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Auditions: Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This post contains auditions posted on Wednesday, July 24, 2013.

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**Paid Projects**

Fred Meyer - Money Services Casting
Do you know anyone who is a NATIVE Alaskan on-camera talent in OR or WA? Fred Meyer needs you!

Type: Commercial
Shoots: MON, JUL 29
Possibly a night shoot
Location: Portland
Union: No
Rate: $1250
Agent: 20%
Usage: 1 year starting Aug 2013
Markets: OR, WA, ID, AK (TV, Digital, Mobile, Corp, In-House)

SUBMIT BY: Headshots by end of day today to

• All talent should know ALL their accurate sizes when arrive for casting.
• All talent should bring their headshot/resume to every casting.
• Talent should NOT wear solid white or grey tops to the casting.
Notes: Please submit a good range of ethnicity. Make sure to include any Pacific Islander and/or Alaska type folks

Male or Female, 25 - 50, Any Ethnicity
Source:  Private Submission

Casting for Music Video (Portland )

 A local production company is casting for a music video here in town. We are looking for a male in his 50's that can play a mobster type, his assistant, and 6 dancers. One of the dancers needs to be able to choreograph a dance.
We will be shooting in the evening on August 5th, 6th, or 7th.
Payment has not been determined yet.

Please email me with pictures. We will have a casting on July 30th.

Thank you,

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Female Model Wanted for PDX Clothing Company (SE Portland, OR)  

Hi there!

We're looking for a model for our women's clothing line, Make It Good Every piece of clothing is designed and manufactured sustainably by us, right here in Portland.

Our upcoming photo shoot will take place August 7th, and we are planning a day of studio shooting here in SE Portland.

The model chosen for this photoshoot will be the catalog model our Fall/Winter collection on our newly redesigned website.

We're a small company, and generally compensate models in trade, plus some money, depending on experience ($200 cash, $200 trade for experienced models).

We are looking for apparel models only, not underwear. We prefer models who are confident, sexy, strong, a little tough, and smart. Not overly skinny, and ideally not a 'straight up and down' body, curve type measurements are preferable, but not required for the right model.

We're looking for aprox 20 - 29 years olds (ish). Models must be fit.

We look for a sense of playfulness, confidence, and intelligence. The version of 'sexy' that we go for is as if the models don't even know how attractive they are.

We pride ourselves in having a very professional, safe, and comfortable environment, and will be shooting with NY based photographer George Barberis.

Please send photos or links to profile or portfolio.

Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!

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Lead Actor in Powerful Low Budget Film needed (Portland)

Casting a leading man (late twenties - early thirties) for a short film being shot Aug 26th, Sept 2nd & 3rd.

Please send head shot, reel, resume, and experience level with stunts/martial arts.

Thank you for your time

Compensation: $450 for 3 days of production (or $150/day)

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Casting Call for Indie Short -- All Roles PAID (Portland Area)
This is a REPOSTING, as we're seeking additional submissions for another round of auditions. Please expedite the consideration process by providing your info/media in the following format:

1) Headshot -- Attachment labeled w/your name & HS (ie, John Doe HS)
2) Resume -- Attachment labeled w/your name & Resume (ie, John Doe Resume)
3) Links to Reel or Website -- Not necessary, but you're welcome to send any along. Please do NOT expect us to search your site to find your basic info & download/format files for you
4) Contact Info -- Please provide YOUR email address & cell #, not your Agency's
5) Subject Line -- Please put The Phoenix Project, along w/the name of the role you feel is the best fit (ie, The Phoenix Project - ARTHUR)

**If you've already submitted, please do not submit again. We have you on file & you are still being considered, even if you were not invited to audition on Fri. If you auditioned on Fri, then thank you again! If you were asked to send addit'l info, or indicated you would, please do so ASAP.

**Re: the role of ARTHUR, we would like to see some younger actors, so please consider the talent age range "mid-30s to early 50s."

**ALL ethnicities are encouraged to apply!


We are casting for "The Phoenix Project," which is a short film exploring anti-aging research and asking "What if people did not die as a result of chronological aging?" The film focuses on the moral, socio-political, environmental, and philosophical challenges that may arise as competing forces tackle the issue. A consortium of wealthy investors is close to a breakthrough, but a clandestine organization wants to stop their progress.

Speaking Roles

ARTHUR (Male) - He is our protagonist and biggest champion of anti-aging therapies. A rich, charismatic 40-something benefactor, Arthur is motivated by watching his mom continue to decline in health and age at a senior living community. Arthur made his millions in business, but has always been interested in science and technology. He wants to make a difference in the world and sees the opportunity to do so through donations and proactive, creative research endeavors.

JACK (Male) - Jack is Arthur's closest friend and another successful, wealthy businessman in his late 40s or early 50s. Jack admires Arthur's drive and passion for anti-aging research and shares in his vision. While Jack is not the driving force behind the research, he is dedicated to the cause and Arthur's long-time supporter.

EUGENE (Male) - Eugene is one of the nation's leading biogerontologists and the lead researcher on Project Phoenix, which is Arthur's research foundation started with the sole purpose of reversing the aging process and allowing for a future where people in the developed world do not age past their prime. Eugene is in his late 20s when the short begins, late 30s throughout most of the short, young but brilliant, driven to succeed at experimental research and make his mark on the world.

VINCENT (Male) - Unnamed in the short, Vincent is a radical environmentalist bent on the destruction of technological progress. He sees the potential consequences for the planet and has formed a small cult of followers who see almost a religious mission in thwarting the technology that could stop human aging. Vincent is in his late 30s, intimidating presence, dark hair, and in shape.

LEE (Male) - Lee is Vincent's top agent. While Vincent has the conviction, the resources, and the knowledge, Lee has the unflinching and uncompromising drive to carry out any and all tasks in the name of the cause. He is the ultimate extremist. As passionate as Arthur is for his cause, Lee is his nemesis.

AGATHA (Female) - Agatha is Arthur's mom, in her mid-70s, healthy and mentally sharp, but showing signs of slowing down. Her body is not as sharp as her mind and Arthur knows that she is not the active, invigorated woman of his youth.

PETER (Male) - Peter is late 20s / early 30s, sitting on the couch at the end of the short, interested in keeping up with the news after a long day at the office.

MARY (Female) - Mary is Peter's pretty girlfriend, mid-20s, smart, and worldly.

RESEARCHER 1 (Male or Female) - One of Eugene's top researchers. Has several lines in Scene 3.

RESEARCHER 2 (Male or Female) - Another of Eugene's researchers. Has several lines in Scene 3.

Note: Genders are specified, but ages are guidelines and all ethnicities are encouraged to submit. Everyone will be considered!

We are planning to hold auditions this Fri, 7/19/13, 10am-2pm. If you are interested, but unavailable, please submit anyway, indicating your availability for an audition at a later date.

For consideration, please email your headshot, resume, and availability for an audition this Fri. Please put The Phoenix Project in the subject line, along w/the name of the role you feel is the best fit (for instance, "The Phoenix Project - Arthur").

From writer-director Jonathan Bowen, "The Phoenix Project" is a thematic prequel to a feature film script he has already written designed to increase the public profile and discussion of anti-aging research. Bowen is a member of the Director's Guild of America and his work has played at nearly 50 film festivals nationwide, garnering awards and nominations for his cast and crew. His first feature film, "Amy Alyson Fans," came to digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, and YouTube for rent or purchase in July. You can read more about his work here:

Compensation: Pay varies, based on role, but all roles will be paid.

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Wanted: Portland TOUR GUIDES where performing IS your job (Downtown PDX)
You already love Portland, but do you have strong people skills, a motor mouth and wit to boot? Do people think you've had three cups of coffee already, when you haven't even had your first sip of the day? If so, then this is a dream job for passionate people like you.

Portland Walking Tours is an established and growing company that's been around over a decade and runs daily tours with over 40 events per week (not including dozens of private events) from spring through fall and 15+ per week in the winter. We now have a few rare available positions that are on-call and part-time work. Since we run morning, afternoon, and evening events, you may work irregular hours and will not have a fixed schedule. Most of us consider this as a supplement our income since it's not a full-time gig. Before you read further and apply, learn more about what we do by checking out the Portland Walking Tours website or our sister companies Hometown Advantage, Big Red Arrow, and Run Brain Run.

We do all the training and get you up to speed on your missing knowledge of the city. Like all of us, once you're leading tours, you'll seriously be amazed that you're getting paid for doing something so ridiculously fun. So, if you think you have the improv and leadership skills needed, then read on and apply before the audition slots are filled...

POSITION: Resident Expert (aka Tour Guide).

AUDITIONS: August 10th and 11th.

CALLBACKS: Immediately thereafter.

REHEARSALS: Multiple days on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in August & September.

PAY: Once hired, starts at $11/hour. That may seem low at first, but tips/gratuities will often triple that amount so it's not uncommon that most of us make about $100/day.

To get an audition slot, send a single email with the following info to
1. A cover letter including a single paragraph of why you would rock this job.
2. Full and current resume. If you have acting resume, please include that too.
3. A great, recent headshot photo (does not need to be professionally taken).
4. A clear preference for a morning or afternoon audition on August 10th or 11th.

If you do not supply these four (4) things, you will not be considered. If you are not available for the days of auditions, callbacks, or the weekend rehearsals, please do not apply.

A. If we see a good fit, we promise that we will email you with information for your audition date/time/location, what you will have to do at the audition, and more details on rehearsals & eventual employment.
B. Callbacks/interviews, if appropriate.

Please do not call.

This position requires you to own a mobile phone and have desktop/laptop-based high-speed Internet access in your home and check your email at least once per day. If you do not have a cell phone and daily PC/Mac Internet access at home, please do not apply.

This is a part-time and on-call position and not full-time. This is a W-2 employee position (not a contractor or internship) and you must be at least 18 years old and eligible for employment in U.S. Do not hit reply to this job posting as it goes to the incorrect email address.

Our ideal Resident Expert is:
* Enthusiastic when speaking in front of groups, calm under pressure and always witty.
* Self directed, a quick learner, and has a strong work ethic.
* Highly organized and dependable.
* A team player that knows that over-communicating is always appreciated.
* Experienced in improv, acting or performance.
* Pays attention to detail (like this request that the word "chugger" is in your cover letter somehow).
* Extra points if you include a link showing you on video displaying your very high energy levels.
* Proficient in computers (since your schedule + timesheet + more are online).
* Quick responding to text messages on your smart phone a plus
* College Graduate a plus.
* Able to use Facebook on their phone a plus.
* Lives near downtown a plus.
* Vehicle owner a plus.
* Having a concealed plus tattoo a plus.

Compensation: $11/hour plus tips/gratuities - which (for most) adds up to about $100/day

This is a part-time job.

Reply to: with the above information

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Auditions for THE VISIT

By Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Directed by Benjamin Newman

Auditions will be held by appointment, starting Monday July 22nd through Wednesday, July 31st.

Please send a headshot and resume to:

You will receive an e-mail back within 24 hours with a few questions, and as well as various days and times for you to sign up for.

Available Roles:
Alfred Ill (M)
Claire Zachanassian (F)
Mayor (M/F)
Schoolmaster (M/F)
Priest (M)*
Policeman (M/F)*
Butler (M/F)*
Husbands VII-IX (M)*
Koby (F)*
Loby (F)*
Toby (M/F)*
Roby (M/F)*
Man One (M/F)*
Man Two (M/F)*
Man Three (M/F)*
Man Four (M/F)*

*Will Be Double Cast With Other Roles
All Actors Will Be Paid A Stipend.

Also seeking Backstage Support: Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Technical Director, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Musicians, Choreographers, Light Board Operator, Sound Board Operator, Costume Design, Prop Master.

This is my first time producing and directing here in Portland, and I am choosing one of my favorite plays, THE VISIT by Friedrich Durrenmatt. It's a beautiful absurdist comedy about an old lady who returns home to wreak an exact and merciless vengeance on her former love. The script intimately joins comedy and tragedy to support each other in nearly every scene. This balance, between laughter and lunacy, between parody and misfortune, is what gives the play such resonance. It is a timeless story, as startling now as it was when originally written.

Durrenmatt writes that the play is a tragi-comedy, focusing on “a community which slowly yields to temptation..... yet this yielding must be understandable. The temptation is too great, the poverty is too bitter. THE VISIT is a malicious play, but just for that reason, it must be presented without anger and in the most humane way, with sadness and yet with humor, for nothing hurts this comedy that ends tragically more than brutal seriousness”.

Below is more information, and I'll be reaching out to actors I've met and am very interested in working with. I wanted to begin with familiar artists who have already inspired me with their talent and passion, but I'm also open to anyone looking for an amazing opportunity this fall.

I understand this is callback season, and I'm pretty sure I cannot contend with the more established companies in town, but I can promise that I run a tight ship, I can pay a pretty decent salary, and that my passion for this piece is high. Also, if you feel like getting together to talk about the show and/or other details, feel free to let me know you'd like to get together for a coffee, a beer, or other beverage of your choice. I'm excited about this piece, I'm excited about making my directing debut in Portland, and I'm excited about the many possibilities for community, collaboration, and creativity.

28 Rehearsals/12 Performances

Rehearsals: 7:00pm -- 10:00pm
(Not Every Actor Will Be Called Everyday)

1) Monday, October 14th
2) Tuesday, October 15th
4) Wednesday, October 16th
5) Thursday, October 17th

6) Monday, October 21st
7) Tuesday, October 22nd
8) Wednesday, October 23rd
9) Thursday, October 24th

10) Sunday, October 27th
11) Monday, October 28th
12) Tuesday, October 29th
13) Wednesday, October 30th

14) Sunday, November 3rd
15) Monday, November 4th
16) Tuesday, November 5th
17) Wednesday, November 6th
18) Thursday, November 7th

19) Sunday, November 10th
20) Monday, November 11th
21) Tuesday, November 12th
22) Wednesday, November 13th
23) Thursday, November 14th

24) Saturday, November 16th Tech
25) Sunday, November 17th Tech

26) Tuesday, November 19th Final Dress
27) Wednesday, November 20th Final Dress
28) Thursday, November 21st Final Dress and/or Preview

Friday, November 22nd @ 7:00pm
Saturday, November 23rd @ 7:00pm
Sunday, November 24th @ 7:00pm

Saturday, November 30th @ 7:00pm
Sunday, December 1st @ 7:00pm

Thursday, December 5th @ 7:00pm
Friday, December 6th @ 7:00pm
Saturday, December 7th @ 7:00pm
Sunday, December 8th @ 7:00pm

Thursday, December 12th @ 7:00pm
Friday, December 13th @ 7:00pm
Saturday, December 14th @ 7:00pm
Sunday, December 15th @ 7:00pm

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Ibex needs actors for 2 to 3-Day commercial shoot - $2,500 (Portland)

Ibex Communications is a TV production company with over 20 years experience producing local commercials here in Portland. We are currently casting for 2 principal roles for a series of 7 local spots we are producing for a small, regional cable TV company in early August.

The parts are speaking and will include casual conversations, some lightly comedic moments, and also happily using telecommunications products in home environments.

The filming will take 2 to 3 days of shooting during weekdays and will pay a talent fee of $2,500 plus a DVD of the finished commercials when they are approved. You need to be free to book this gig with us directly and be paid directly. No agents, please.

If you are interested, please respond with a head shot and/or digital photo(s), contact information and details about any acting experience you have. If you have links to online acting samples, that is always appreciated. From these responses, we will select actors to invite to a 10-minute audition at our office in Portland in a week or so.

Thanks very much for reading our ad.

Gary & Jim
Co-owners, Ibex Communications

Reply to:  Head shot, photos, links to clips, resume, etc to

Source:  Private Submission

Transport - Paid Sportswear Video

Seeking fit women 18 - 35 to serve as talent for an online video on behalf of the Independent Running Retailers Assoc. and Brooks Running. Role is non-speaking and would require some light jogging for a portion of the shoot. First day is 10 hour studio shoot, 2nd half day is a night time exterior.

When: Monday July 29, 2013 10:00am - 4:00pm

Reply to:  What to send and where - Please email headshot, stat card and 

resume to for consideration and further details.

Source:  Private Submission


Casting Plus Sized Female Actress

Paid gig, $150 a day, for 2-day shoot, September 7th and 8th.

Plus sized, at least 200lbs depending on height. So not just curvy, but very large. Also has to be comfortable with full frontal nudity. I would like somebody at least late 20s, preferably somewhere in the 30s.

While there is nudity, there is no sexual contact, and the role does involve some pretty spectacular opportunities for dramatic dialogue and gets to stomp a man to death, with all of the full FX that requires. Contact me ASAP!

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Source:  Facebook Professional Screen Actors Network


Casting call for local creative agency (NW Portland)

Swift Collective is a digital creative agency working with a diverse portfolio of clients.

We're looking for models for some upcoming photo shoots this summer. Must be in the Portland area. Males and females 18 - 30, diversity is great.

If you're interested, please respond to this ad with 3-5 photos of yourself. We'd love to see at least one headshot.

Compensation is determined per project.

This is a contract job.

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 Looking for Female On-Air Personalities

Are you passionate about sports? Can you hold your own talking about your favorite teams?

If you're female, love college or professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer or any other sport and would be interested in sharing your opinion in videos on a youtube channel of likeminded women, we want YOU! We're not looking for model types, we want real women with real opinions about the latest news in the world of sports. All videos can be done on your phone or webcam, we'll add graphics and post to social media for you!

Email with the following information and we'll give you more details on how to rep our network:

*Your name
*Your email & phone number
*Your favorite teams
*Where you're located
*Picture of you (doesn't have to be professional)
*Link to a reel if you have one


Compensation: TBD based on experience

Reply to:  Above email with info requested

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**Unpaid or No Pay Specified**


Web Series CastingHi Everyone! I'm back continuing the casting process for NOTES. I've met with some really fantastic young actors that will be playing our high school students, and now we are looking for some actors to play the teachers that try to offer them guidance.

For those who didn't see my previous post, NOTES is a brand-new web series based in Portland. It takes a uncompromising and unsentimental look at high school – generally fraught, often painful, occasionally funny.
This is essentially a passion project - our goal is to provide a fun and challenging project for artists looking to hone their craft and increase their exposure, while creating something we all can be proud of. We are not collecting a profit, and as a result this is a non-paying gig; however, we will happily provide credit, food, and personal copies at your request (along with our undying gratitude).
The schedule will vary depending on the role, but filming will take place entirely on weekends, and we are happy to accommodate previous commitments. We intend to begin filming in August and debut in September or October.

Here are descriptions of the roles we are currently looking to cast. The "One-off" roles listed below would appear only in the first episode – their part should be filmed entirely in August.

--Nick Messner - Male, 40-55 years old
The English teacher who directs the school plays. He struggles with alcoholism and many lingering regrets.
--Lloyd Irvine - Male, 40-55 years old
The shop teacher who supervises the stage crew and set building. He's close friends with Nick, often despite his better judgment.

--Janet Whitaker - Female, 40-55 years old
The school principal. She's dedicated but pragmatic.
--Madame Chevalier - Female, 50-65 years old
The French teacher and coach of the chess team.

--Young Nick - Male, 20-30 years old
Nick as he appears in a dream sequence.
--Carolyn - Female, 20-30 years old
Nick's ex-wife, as she appears in a dream sequence.

The actors cast to play Young Nick must be the same race as the actor who plays Nick, but otherwise these characters do not have any specified race; actors of color are welcome and encouraged to apply for any role.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script.

P.S. – We are still casting a few student roles; any actors interested in playing one of our teenage characters, please send me an email and we will set up an audition.

Reply to:  If you are interested in any of these characters, please email me at with a head shot and resume and we will schedule an audition. We look forward to hearing from you!

Source:  PDX Backstage

Actors Needed
I am making a short film based on a short play by Paul Susi this summer. I am looking for two actresses between the ages of 20 and 28 for the leads. Shooting and rehearsals should only take 4 separate days altogether. Unfortunately this will be an unpaid gig but food will be provided. I think it will be a really good experience for actors because the roles are challenging and complex. Please message me with a headshot and resume/video reel if you're interested.

Reply to: or you can also message me on facebook at

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Casting call for lead in 20 minute short film - Female, 29-years-old (SW Portland)
Casting call for short film, "The Obstacle" -

I need to find my lead female actress before I move forward and cast any of the other five roles for this. I would like someone with at least some experience(theater work definitely a plus), though I am open to anyone who would be willing to dedicate themselves to a low-budget project like this and thinks they have the ability to act. I can't afford to pay anything, as every extra dollar I have will be going towards making this the best it can possibly be...We're also TRYING to shoot this on 16mm film(we have most of the equipment for that if so), which will cost a lot, so every penny counts. If that doesn't happen, we'll be renting nice digital equipment so either way, it will still cost a decent amount of money. We will however provide food and beverages(multiple meals if needed) for any day of shooting, and if you have to travel, we will reimburse you as long as it's reasonable. Beyond that, everyone will be working on this for free.

I have some experience already; a few shorts I made at NW Film Center and one I produced/funded outside of school a couple years back. They are all online, so if you feel like watching them, just let me know and I'll link you. I also pretty much already have a full crew committed to this short, as well as people willing to fill in if anyone drops out. This includes my film partner(the DP for this project) whom I went to NW Film Center with and has worked with me on every film project I've been a part of. I've also worked with everyone else who is on this project, so know that we work well together and are very serious about being filmmakers.

This is the first script I've actually completed myself, and it is very personal. It will also be my first time as director(outside of film school), so don't let inexperience stop you from contacting me. I do expect changes to be made, especially with the dialog, after production starts, because I want to be able to work on the characters and script WITH the actresses and actors - as it stands, it is just under 30 pages long, though I plan for the final product to be about 20 minutes long and no longer than 25 minutes.

I'm extremely proud of this screenplay and want someone willing to give it their all, as it's heavily dependent on the acting, characters, emotions and connections with the others. I really feel, if done correctly and with the right casting, that it will turn out very well and hopefully even make it into some festivals. Ideally, we want to shoot it this September over the course of 2-3 days.

The female lead is the core of the film and her casting will effect the rest of the actors and actresses I choose. Her character is 29-years-old and she wears almost no make-up, so keep that in mind...Obviously, I don't need someone who is actually 29, just someone who can pass as that. I describe her as naturally pretty(hence no make-up), with dark hair, hazel eyes, height/weight-proportionate, but I'm always open for any differences as long as the talent and passion are evident. The story itself is rather dark, bleak and emotional, as well as ending on a depressing note, so I need her to be able to show that in front of the camera. She does cry a couple times and I would really like that to be authentic if possible, especially with the style I'm going for - dialog heavy, long shots, long takes and realistic. She is a drug-addict who despite all the support/love she gets and having a deep bond with her boyfriend, can't seem to get past the desire to take pills. Obviously, it could prove helpful if someone who has dealt with that personally or has witnessed it first-hand was cast but that's not a requirement...I have dealt with it myself, as well as loved ones around me, so feel free to mention that if you're comfortable. Otherwise, I need someone willing to invest enough time and energy and creativity to try and really become this character in front of the camera. I need someone willing to give honest input to my face and work with me on further developing her character. I'm trying to keep the crew and production to an absolute minimum and plan on only having 3 to 5 others on-site at a time while filming.

If you are interested, please email me and we'll go from there. I'll want to get an idea of what you look like and have you read the script to make sure it's something you're actually interested in. I don't plan on doing actual auditions, so if there is anyway you have a reel or anything you could show, that would be a plus. I'd also want to meet you first over a cup of coffee(or whatever) to see if you're serious enough and to get an idea of your personality before making any final decision.

Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you,


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Casting Call - 4k Short Film (Portland)
Casting female lead for short film:

Tom's Bad Night: A killer in a mouse mask sets a trap for Tom. 8 minutes. Horror/dark comedy.

Sarah (20's) Tom's beautiful and prudish girlfriend.

Send headshot and reel or link to work.

This film will be shot on Red Scarlet at 4k and professionally crewed. We are working for film festival entry.

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Auditions for Theatre in the Grove’s production of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN are 7 p.m. July 28, 29 and 30 at Theatre in the Grove, 2028 Pacific Avenue in Forest Grove.

No appointments necessary.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Please prepare a one minute Broadway-style song and be ready to sing. Please bring sheet music or an accompaniment CD. An accompanist will be available.

Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move.

Call backs are at the discretion of the Director.

All roles are volunteer.

Performance dates are Oct. 18 through Nov. 3, Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 p.m., Sunday Matinees at 2:30 p.m.

IT’S ALIVE! From comedy legend Mel Brooks, creator of the record-breaking Broadway sensation THE PRODUCERS comes this monster new musical comedy. With such memorable tunes as The Transylvania Mania, He Vas My Boyfriend and Puttin’ On The Ritz, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is scientifically-proven, monstrously good entertainment…and the only place you’ll witness a singing and dancing laboratory experiment in the largest tuxedo ever made.

Full List of roles -

Reply to:  For more information please email or call 503.359.5349.

Source:  PDX Backstage


Casting Call for Short Film

Actors will not be compensated.  Transportation to and from film site provided.

Title: "On Homestead and Strangers"
Genre: Drama
Length: Short (20-30 minutes)
Production: Independent
Crew Size: 3 production (director, camera, and audio), 3 actors

Synopsis: Set against the landscape of rural eastern Oregon, Of Homestead and Strangers is a short film about the dreams, desires, and fears of two newly married pioneers from the eastern United States who were part of a passionate minority of Americans seeking a new life in the west.  Life becomes complicated by an unexpected visitor.  The film will take place during the 19th century, meaning period dress and props will be necessary for the film's authenticity. 


(Casting) Meredith 21-30 years old:
With a tenacious spirit, Meredith embodies both a reverence for the established social order and an unceasing appetite for personal prosperity and growth.  She is the educated one of the couple, and, to her family's disapproval, married Simon who is not of her class. 

(Casting) Simon 21-30 years old:
Simon drifts.  He is a man who reveres nature, seeing human beings as inherently imperfect things that seem to endeavor for the good but come up lacking every time.  His troubles become pronounced as the film progresses.  Meredith and Simon try to reconcile their marriage.

(Casting) Adam 45+ years old:
A trapper from Virginia.  Adam has lived in the west for nearly twenty years longer than the married party.  He picks up knowledge from hearsay, being unequipped to address logically complicated matters.  He does, however, possess a quiet wisdom.  His role in the film changes dramatically as Simon and Meredith become more and more removed from the world that Adam inhabits.

Shooting Timeline:

This will be a rapidly moving production.  During the 1st week of September, we will be hosting informal auditions for each of the roles.  In these auditions, actors will read select scenes from the film (and if they so choose, a short monologue of their choice).

The estimated week of shooting will begin the week starting 16th of September.  Pending schedule conflicts, spending that weekend shooting (20th-22nd) may be in order.  In the case of accommodation during the shoot, this will be a "rugged" adventure.  Tents and sleeping bags provided.   

Reply to:  Please contact the director, Mr. Lenhardt Stevens, at with any questions or concerns.  I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Source:  PDX Backstage

Audition Notice for Musical- Young Actors Grades 1-12


STAGES Performing Arts Youth Academy is holding auditions for Disney’s MY SON PINOCCHIO JUNIOR.

July 29 & 30, 6:30 to 8:30.  Please report at no later than 6:30 and plan on staying for the entire time.
Hillsboro Nazarene Church
1390 NE 21st Ave  Hillsboro, OR 97124

Auditions are open to young actors in grades 1 – 12.

Music Auditions:
It is encouraged that you come with 16 bars of a song prepared.  We appreciate you bringing a background track, but you can also sing acapella.  We will not have an accompanist.
Audition with a show tune only.  Do not audition with a pop, rock, country, etc.
If you don’t have a song prepared, it is okay.  The music director will have you sing something simple.

Dancing Auditions:
Wear comfortable clothing, because the director will see how well you move on stage.

Acting Auditions:
Auditions will consist of theatre games and cold reading from the script.  You do not need to be a proficient reader to audition.  The director will help those who are just learning to read.
If you have a one minute monologue you will be given the opportunity to perform it.  Not required.

Rehearsals will begin in August and run Mondays through Thursdays.  There may be some Saturday rehearsals.  Performances are the first two weekends of October.

Below are some of the major characters:
Geppetto – Pinocchio’s father and a lonely toymaker.
Pinocchio – A wooden boy yearning to be real.  Can be played by a boy or girl.
The Blue Fairy – Very sure of herself.  Comedic role
Rosa, Viola & Arancia – Fairies in training
Sue – Another fairy in training who marches to the beat of her own drum.
Professore Buonragazzo – Passionate mad scientist
Junior – Prof Buongrazzo’s mirror-image assistant
Ringleader – Runs Pleasure Island
Signora Giovanna – Pinocchio’s teacher
Bernardo & Maria – Married residents of Idyllia looking to purchase a daughter from the professor.
Talia – The “perfect” daughter.
Various children, animals, parents, roustabouts, and delinquents.

All parts are nonpaying.

Reply to:  If you have any questions contact the director, Luis Ventura, 503-351-7699,

Source:  PDX Backstage

2 Actresses Wanted - Short Comedy Film

I am a film student looking to shoot a short comedy film (between 5-10 minutes in length) titled "Whatever It Takes", which follows a young and struggling real estate agent, Celeste, who is put in the position of having to sell a home or lose her job. When a young couple comes to look at a home again she tries to entice the husband into buying by playing footsie with him, unaware that in her efforts she is actually doing it with his wife. The comedy thus unfolds from there.
The film is obviously intended to be quirky and revolves around the notion of mistaken presumption. I am looking to fill the role of Celeste and of the young wife, Becky. Both characters I would range between 25 and 30 years of age. Celeste is your everyday type of person, but is versatile in that she must try and play the role of selling a home while feigning being seductive in the process. Becky's character comes off as a very polite, passive, and reserved individual, which ads an element of comedy in and of itself to the film. I am looking to shoot this as soon as possible, hoping to have the shoot complete within the next two weeks. A copy of the script will also be provided to anyone interested.

Reply to:

Source:  Craigslist

Actors - wanna be a monster this October? (Portland)

FrightTown is looking for some new blood! If you are at least 18, love Halloween and acting, improv, theater and/or set design, then volunteering with our troupe is an awesome way to spend some time this fall. If you have tons of experience or none at all, you can join Team FrightTown and help us scare all manner of fluids out of thousands of people.

How much time and effort you choose to commit is completely up to you. Some people come once, while others get hooked and come every night. It's all good! Whether your interests lie in acting, art and construction behind the scenes or building up your resumé or portfolio, you can celebrate Halloween this year in a huge way. And while you're at it, earn swag, tshirts, free dinners, invitations to cast parties and all manner of groovy stuff.

(And if you're a college student, you may even be able to turn your FrightTown experience into art credits! I know! It's nuts! But it's true!)

Sign up at the link below to get on our email list, and we'll bring you up to date on all our spooky plans. We look forward to giving people nightmares with you!

Happy Halloween!

Reply to:

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Circus Project Seeks New Executive Director

Dear Theatre Friends,

The Circus Project is seeking a new Executive Director to begin this September, in Portland, Oregon!  (After many years of wearing many hats, I am excited to transition from the dual roles of Artistic & Executive Director at the Circus Project and focus my energies on the position of Artistic Director.)  Please feel free to forward this call to anyone you think may have both the interest and the qualifications mentioned below.  You are welcome to contact with me with any questions as well.  Thank you so much!!

The Circus Project, a Portland-based 501(c)(3), that uses the unique appeal of circus arts to transcend social barriers and inspire personal transformation, is seeking a new executive director beginning in September 2013.

The Circus Project is in its fifth year, with a 5-member board of directors, and an annual budget of $150,000.  Our programming consists of professional, contemporary circus productions featuring internationally renowned performers, classes and workshops which advance the field by training a new generation of innovative artists, and training programs for homeless and other youth that utilize circus arts to teach critical life skills.

The Circus Project is poised for growth, and seeks an executive director with experience in fundraising, management, and business planning, who possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and the passion & knowledge to grow the organization to its next level.

Reply to:  For more information about this position, please contact Kirsten Collins, Board Vice-Chair at: or 503-449-8218.

Source:  PDX Backstage


Part-Time Marketing Associate with Polaris Dance

SALARY: $20,000 (.5FTE)
APPLICATION CLOSES: August 2nd, 2013
START DATE: September 1st, 2013

Polaris Dance Theatre, a contemporary dance company in Portland, Oregon, is hiring a half-time Marketing Associate to support the organization’s efforts in producing mainstage shows, running a dance school, and providing cultural and creative outreach to our community.

The Marketing Associate reports directly to Claire Willett, Director of Community Relations as part of a shared marketing/development department consisting of a Development Associate and Administrative Assistant. This position will be responsible for helping to execute the organization’s promotional, marketing and public relations strategy as determined by the Community Relations Director, including: press and media, social media, box office and front-of-house, volunteer management, audience development and group sales, printed publications (posters, show playbills, etc.), visual collateral (photography, video, graphic design, overall branding), and other arenas involving Polaris reach and impact in the community.

Reply to:  Full application available at

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PHAME: 2 jobs available

Dear PDX Backstage community,

PHAME - the Portland region's acclaimed fine and performing arts academy for young and older adults with developmental disabilities - has two job openings we're pleased to share with PDX Backstage, a .6 FTE salaried Program Assistant role, and a part-time hourly Percussion + iPad Music Teacher role.

Founded in 1984, PHAME inspires individuals with developmental disabilities to lead full, creative lives through arts education and performance. We envision a community that champions opportunities and possibilities for all artists.

We encourage qualified candidates of diverse backgrounds to apply for these roles.

1. Program Assistant, .6 FTE - apply by July 19, 2013
FTE: .60 (approximately 24 hours per week – hours vary widely based on program schedule, and can include nights and weekends)
Salary: $19,500 to $23,000 – commensurate with experience; as well as 100% employer-paid health insurance; Paid Time Off; professional development opportunities and other fringe benefits.

Basic function/overview of position:
PHAME Academy seeks a Program Assistant beginning August 2013 to support the continued rapid growth and success of PHAME as the Northwest’s premier nonprofit arts academy for young and older adults with developmental disabilities and other special needs. The Program Assistant will be involved in many facets of PHAME’s program including assisting with performance and program logistics, outreach, and teaching and assisting in classes.  This position will be weighted approximately 50% Program and administrative support and 50% School and Education support. Reporting to the Music Director, the Program Assistant will offer invaluable support to the student artists, teachers and management staff. There is ample opportunity for this role to grow in size and scope as the organization grows as a whole.

2. Percussion + iPad Music Teacher - apply by July 23, 2013
FTE: hourly, ranging from 3 to 6 hours/week
Salary: $16.25/hour

Basic function/overview of position:
PHAME Academy seeks a Percussion and iPad Music Teacher beginning late August 2013 to teach a weekly hand drumming and rhythm class (daytime hours) for our fall and spring terms (15 weeks each, September-December and January-April), as well as co-teach two sections of PHAME’s iPad Music Lab (8 students each class). The iPad Music Lab classes will focus on ensemble playing fundamentals and group composition using iPad’s as musical assistive devices. While both classes will be heavily
weighted towards enjoyment and enrichment, there will be performance elements for both the Rhythm/Percussion class and iPad Music Lab classes which will require the presence of the instructors at some public performances.

No phone calls please.

Thank you for all your support of and belief in PHAME! We look forward to your application.

Reply to:  The full job postings, with instructions for application, are available online here:

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 Sound Designer Needed

Non-Paid / Credit and Attribution

We need a sound designer for post sound work on our web series. They will need to do audio clean up, EQ, SFX, and score our remaining un-released episodes. Post audio work will be over a series of 6 episodes, roughly 6 minutes in length. Each episode has a audio turnaround time of 4 days, Thursday-Sunday, with each episode releasing each week. Audio workflow must be done in Adobe Audition.

Date Needed: July - Sept

Reply to:  Contact us for more information:

Source:  Facebook Portland Film and Video Networking


Seeking part-time production technicians

The Portland Community College Sylvania Performing Arts Center is seeking applicants to add to our pool of qualified production technicians. The PAC is a versatile venue, which moves from educational lab to sophisticated rental facility. The PAC complex is comprised of a 400-seat proscenium theatre, a 100-seat Little Theatre, as well as a lobby and open-air courtyard. In total, these spaces are rented for more than 800 events each year. A wide variety of events are hosted here, including dance company performances, meetings, music concerts, lectures, films, musical theatre productions, and academic ceremonies.

We are seeking applicants in the following areas:
Lighting Technicians
Sound Technicians
Riggers and Flymen
Event Supervisors
Stage Managers
House Managers

Positions are part-time, temporary, and hourly. All calls are 4-hour minimums. Pay rate is dependent on experience and role. Technicians are hired on an as-needed basis to meet the demands of the event rental schedule.

Preferred applicants will have relevant experience, a professional demeanor and appearance, and a willingness to work in an educational setting alongside crew members of varying abilities. If you work well in a fast-paced environment and show a commitment to client satisfaction, we want to hear from you.

PCC is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

Reply to:  Interested applicants should provide a brief cover letter and resume in .pdf format to Frances Marsh, Rental and Technical Coordinator, at the following email address:

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CoHo Productions is hiring a concessions manager

CoHo Productions is hiring for a concessions manager for all performances of our upcoming production in association with Playwrights West, Licking Batteries. Performances August 9-31, 2013 are Thursday-Saturday at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2pm. The concessions position is experimental. Following the close of the production, CoHo will evaluate the cost effectiveness of the position and it may be incorporated into CoHo's full season.

Hours: 6:15-7:45pm Thursday-Saturday, 12:45-2:15pm Sunday
Pay: $15/performance + tips

Set up concessions display and restock inventory
Sell concessions to patrons, including pouring beer and wine (current OLCC License required)
Process sales using Square on iPad – training offered
Per/performance reporting of inventory, sales, unique customer service interactions requiring Executive Director's attention

This position reports to the Executive Director.

Reply to:  Please email with letter of interest and resume.

Source:  PDX Backstage

PAID Technical Positions- Enlightened Theatrics

Enlightened Theatrics is currently looking to hire a Master Electrician, 3-5 Electricians, and 2 Follow Spot Operators. We are also looking for volunteers to help with set construction, light hangs, and other various volunteer positions.

The production runs from July 25-28th but we will begin set up either the 19th or 20th of July. Thank you for your support!!

Reply to:  If you have experience in these areas, please e-mail our Artistic Director,, with a brief statement and an up-to-date résumé!

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Pianist needed

NAME OF PROJECT: Joint Piano/Voice Recital, Presented by the Maple Valley Creative Arts Center

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Experienced vocalist is seeking an experienced pianist to perform in a joint recital this October in Maple Valley. Specific recital repertoire and program to be determined by both performers, but would include a fun mix of both Classical and Musical Theatre genres (other genres considered). In no pre-determined order, pianist would play 25 minutes of their own repertoire, then accompany 25 minutes. Specific program to be determined.

TYPE OF PROJECT: Non union theater.

FORMAT: Theater stage


COMPENSATION: Compensation is available.

LOCATION Creative Arts Center 23200 Maple Valley Highway SE #15 Maple Valley, WA 98038

PROJECT BEGINS: Initial meet-and-greet begins A.S.A.P., Bi-weekly rehearsals begin as early as August, Weekly rehearsals begin in September 2013 or as needed.

PROJECT ENDS: Final Recital, October 4th, 2013

AUDITION DATE/LOCATION: No auditions required, however, pianist must be a competent, reliable, and an experienced performer, proficient in Classical and Musical Theatre repertoire.



Reply to:  PLEASE RESPOND YOUR INTEREST TO: Dr. Jessica Jumper, Resume and headshot not required, but please include a short bio outlining your experience in response. Thank you.

Source:  PDX Backstage


HART Harpist - The Fantasticks

HART Theatre is looking for a harpist for our production of The Fantasticks, opening September 6, running through September 22.

Directed by Glen York,vocal direction by Alice Dalrymple; accompanist is Linda Smith.

Harpist would not be needed until approximately mid-August.

There is no stipend, compensation or fee available or offered.

Reply to:  Contact: Paul Roder,
Glen York,

Source:  PDX Backstage