 18 to 30 years old will be cast for the chorus in Imago’s “The Black Lizard”. The chorus will play multiple silent roles in the production. These roles include a stipend.

Rehearsals for Chorus begin in early April. The show runs May through June 2. All rehearsals are evenings, primarily weekdays. You must be 18 years or older to audition.

"The Black Lizard" is a campy, outrageous, funny, poetic, stylistic, horrific mystery set in Osaka and Toyko. Jerry Mouawad’s direction will bring a contemporary flair to this wild classic from the East. The silent chorus a will portray gang members of The Black Lizard, a beautiful shift changer jewel thief and diabolical dark queen of underground Japan.

This production has nudity in some roles.

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Need Potential Drama Teachers for Instructional Video, April 5th

Are you an actor who is wanting to start teaching drama to kids?

We are shooting a video "How to Teach Drama to Kids," on Thursday, April 5th from 10-4 at a studio in NE Portland, and I am looking for potential drama instructors who might want to be in the video. This is a workshop I have delivered in many local schools, and recently for Kaplan Early Learning-to train 120 of their after-school instructors. You may already know some of what I cover, but you may also pick up some new techniques/activities. You would get "credit" on the video, lunch, free lattes/coffee drinks and a post-production copy when it's done.

Please let me know if this is of interest to you. I am looking for about ten teachers, so if you are unable to participate, please feel free to share this with someone you feel may benefit.


Director, Founder, Janitor
The Young Players

Janea Dahl is the Director of The Young Players, Oregon's largest drama outreach organization. YP runs in over a hundred local schools and employs 30-50 teaching artists every year. Janea offers drama integration workshops to schools locally, and for organizations across the US. In 2009, she created a website that offers a wealth of curriculum for drama teachers worldwide.

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Need Teenagers for Fun Instructional Video

Hi Everyone,

We are shooting a video, "Fifty Drama Games for Kids, and Educators!"

The video will be featured on a website that I created for drama teachers all over the world.

Do you know a teenager who would like to be a part of helping teachers and kids everywhere learn to play these amazing games?

We are shooting on Monday-Wednesday April 2-4th, from approximately 10-4 each day. We are looking for about ten students each day/about six teenagers each day (ages 13-18). Each student would spend one day working with one of our engaging instructors in a group, learning about fifteen games, and playing them on camera. We will provide lunch and snacks.

This would mean taking missing school for one day. I tried to book weekends, but it was virtually impossible with space/crew considerations. As an educator, I do believe that this can be a valuable learning experience. Students will not only get to spend a day learning new theatre games, they will get to experience what it is like to make a film. They will learn some key terminology, and gain an understanding of what the various people on a production set do.

Every participant will receive credit in the video, and a post-production copy when it's done!

If you know of someone who would like to participate, have them send an email as soon as possible to Here's what to include:

Day(s) Available

Please reply as soon as you can so that we can organize the groups of kids before sending out all of the details. We will need parents permission for students to miss school.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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Readers Theatre Rep is seeking the following actors for its APRIL ORIGINALS MONTH:

SHOW: "Titans," a short one-act play directed by Mary McDonald-Lewis
2 M actors, 60-70, to play GORE VIDAL and WM F. BUCKLEY
1 M actor, 20s, to play PRODUCTION ASSISTANT

NOTE: The characters are meant to be, and resemble, VIDAL and BUCKLEY. 20s M will be used in 1 additional short one-act play

SHOW: "The Book of Miriam," a short one-act play directed by Mary McDonald-Lewis
1 M actor, 30s, to play AARON
1 M actor, 40s, to play MOSES
1 F actor, late 30s/early 40s, to play MIRIAM

NOTE: Each actor will be used in 1 additional short one-act play

Must be able to make all rehearsals.

Monday March 26th: TITANS, 6-7PM; BOOK OF MIRIAM 7-8PM

Readthrough: Sun April 8 7-9PM
Rehearsal: Tues/Thurs April 10/12 7-9PM
Performance: Fri/Sat April 13/14 7PM call
Pay: $30/non-union $35/Equity

Audition location provided with submission.



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